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Anyone else wish for less conspiracy talk and more logical discussions about the big issues that affect us?

Im just wondering if I am in the minority..

Ok.. I understand the gov can not be totally honest about certain things some times but all this talk about FALSE FLAG, info war conspiracy type talk, everything being turned into some exotic story about how the gov is this mass of evil people secretly plotting to take over all our freedom.... I understand the basic concern about keeping our privacy..

But at the same time I don't want to be part of a extreme party that the media can laugh at for the constant paranoia.. There are serious issues like the war, war on drugs, getting the gov out of our lives that I am for and there are a lot of logical compelling arguments to be made.. I don't think it helps the overall movement to spend half the time for conspiracy stories for every tragedy that happens.

So what im trying to say .. is anyone else bothered that instead of these logical arguments it seems to be mostly about gov conspiracies? It's just not the direction.. how I want the libertarian party to be seen by the majority..

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A bit overwhelming

Yes, I agree that the conspiracy issues have become a bit overwhelming, but DPers being who they are, will discuss, among other things, whatever is current and relevant in their lives at the time. Recall that back at Easter there was a lot of talk about religion, and many got upset with that. So a "religion forum" was set up. I checked out the religion forum and it doesn't seem to be a beehive of activity. So I assume that as we got farther from Easter, the emphasis on religion waned. The same will probably hold true for these Boston bombings.

I read a lot of the conspiracy articles, because the theorists ask some very interesting questions, and I have lost most of my trust in the government and the political parties, to just dismiss the conspiracy viewpoints offhand. I am a bit concerned, as are some others, as to how all this conspiracy talk appears in the eyes of newcomers searching for a foothold on liberty issues. I've been a DPer for over a year, but lurked here for quite awhile before joining in on the discussions. I feel that I'm fairly firmly rooted in knowing what the Constitution is about (thanks in a large part to this site), and I really think that we have lost our focus on that. Perhaps the only solution is a spin-off website that states up front that its discussions are to be focused on liberty issues (or conspiracy issues). The DP is the DP... I don't think it's going to change much, and I'm not sure that I really want it to change at all.

Do you believe government

Do you believe government conspiracies don't exist?

We have crimes being committed all around us. The Federal Reserve is defrauding us daily. The LIBOR rates. The gold and silver suppression. MF Global. The CPI data. The unemployment data. The GDP data. The DOW Jones Propaganda Average. War crimes. etc, etc.

There is massive, massive fraud and crimes going on all around us all the time.

By definition, a conspiracy is when 2 or more parties get together and plan a crime. The problem at the DP is we just don't have enough time and resources to discuss ALLLLLLLLLLL of the conspiracies/crimes that are happening right now! It's not a matter of whether they exist or not.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Yes but post NEWS events not theories.

That is the problem. Use infowars for the theories, and Daily Paul for news and or Liberty movement events and stories. Compartmentalize it for your allies' sakes.

So you get your news from the

So you get your news from the DP? Well, then it must all be true.

AJ puts it out there and says the things many others think....but are too scared to say. He's been covering this stuff for 20 years. He rants on things like the NDAA, gun control, TSA molestation, Patriot Act, fluoride in water, GMO, the growing police state, drones, "Internment & Resettlement Camps" (which military docs have admitted to), Operation Gladio...even predicted 9-11 in July 2001. The crackdown we just saw in Boston...he's been warning about it for over a decade when he went and saw the urban warfare drills for himself.

His productions such as 'The Obama Deception' and 'Police State 2000'...you think are hype? Are you kidding me? He warned everyone about Obama and what was coming...


He brings on guests like Dr. Paul, Paul Craig Roberts, Gerald Celente, Ben Swann, Joel Skousen, and so many more. He connects them with millions of his listeners.

If you think Alex Jones is an enemy to freedom and liberty, your head isn't screwed on straight.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul



The Library of Congress wants to chime in:

The Gulf of Tonkin, CIA-trained death squads in Guatemala, The Bay of Pigs incident, Chaquita and the Banana Republic, Weapons of Mass DECEPTION in Iraq, "there's no link between Iraq and Al-Qaeda" (war crimes, like you said).

I don't agree with the OP and I don't see any other reason to bring this up other than to divide the Daily Paul, imo.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

The Daily Paul has turned into Infowars

Infowars occasionally has a good story or two, but a lot of disinfo. This site has had a lot more "conspiracy" stuff lately. But lets understand, at the core of the Ron Paul movement has always been a lack of faith, dare I say a distrust of the American government. This is no secret, anyone with half a brain distrusts the American government and it's increasingly fascist policies. To be honest, I'm happy with the direction the DP has taken... I don't like GLP, I don't like Above Top Secret. I'm not a neocon. I am not a racist. I agree with the things Ron Paul stands for, that's why I'm here. And lets be honest, while Ron Paul doesn't go on TV and say that he thinks the government is up to mischief on a level of Sandy Hook or Boston... he has opened up my mind enough to consider the possibility that our government will harm its own people to advance an agenda.


"It's just not the direction.. how I want the libertarian party to be seen by the majority.."

What's this website have to do with the Libertarian Party? I think maybe this is the website you're looking for:

Or maybe this:

good point! though back when

good point!

though back when RP was running I did enjoy the topics discussed.. I didn't know this place was going to end up be info wars lite once the elections were over..

I wish there was some people in gov we could get excited about (besides Amash) and talk about ... the Ran Paul filibuster was a good start

Yes, the Daily P UA L has

Yes, the Daily P UA L has turned into infowars. We need to be focusing on the fights at hand and not going off on tangents about suspected bombers. Raw, eduction, wars, taxes, elections, economics, etc are what draw people to this site not all of the conspiracy HYPOTHESISES that people post you tube links for.

People are forgetting ...

... there was an election 5 months ago. We all know Ron Paul was screwed by the Republicans in that election. That was the primary focus as it should have been. There were great discussions about politics and liberty, as there should always be on a website like this.

Then, 4 months ago, there was a mass murder in Sandy Hook. Last week, there was a mass murder in Boston.

It is only natural we would talk about these two events. A person would have to be an absolute FOOL not to consider the FBI as prime suspect #1 in such attacks when they have been exposed time and time again -- even admitting themselves -- they THEY have been behind MOST of the so-called "domestic terrorist" incidents.

Combine that with the all-too-smooth transition from tragedy to tyrannical legislation by the tyrant class and a person would have to be brain dead not to ask a lot of questions.

When people ask a lot of questions but those who have answers refuse to even acknowledge such questions, then it raises more questions.

Yes, we all want to talk about peace, liberty, and politics. Understanding what the hell is going on in our world, as it might possibly relate to those topics, would be legitimate topics of conversation.

If we don't see any more of these types of attacks for the next year or two, we will probably all be focused on similar issues that we were focused on in 2012.

Just remember

There is a whole country full of people who believe you are a conspiracy theorist for believing the MSM is owned by the same people that own Washington and have sucked the wealth out of the economy utilizing a corrupt banking system. Just remember that the term petrodollar is a virtual unknown even amongst those who viciously attack George W. for going to war to avenge Daddy. Just remember that the CFR does exist, and its honorary life time chairman is David Rockefeller. Just remember that the two parties platforms conveniently split, not on any philosophical lines but in a way that poses the most threat to our liberty. And just remember that when you bring this up, you get ridiculed and scorned or just looked at like you're crazy. I'm with you. Enough is enough with this bombing incident, but I also know why people on this site are doing everything they can to expose a very corrupt system. Even if it undermines their own credibility.


then do it; nobody is stopping you--

the Boston circus (9,000 "police"/agents) has made it hard to see the bigger issues, but as the dust settles . . .

I'm sure it will all come together. In the meantime, most brains had to see the circus.

And in doing so . . . there appeared to be a lot of clowns.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


So much of the conspiracy talk is based on fallacy, half truths, or flat out misinformation. The liberty talk has a tendency to be based on logic, reason, and morality.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

Yes. Lets refocus our

Yes. Lets refocus our attention. I would like to figure out how we are going to save the world by 2016.

Yes. The Alex Jones/Glen Beck

Yes. The Alex Jones/Glen Beck sideshow is getting far too much "ink" here.