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Conspiracy? I don't think so.

My instinct, intellect, and experience tells me that the Boston bombing is NOT a conspiracy.

Hear me out.

First off let me say, I love me some Alex Jones and I'm a Truther--I just wanted to get that out there before people start attacking me.

These brothers, boys, degenerate "losers" (like their uncle said), did this bombing on their own free will. The eldest was disillusioned, a drop out, a degenerate, a hypocrite, and probably a psychopath. The youngest needed a role model... and unfortunately it was his brother.

Let me explain more.

How many people know young men like this? Maybe a family member, maybe a neighbor, maybe a coworker? I used to work in restaurants when I was in college, and trust me, every single kitchen in America has these types working in them. Moreover, every neighborhood has these kids sitting in their parent's house or their friend's basement playing violent video games over and over again trying to escape responsibility and reality.

We unfortunately live in a country where our young don't want to work hard and get ahead, they just want to be "gangsta" and steal or buy their glory. They want to cheat or hack the system, and/or step on everything and everyone to do it... and if they can't? Well they will find away to make a statement until they either grow up or end up in the government system.

Growing up in a lower middle class neighborhood I knew young men like this, and to a certain extent I was like them too. We all had delusions of grandeur, we were narcissistic, we thought we could do anything, and thought we knew better than anyone older... basically we were young punks without proper role models, sense of reality and a sense of remorse.

This is the unfortunate reality of current American life. We don't live with big families, tribes, or even real communities any longer. Instead we live in broken homes, broken communities, and in some cases government institutions and/or zones.

Young men growing up today don't have trusted mentors teaching them to hunt, work, and play... they have their "buddies" or in Dzhokhar's case they have disillusioned degenerate older brothers brought up in the same situation.

But of course, Hollywood adds fuel to the fire of these young men with their ultra violent hero and anti-hero movies, TV, and video games. This demographic I'm speaking of is huge business for them. Moreover, it's a cash cow because not only do they influence, but they get to reap the rewards when one of their buyers snaps and they get a new story line for one of their movies. A vicious cycle for us, but a cash cow for Hollywood.

That all said, I know most of you know I'm speaking the truth because all you have to do is look around in your neighborhood. These young men are everywhere, and they are confused, disillusioned and trying to balance their new manhood with their immature minds.

We shouldn't be afraid of the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's or even the Trayvon Martin's in our neighborhood... we should try to help them. But of course, this is an entirely other and more difficult conversation for a later date.

Lastly, about these boy's family members--something we Westerners don't quite understand about other cultures--families in these countries like old Europe, Middle East, and Asia will always protect and side with their blood whether right or wrong, whether clear and straight forwarded facts are presented or not. So listening to anything their family members might say is worthless. Their Uncle said everything you needed to know on Day 1, but unfortunately changed his tune after probably a berating he received by the rest of his family.

Anyway, for the sake of Conspiracy itself, and for the sake of 911 Truth, please think about this case with an open mind instead of jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon. We don't need the media, and TPTB diluting what we already know is correct about September 11th, 2001.

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The smoking gun is obvious,

The smoking gun is obvious, these stupid conspiracy theories are not even close.

Look at the chain of events. Look at the pics. Look at the players involved.

To believe these two idiots were somehow controlled or patsies is quite ridiculous.

oh thanks for letting me

oh thanks for letting me know..haha

Bandwagon here. We're only

Bandwagon here. We're only asking questions. Get over it.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.

No, what you are doing is

No, what you are doing is fueling stupid crap and hacks, and diluting important events and issues.