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Where is the video of the Boston Bomber dropping the bag?

I have seen numerous blurry photos of the suspect "dropping" the bomb, but have not found one link to the actual Lord and Taylor security camera. If anyone out there can point me to a link to the video I would appreciate it. Every single search I have done turns up video photo slideshow, and even the Al Jazeera "video" shows a grocery bag that may have, in their words been the bomb. I am trying to look at the critical evidence, but have not been able to see any video proof and damning evidence.

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I believe...

that Santa Claus dropped a low-yield nuclear weapon on Boston and faked all the photographs to implicate the two brothers, the burden of proof is on you to prove me wrong!

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the truth fools. Just proves some of you aren't really trying to figure out the truth.

You dont know jackshit other

You dont know jackshit other than what you've been told is the "truth" who are the fools, and who are actually seeking the TRUTH?


I've not seen any evidence that confirms what you say as being the truth. I'm sure that at one point you thought it was "the truth" that the brothers robbed a convenience store.

don't you understand

that you are no important. just because you demand proof does not matter. it has nothing at all to do with you whatsoever. you weren't there, you aren't them, you're not on trial. you can demand proof all you want, but you are not entitled to it.


I didn't see any proof in those links...

...not anymore than the following link proves they robbed a 7/11.

You said evidence, not

You said evidence, not proof.
"I've not seen any evidence that confirms what you say as being the truth."

Eyewitness testimony is evidence, not proof, but evidence. Also I've seen no evidence to the contrary for any of what I claimed.

he also said "confirms"

he also said "confirms" looking forward to some of that kind of evidence....


For some reason, mrbengal seemed to ignore that part of my comment.

What definition of the word

What definition of the word confirm are you using? If you are essentially asking for proof, I stated it wasn't proof. But confirm also means to support a statement, and eyewitness accounts to the claim do support my statement.

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I've been looking for it too

I heard Tom Ashbrook yesterday on OnPoint say that he'd watched it many times and it is chilling. That led me to believe that it is out there, but I haven't been able to find it. I don't think it is out. If it were, I don't think we'd have any problem finding it (there would already be 10 threads on the DP about it by now!).

So maybe they're not going to release it until the trial, like the poster below says.

Maybe they're going to let the conspiracy theories build and build, then roll it out to discredit them all.

What about the videos from

What about the videos from Aurora and Sandy Hook? Are they ever going to release them? What about the dash cam video from the shoot out? Why wouldn't they release the video of him placing the bomb? If the public defender advises the kid to plead guilty, will there even be a trial?

Yes, Why Hasn't the Sandy Hook Case Been Closed?

Why is the investigation still active? The authorities have stated that Adam Lanza did the shootings and no one else. So why hasn't Connecticut law enforcement wrapped this up?

Have you heard...

...the phrase "taint the jury pool"?

It's tough enough to find an impartial jury (Sixth Amendment) in cases like this. I would think it would be stupid to show the world that video before the trial.

Obviously, what was shown to the public was what was needed to catch them. The evidence is for the trial.

Don't you think that all of

Don't you think that all of the other "evidence" released by the FBI and the media to condemn these two brothers should be considered "tainting the jury pool" as well? And really, do you think the FBI/DHS is really concerned with upholding the integrity of the jury in this case? I doubt that's their driving force to keep the video hidden from public view.

This case will be about the death penalty.

I'm sure the defense will try to pin everything on his dead brother in order to avoid the death penalty. Maybe the defense will bring up an insanity claim or coerced-by-dead-brother claim. Who knows. But I doubt he will simply plead not guilty.

That video of him setting down his backpack and walking away before it explodes may be what it takes to convince the jury to vote for the death penalty. I could be wrong, but I would think the DA would want to keep that video for trial.

Ha ha, yeah, we wouldn't want to taint the jury pool.

But we know for a fact that these guys were radical jihadists right? Cause the news told us.
They also told us that the bombings were the work of right wing tea party activists protesting tax day.
They also said that they robbed a 7-11, but they didn't.
They also said that they were throwing grenades at the police, but they weren't.
He drove over his brother, the police drove over his brother, he escaped on foot, he escaped in a car, he wrote praise Allah inside the boat, what with a sharpie?
Please let me know where the line tainting the jury begins and ends, because that is not a valid reason for not posting the video. The trail has already been conducted, and the court of public opinion has been rendered. In the words of our Constitutional Scholar President.

One thing we do know is that whatever hateful agenda drove these men to such heinous acts will not -- cannot -- prevail.
That's why we relentlessly gather the facts. That's why we have courts. And that's why we take care not to rush to judgment -- not about the motivations of these individuals; certainly not about entire groups of people.

nice save Barry

I see by your reply... haven't really been following the facts in this case. So it makes sense that you don't realize what "taint the jury pool" means in this case. This is a death penalty case and that's the only thing that will be in question at the trial. The evidence is solid as to guilt.

Very likely, in order to avoid the death penalty, he'll plead not guilty by reason of insanity and the defense will try to pin everything on his dead brother. But once the jury sees the video of him putting down his backpack and walking away, I'm pretty sure they'll vote for the death penalty.

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Okay, maybe not the insanity plea.

Coercion by dead brother is much more likely to be the defense. So I'll revise my last comment.


It's a joke. Not a funny one. I agree with you sawx75. It would be helpful to be able to see the video. This would justify why these two, out of several possible "backpackers" in the vicinity, were the ones we chased.