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Richie Havens, Folk Icon, Dead at 72

Richie Havens, who brought an earthy soulfulness to the folk scene of the Sixties and was the first act to hit the stage at Woodstock, died of a heart attack on Monday, April 22. He was 72 and was living in Jersey City, New Jersey. Last month, Havens announced he would no longer be touring due to health issues.



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Saw Richie at the Atlanta Pop

Saw Richie at the Atlanta Pop Festival in 1970.
FREEDOM! At Woodstock.

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I made a post about this, but messed up the headline.. can't get a mod to fix it.. and wound up with Ira being his facetious self.. so I'm going to bump your post in respect to Richie havens who deserves respect as a great peace activist.