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Boston Tried a Police State and it Failed

Boston Tried a Police State and it Failed

by George Donnelly | April 20, 2013 | Arm Your Mind For Liberty

Yesterday a major US city – perhaps as many as 1 million people – was put under martial law. Business and universities were closed. Public transit and Amtrak were padlocked. Paramilitary cops from multiple states rolled down Boston’s residential neighborhoods in humvees with manned machine gun turrets on top. In full battle gear, these guys – they looked like soldiers – called people out of their homes. They then searched the homes. Boston became a ghost town and a police state for a day. And Bostonians cheered them for it. Some even called for a parade to honor the men who treated them like prisoners in their own homes.

This grand show of force, which even the FBI admits is unprecedented, was carried out for the purpose of catching a suspected terrorist – a 19-year-old honor student – who stands accused of deploying pressure cooker bombs at the Boston Marathon. These bombs reportedly killed 3 people and injured 170.

Think about that. Boston was turned into a giant prison for a day to catch a teenager with pressure cooker bombs.

What does this mean?

1. Terrorism “Works”

For a maximum investment of perhaps $1 or $2 thousand dollars, ideologically-motivated individuals can cost the economy perhaps as much as $1 billion dollars in economic output. Nobody yet knows how much it costs to shut down down Boston for a day but $1 billion is about how much the city produces on a daily basis. The return on investment for an enterprising terrorist could be as much as 500,000%.

The brothers Tsarnaev succeeded in gaining a lot of attention for themselves. Chechnya will benefit from this attention. People will want to travel there. People will want to understand what has been going on in Chechnya. We all want to understand why people do these kinds of things and people now want to understand these brothers.

In short, the boys in blue created a tantalizing incentive for others to copy the Tsarnaevs. The Tsarnaevs’ terrorism “worked” but only because the Boston government helped them make it work. This is not a conspiracy theory. By overreacting, the governments at work here magnified the Tsarnaevs’ effectiveness. The Tsarnaevs didn’t shut down Boston. They didn’t put paramilitary troops on the streets of a major US city. The governments at work here did that.

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I found this article republished at Catherine Bleish & John Bush's Sovereign Living.


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I could do it a whole lot cheaper than that.

I could design a car bomb that would take out half a city block, be delivered by an innocent patsy and would leave no forensics for less than $100. For $200 I could design one that would take out up to six city block (however, it would leave forensics, IF you knew what to look for). I will not give details, for obvious reasons.

Anyone who owns a hunting rifle with a scope and reasonable shooting skills can be a sniper and it would cost you the cost of a couple of rounds of ammunition.

The best way to be safe is to do your best not to P.O. people.

Thank you!

Thanks for reposting! We think its an amazing article!!!!

peace, <3 and liberty!

Catherine Bleish
executive director
Liberty Restoration Project

Thank you and John for all y'alls work!

I'm out of San Antonio, and we have a lot of mutual friends! I will be contributing some of my business's profits to one of your many projects...hopefully in the next few weeks after I can sell some more car badges.

I want to somehow help you guys in y'alls endeavors. I'm friends with John on FB, Rob Hinojosa. I just quit my corporate America job to go freelance full time! I'll be in touch!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!