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Anyone else wish for less conspiracy talk and more logical discussions about the big issues that affect us?

Im just wondering if I am in the minority..

Ok.. I understand the gov can not be totally honest about certain things some times but all this talk about FALSE FLAG, info war conspiracy type talk, everything being turned into some exotic story about how the gov is this mass of evil people secretly plotting to take over all our freedom.... I understand the basic concern about keeping our privacy..

But at the same time I don't want to be part of a extreme party that the media can laugh at for the constant paranoia.. There are serious issues like the war, war on drugs, getting the gov out of our lives that I am for and there are a lot of logical compelling arguments to be made.. I don't think it helps the overall movement to spend half the time for conspiracy stories for every tragedy that happens.

So what im trying to say .. is anyone else bothered that instead of these logical arguments it seems to be mostly about gov conspiracies? It's just not the direction.. how I want the libertarian party to be seen by the majority..

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NO. Let's have more conspiracy talk. Heathcare anyone?

Under Obamacare everyone is forced to buy into the socialist insurance system. I am basically retired but still under 50 years old. I do not and have not carried "healthcare" insurance for a number of reasons. I have been researching my options which are pay the fine/tax or get insured. I do not have much income at all so I find that I "may" qualify for medicaid which if I did sign up for would negate the fine/tax for not buying health insurance.

On the surface that is ludicrous in itself because they are basically saying that if I don't accept FREE healthcare then they will fine/tax me for being a drain on a system that I don't take part in. OK, stupid yes but a conspiracy? What is their endgame? It's not to cut cost. And since the healthcare industry is the number one cause of death and illness then it's not to ensure good health.

I have never received government help. Or in other words I have never had the government steal others money and give it to me for whatever reason and I do not use the medical establishment for "healthcare" purposes. So I am not beholden to the system in any way. Could the endgame simply be to force more people to be dependent on the system? Government easily controls those who leach off of it so if government controls healthcare and forces people to submit to it then they can finally have control over everyone and all that they own.


Most definitely I agree with you.

I respectfully disagree.

These little events are very important. Every single one of them results in another authoritarian degrading rule forced upon us all. I am certain that we will ALL have to have our bags searched for any event now. The purchase of fireworks, fertilizer, and pressure cookers will most likely be monitored or banned now. If we have one of these incidences each year we will be living under an unimaginable control state before long.

We absolutely know that the FBI/CIA has been behind a large majority of the so-called terroristic incidents in the US and abroad. Who is responsible for investigating them? We absolutely know the media is somehow completely connected to them. WE have to do the due diligence. Nobody else will.

And there will be bad leads. There will be stupid tangents. We may be mocked by others. But the truth must be exposed. There are no dumb people here. We will eventually figure out what really happened.

By 6:00 PM you'll be complaining about Rand Paul

Dominating every topic. Just go to the beach. It's nice out. Check the DP tomorrow.

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

In response to some of the comments I've seen about this,

Why does it have to be all or nothing? I don't think the OP is opposed to discussion about possible false flag events. What is objectionable is the presentation of manipulated, unfounded, theories that do nothing to get at the truth and only serve to make us look ridiculous. By all means, lets's discuss these things BUT, with facts to back up our claims.

Not to create another controversy but, ever think that some of these wild posts are part of the psy-ops ongoing here? Found this comment this morning http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/3052047. Click on the link and you will find that Nystrom's Daily Paul community is considered the "largest" and "powerful" RP base out there. We are being read by a wide range of people. Don't let them think we are a bunch of idiots.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I disagree

The only logical discussion is to at least consider and suspect government involvement... I mean, come on... there is no logic in not suspecting the usual suspect.

I'm with you. I am aware of

I'm with you. I am aware of the fact that false flag events have happened and could happen again, but these conspiracy theories without any facts to back them up are getting completely out of hand. Some of them are completely ridiculous.




I think crony capitalism has done far more damage

to our country, e.e., "Monsanto Protection Act"


no not really

no not really

Southern Agrarian

No. I like the DIY CSI

No. I like the DIY CSI discussions on current events taking place. Crowd sourced discussions are very efficient at weeding out fact from fiction and giving us answers a hundred times faster than the mainstream media and government servants programming.

More talk about Liberty in the GOP and upcoming Elections

I'd like to hear more about

1) the Liberty Movement becoming a political force in the GOP

2) Liberty Activists forming coalitions with Tea Party members, conservatives and other republicans on issues where they agree.

3) Liberty Republicans running for office.

On this front. Liberty Republican Mark Sanfrd in SC is in a special house election for Congress.

A liberty candidate is needed in Montana to run for Max Baucus open Senate seat as he is not seeking reelection.

4) How to keep the 10% of the Population that liked Ron Paul engaged and able to help other Liberty Republican [or Democratic] Candidates.
or Third Party in states like NY where they can appear on November ballot.

do i want logical

do i want logical discussions, yeah, do i care to hear unproved opinions stated as fact, not so much

do i want them to stop......what right do i have, if at that point, their not harming anyone

i read, i write, i listen, and hopefully learn, if someone writes something i dont necessarily agree with, thats fine, if its something thats asking for a face palm, i dont up the post nor do i down, i quickly skim the posts to see if their is an opinion that is in line with my own, and upvote, thats it, if there is not, i press that X mark up there somewhere and be done with it

when there is someone exibiting troll like behaviour, ive been known to kneejerk, rarely though, depends on whats said,

i put conspiracy theorists in the palm face category, MIND YOU, NOT ALL, not a blanket sweep, it entirely depends on the theorists, if ron was never a congressman, whats the chances he'd be called a conspiracy theorists......i like ron paul, because i like his style, the way he thinks, the way he presents them then lets you decide what to think of it, that regard will go to any conspiracy theorists who show the same,

Anyway, in this long winded post, i apologize, my point is, liberty will be there for the grabbing, the getting along part, thats all us,

crucial to strike the root of humanity's problems

... which can only be achieved with a full reckoning of the truth

~ Truther since 2002 ~

go away troll

go to the mainstream media if knowledge causes you such grief...


I doesn't appear the traffic

I doesn't appear the traffic agrees with you. I put this post up 12 hours ago and look at the response!


For me this place is a site

where people do research and present their ideas on the current issue of the day, whether that be politics, mass killings, or issues about the environment, GMOs, weather, wars. As far as I am concerned any issue is OK. I ignore the ones that do not interest me when I click on NEW.

Thanks Michael for a very informative site, and for allowing the wild views that are presented. We are all here seeking truth, and this is a place to brain storm.

I agree with clicking past

I agree with clicking past what you are not interested in reading. Another point is post like this one just add to the conspiracy post count. In a way the poster is compounding what they dislike. Ignore them and don't add to them if you want to see less. Vote with your actions.

I thought about this a little

I thought about this a little more, and I realized that maybe online forums just aren't for me. A couple other big forums I've participated in are the same way, endless time wasting posts, very little substance. It's just the nature of online forums, I think. We just got lucky that for a while DP was more narrowly focused. So I think it's far-fetched to think that some other forum could become the replacement for the DP. It would suffer the same problems. So I think it would be better worth my time to not visit here, or any online forum, very often.

Here's what happens

when Texas asks for its gold back:


This video is shocking. What's more shocking is that Glenn Beck and Alex Jones are located in Texas and neither one has said a word about it.

Can Someone, Anyone, Answer My Question?

OP wants less conspiracy talk. OK. Then someone please tell me how you talk about 911, Waco, OKC, Columbine, Aroura, Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, etc, etc, etc -All The Things That Really Matter- and not talk conspiracy?

Remember when the word 'conspiracy' was so un-PC that people used a euphamism to refer to it and called it the 'dreaded' C word?

This is NOT the time to be muffled. This IS the time to be heard!

Say CONSPIRACY and say it LOUD!

OP, war, war on drugs ARE conspiracies. Everybody TALKS CONSPIRACIES and they don't even know it.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks


Maybe conspiracy is not the rightword.. I just like to see more attention to less abstract ideas and more attention to things that are having a more clear direct effect like the money spent on these wars.

And I don't mind people wanting to discuss the 9/11 was a inside job etc.. I like Jesse ventura for other things he says...

But im saying when the time comes to have a candidate .. I feel that a libertarian candidate won't be taking seriously if he/she is caught up in the 'every tradgady is a conspiracy' way of thinking...

(and im one of the people that prefer a 3rd party over a liberty leaning republican party... but I suppose whatever it takes is fine)

Nice reply.....

Thanks for clarifying :)

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

To answer your question,

To answer your question, those topics you mention in the first paragraph are the ones that at some point don't matter. Those are events that the MSM has taught you are important. They have accomplished their goals by getting you to pay so much attention to them and very little attention to other things. IMO things that are important are economics, money, civil liberties, peace, political candidates, and others.

It ALL Matters

911 IS the modus operandi of our enslavement and endless counter-productive wars. IF we don't catch the culprits there gonna do it again and again.

The people MUST know how they are being PLAYED. THE BUCK STOPS THERE.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

While I do believe Boston was a false flag, this is true for me.

The Daily Paul is for news, not infowars lite. I use it as a filter FOR Infowars users, so that the critical information Infowars does has that is legit is posted here.

If this site is going to be a horrible filter for information, I'm going to have to find other Liberty sources for where I get my news.

No offense to AJ fans, you guys just need to cut a lot of the still unsubstantiated theories and post actual news items.

Much of the endless posting

Much of the endless posting about the details of events like the Boston bombing and Sandy Hook is just mental masturbation. It serves no productive purpose. It doesn't help you in your life, it doesn't help other people in their lives, and it doesn't further any causes. Yes, we KNOW there's BS going on all over the place. That goes without saying. That's mostly why I'm embarrassed to read this site. Not because of what people believe, but because people choose to waste their time posting this BS instead of real topics that matter. It's like reading a forum full of people posting about what color the dust is on their keyboards. It's not even fun. It's like they can't control themselves and have to do it, even though they don't enjoy it. They put all their time into focusing on how evil people are, as if the specifics of how evil they are needs to be hashed out again, instead of focusing on solutions and taking small steps to help further the solutions.

The people who can't stop posting about conspiracies are no better than the MSM endlessly going over this crap from a different perspective. It's a time waster, and that's it.

And it's as if they're naive enough to think that at some point by collecting information on their computer they will gather so much evidence that it will all "blow up" and everyone will have to admit it was a government op, the President will be impeached, and people will go to prison.

AMEN. you said it better than

AMEN. you said it better than I could..

Every day I see someone here

Every day I see someone here calling for certain topics to be banned. You types are a bunch of immature babies who can't learn to just skip over topics you don't want to deal with. Why should there be less of that talk? All of these events that happen directly impact our freedom. People want to expose them if they see evidence that leads towards them being totally staged.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.


I'm all for looking at all the evidence and never rule out the possibility of a false flag, larger conspiracy, etc, but only if its based on fact. So much of what has been posted has been by people who believe they can figure the entire case out on their computer within the first day or so. The first part of being a sceptic is being suspicious of all new information.

It's amazing how eager some people are to latch onto whatever story confirms their worldview, regardless of the source or evidence to the contrary.