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George Noory (Coast to Coast) Swallows The Anti-Freedon Pill

So I wrote this email to Coast To Coast...
I always liked George Noory, but he really blew it this time.

I thought George Noory was a freedom-loving person, but sadly it turns out he's one of the American sheeples.

Noory has spoken against the TSA policy of allowing Americans to carry small knives on planes.

So now the TSA has caved in to pressure from the sheeples who LOVE THEIR SERVITUDE and want the TSA to continue to steal our possessions.

Doesn't George Noory understand that first of all, the cockpits are ARMED these days in case he didn't know.

Secondly, if ALL passengers are allowed to carry small knives, then that means an airplane with 150 people carrying knives would be quite a nice deterrent to any one of or even a few idiots who try anything stupid.

By his logic, Mr. Noory must be AGAINST the 2nd Amendment.

He surely must advocate disarming every American.

I am deeply disappointed with George Noory's big-government, nanny-state opinion on this.

We SHOULD be allowed to carry our small knives on board because just as with a bad guy carrying a knife the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

It's time for George to take a course in Freedom 101.

Paul B - Seattle

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I can't get over a statement he made about a year ago

He was talking to a know CIA operative. Then just blurts out Ive always wanted to work for the CIA. (I was floored,) The operative laughed and said you just have to DO IT George! You make our own way in life. And you know Pundant was a mouthpiece. And Linda Howell drank the cool-aid back in the bird flu pandemic Days. George your still the Man but a wana be CIA.

You have no rights on an

You have no rights on an airplane. It's private property. I don't agree with the government mandating what can't be on planes, but rather the businesses that own the planes.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

To put a finer point on it...

..we TEMPORARILY SUSPEND our rights when we avail ourselves of others' property. We RETAIN our rights at all times until we surrender them, either contractually, as in a voluntary enlistment, or through our misdeeds, as when we violate the rights of others.

Largely I agree with the spirit of your statement, that our rights are subordinate to our use of others' property (under mutually agreeable conditions.) Just as an employer may discriminate on the basis of competence or willingness to wear the company costume, a business can discriminate on the basis of willingness to surrender personal tools.

If we had "no rights on an airplane", then we would still have no rights when we stepped off. If our rights were SUSPENDED in transit, then they would RESUME upon debouchement.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
to be continued

Yeah, we have no rights on

Yeah, we have no rights on the property of others. I didn't say they disappear never to return.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.


Lets have a shootout on a plane


Not so sure

I listen to George Noory quite a bit, and did catch his comment during the show. I believe he was questioning more the point of why so many years of a TSA ban, then they switch to allow people to carry small knives on planes again. What was the point of it all and why do people need to have a knife on a plane in the first place?

I really doubt that many people carry pocket knives on a daily basis any more unless they really have a need for it. I have several pocket knives and only have it with me when I need it for a reason that requires it. I know that there are people who carry their pockets knives with them all the time, albeit just from habit and to have it handy when needed.

Last thing I would want on a plane flight, is some person (non terrorist) flip out for whatever reason, and there have been many, and start stabbing people.

Sure enough

I don't know WHEN I will need a knife, or a pen, or a lighter, so I carry them ALL, ALL THE TIME, except when massa sez I shou'n't (and threatens to lock me up if I disobey.) Most tools are "just in case." It's no big problem having a knife (or a pen, or a lighter) and not needing it. It can be a huge problem needing a knife and not having it.

Even though I work over-night, I rarely listen to Noory's Nostrums. I get all the time travel, telepathy, and telekinesis I want in four color monthly installments. Plus super-heroes, and fit birds in spandex costumes.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
to be continued