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Where is the video of the Boston Bomber dropping the bag?

I have seen numerous blurry photos of the suspect "dropping" the bomb, but have not found one link to the actual Lord and Taylor security camera. If anyone out there can point me to a link to the video I would appreciate it. Every single search I have done turns up video photo slideshow, and even the Al Jazeera "video" shows a grocery bag that may have, in their words been the bomb. I am trying to look at the critical evidence, but have not been able to see any video proof and damning evidence.

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Here he is fleeing scene with pack in tow.

See small black triangle extruding from his back? Sides of his pack were black and he previously carried it off right shoulder. Maybe he simply took the miniature P-cooker out and left it on the sidewalk?
This Monday, April 15, 2013, shows a man who was dubbed Suspect No. 2 in the Boston Marathon bombings by law enforcement, in the upper center of the frame, wearing a white baseball cap, walking away from the scene of the explosions. (AP Photo/David Green)

that's his...


Evidence pic was photoshopped to hide backpack


His arm is unnaturally long in this pic. Watch zoomed in shots, show outline of patch where the backpack outline was.

RP R3VOLution


Look above the elbow.

But why is the dropping of a

But why is the dropping of a bag considered proof? Certainly it is evidence, but not proof. What if he was an actor in a drill, and his role was to place the backpack there? What if he was intentionally given the wrong backpack?

whats your take on this?

not video, but photos in sequence.
first 5 shots of guy sprinting thru scene:
what kind of gear is he wearing-dangling from wrist, neck, knee??
off of his chest and back???

Collection of 27 photos immediately taken seconds after the explosion


password: Thorndike

Yup, release the videos asap!


Yesterday I Posted the Formal Complaint

Here --->: http://www.dailypaul.com/283014/the-formal-charge-against-dz...

The FBI agent specifically said on page 6 of the complaint, "I can discern nothing in the location in the period before the explosion that might have caused the explosion other than Bomber Two’s knapsack." This means he did not see the device detonate from any CCTV surveillance video. He is surmising these facts: two men were seen putting down backpacks, bombs go off, ergo it must be these two guys.

But the authorities are not looking at any other people that had knapsacks, duffle bags, carry bags, etc. and placed them down on the ground near the blast sites.


What makes you think they didn't look at the other backpacks, etc.?

I'm Not Suggesting They Didn't

However, the fact remains the FBI agent clearly stated in the complaint there was no visual recording of the device going off. So why were the Feds only looking at these two men, I wonder?

Maybe the eyewitness...

...who was one of his victims convinced them. Maybe they have more witnesses. Maybe they saw video that convinced them, which will be released at trial. Who knows. We don't know what evidence they have, but it definitely will all come out at trial.


Sounds to me like they have video and photographs of both bombs being dropped and that is going to be the key evidence.
"The photographs and video, much of it captured on area surveillance cameras, allegedly show both Dzhokhar and brother Tamerlan Tsaranev in the final stages of the attack."

They do NOT have conclusive evidence. Why?

Because the teen is innocent, imho. And, if I were him, I would rather fight for my innocence in court than to go to prison, or certain death. I would rather the truth came out. I would rather people know what really happened in their, or his older brother's relationship with the FBI.

This young man has nothing to lose now...

He's not getting off. A powerful regime is against him. He must know that now...His ATTORNEYS need to let him look at Infowars & DP websites, to print out articles for him to read.

And, maybe his COURAGE will embolden his family to rally around him, including his Aunt, once again. Why would a 19 year old want a life in prison in Gitmo, only to be tortured and spit on the rest of his life. To me, life wouldn't be worth living. GOD wants him to TELL THE TRUTH, even if he loses.

The FBI wanted the death penalty. They want to kill him, one way or another, but this time, they may have overstepped their bounds...

Correct me if I am wrong, but

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't this guy get in a firefight with cops? Didn't they throw bombs from their carjacked car as they were being pursued?

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Zero evidence of any crimes

Zero evidence of any crimes has been released...why?

According to a police interview today,

The only grenades that were tossed were flash-bangs that the police threw.

Sorry, but your opinion

Sorry, but your opinion doesn't matter, but you know that.

It will, hopefully, be the opinion of the jury that decides the boys fate.

Can we all just wait for the evidence to be presented at trial before we spout off nonsense about what evidence does or does not exist?

GERRY SPENCE----where are you??

Gerry Spence, you are a most famed attorney! Where are you when we need you? You know that teen didn't commit those murders!

Yes, I know you're 84, but you could go out in a blaze of glory, if you took your final, most famous case.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, for the sake of this great country you served! You can see what evil factions within our government are doing to us! You can see the Martial Law being inflicted on us!!

Everyone, please write to Gerry Spence! Look him up on Wikipedia.org.

Here is his website:

The Spence Law Firm, LLC
PO Box 548 • 15 South Jackson Street
Jackson, Wyoming 83001

Although we can call, it won't be as effective as a typed letter addressed to GERRY SPENCE. Please take the extra minute to type a letter & mail it to them pleaing for his last hurrah, his last most famous case ever to save our nation. This is bigger than the person. It's our country.


That can be doctored! We need a CLEAN VIDEO---nothing more, nothing less!

Who's side are you on??

It really doesn't matter

Even if it's proven to conspiracy theorists to be a clean video, then the conspiracy crowd will say the killers were the government's "Manchurian candidates."

Don't let the truth ever get in the way of a good conspiracy theory.


if you look at this from the start that there is a conspiracy, no ammount of evidence will ever convince you. similar to obama's birth certificate.

There is a level of distrust for one's government, i get that, but all these conspiracy theories... just so out there.

i love all the people that say "i won't be convince till i see the video". who the hell cares if you are convinced or not? I'm sure the people missing limbs are convinced a bomb went off, i'm sure the cops following behind the vehicle with explosives thrown at them are convinced. i'm sure the guy who found tsarneav in his boat is convinced. those are the only people who need to be convinced, not you sitting there in your mom's basement.

Don't let the facts

get in the way of some really shoddy and misleading media coverage.

I would also like to know

why every media outlet is pushing the idea that they were "lone wolves"? It's only been a week, how does anyone know for certain at this point? This doesn't seem right.

First they demand that we only look at the official suspect pictures. No others are allowed to be considered.

Now, we are force fed that it was these 2, and ONLY these 2, that did it.

My BS meter is leaning to the "Total BS" side of the meter.

If the criminal elements within our government can murder

3,000 people on 9/11, they can kill anyone. They will do anything.

There is a Lt. Colonel on youtube claiming there are factions fighting each other within our government, but of course, the evil faction has the ultimate power. That is why we lost the RP campaign. That is why Big Media is owned by them. Follow the owners of Big Media. They are abundant. There used to be dozens of owners in the Media. It is now down to about 5-6 big conglomerates.

This criminal regime within our government will do anything to get their way---kill Tamerlan and wound the younger teen to the point of lost consciousness---because they don't want this to go to court, just because they don't want the hassle.

Now,they are so cocky, they think they can win a case with no video evidence! Can they?? Their pockets are deep. They get all the money they want from the Federal Reserve, or didn't you know that?


"Now,they are so cocky, they think they can win a case with no video evidence! Can they??"

Actually video will be the key evidence in the trial.

We are not entitled.

We are not entitled.

How will this video provide

How will this video provide actual proof? For all we know, someone handed him a bag to place down.

It won't

Even though neither of these brothers have professed innocence themselves. Even though instead of proclaiming innocence like the first guys suspected they ran from the police, carjacked a guy, and threw explosives at the police. Even though the mom said she talked to her older son before he was killed and he said the FBI had called and told him he was suspected of being the bomber, and his retort to the FBI wasn't "No I didn't do it" it was "That's your problem". Even though his wife believes him to be guilty. Even though Jeff Bauman that had his legs blown off by one of the bombs identified the older brother as one of the bombers. Even if the brother they have in custody openly admits in the trial they did it. Even if several videos come out showing both the brothers dropping the bombs from multiple angles.

No matter what evidence is presented it will not suffice as "actual proof" to some.

Um, if you realize that YOU

Um, if you realize that YOU are the suspect, and you knew you were in a drill, and especially if you had some involvement with the FBI, and you see that they are suddenly claiming not to recognize you in pics, you might run too! Wouldn't have made more sense for these two to have fled the country on Tuesday?

Jeff Bauman, if he is a real victim, only saw him place a bag. So what? How do YOU know that the suspects knew what was in that bag. For all you know, their handlers could have told them not to open the bag, and to put it down. Drill actors and all. I have yet to hear anything about from his wife. Oswald's wife said once that he was guilty too! NO one saw any dropping bombs! Just bags that MAY have contained a bomb. Jesus Christ.

No matter what I say, you have already presumed these men guilty! And you don't seem to care if they were useful idiots of an inside FBI job, like WTC 1 in 1993.


I'm not going to argue this anymore. What I'll say is that THE brother they have in custody says they are guilty and is telling how they made the bomb, so that's why I think the bombs were in the bags they dropped. If I am to find out different, and videos don't show these guys dropping bags were the bombs went off, I'll change my mind. But right now, yes I presume the brothers as guilty.

The guys in the 93 WTC were not useful idiots, the informant that had infiltrated the group thought it was going to be a sting and they were not going to give them real explosives powder. The informant was the one who recorded all the conversations with his FBI handler and was freaking out they were going to actually give the group the means to make a real bomb. The rest of the group, that did it, were the terrorists and not useful idiots. Check your facts.