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Daily Paul is a Watchman on the Wall.

No, it's not "Infowars", or Rense, or Natural News, or Economic Collapse Blog, or TED either.

In my few years here I have seen the Daily Paul try to be defined by others, and therefore controlled by whatever their personal views and ambitions are. I hope that I'm not being hypocritical in trying to define it myself.

At its inception the Daily Paul was here to try and (naively in retrospect) get Ron Paul elected to the White House. This is one of, if not the most powerful positions on Earth. But, after two attempts at trying to make this happen, hopefully some lessons have been learned.

1) If you want to see who is running the country, don't look at the faceman or figurehead in the foreground of the picture, look at the men standing behind him. These are the ones pulling the levers of power. The president is just the guy who comes on TV and smiles and tells you which levers are being pulled. THERE IS NO WAY these deeply embedded and corrupt men were going to allow someone like Ron Paul anywhere CLOSE to the White House.

I also predict, (and I hope I'm wrong) that no matter how much Rand goes and kisses the wailing wall and "plays the game," he will also never get close to the White House. I'm reminded of the late comedian Bill Hicks' description of what happens when a new president comes into office.

2) We've hopefully learned by now that the "mockingbird" mainstream media is NOT our friend. They are simply extensions of the deeply embedded and corrupt interests that are running our country and most of the world for that matter. They are like an abusive husband that tells us what we want to hear sometimes, and then turns right around and smacks us until we're black and blue when we're not expecting it.

"But.. but..but they just put Rand on the cover of Time Magazine" you say. Yeah, they also put Hitler on there too. Don't confuse me with equating Rand to Hitler. I'm just stating that they put whoever is in their best interests at the time on the cover. Do you know how many times Ron Paul was in the lead on those "Time" polls, only to be snubbed for some other character that they wanted to spotlight.

If you think that the MSM is someday going to grow a conscience and start being "on our side" then you may still have a lot to learn. Just follow the money, and you will see that the majority of companies and subsidiaries are owned by just a handful of giant corporations. They become more consolidated and more focused on disempowering the people every day. This is not exclusive to the USA. The Hollywood model of "programming" is being exported as fast as our military technology and hardware. They (societal engineers) want you in fear, obedient to the state, medicated (aka lobotomized), and stuck on the ever inclining treadmill until you look back on your life and wonder what the hell happened.

3) We have NO WAY of recording or PROVING how we've voted. Our voting system is a SCAM. How is it that we can go to an ATM, do a transaction anywhere in the world and be provided a PAPER RECEIPT, but the same can't happen with our votes? WHAT is wrong with that picture?! I have a close friend that has worked at the top levels of some of the most sensitive military and civilian internet networks in the world. He will be the first to tell you that "anything man can make, man can hack." He'll also tell you that "anytime you're plugged into a network, someone can get your data." Our most precious action of recourse HAS BEEN COMPROMISED.

So where does that leave us? The four boxes of liberty is a meme that proposes: "There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury and ammo." I SINCERELY hope that we are NOT approaching the final "box." This is the most dangerous course of action that could replace the current regime with something worse than what we have already. Or, there is a chance it could turn out well. Either way, the transition is probably not going to be pretty.

I used to scold those who would say they are "bailing out of the USA" while saying so long suckers. Now, I'm not so sure I would want to be here either. I love this country, but we are number one in the things that are worst for us, and toward the bottom of the list in things we should be excelling at.

This does not mean I'm bailing on the USA. I simply have no choice. My family, friends, and life has been built here and I'm not in any shape to start over at this point. I sometimes feel like I'm chained to a runaway train heading for a brick wall. (not that I'm not working on those chains with a hacksaw)

So while I realize that the "DP is not infowars." I also realize that we are IN an "infowar." Information is one of the most powerful things one can possess. CONTROL of information is even MORE powerful. That is why there are deeply embedded and corrupt interests controlling the MSM. There is truth in the saying "there is a war on for your mind." If someone can make you believe absurdities, they can make you commit atrocities.

And, while I don't necessarily appreciate some who just dump every article they see on "infowars" here, (it's about quality not quantity) I DO appreciate those who are trying to be the "watchmen on the wall." We are being attacked from all directions and it is crucial to try and warn others so they may hopefully take measures to protect themselves and their families. These attacks may be as subtle as "you're not adequate if you're not in debt and keeping up with the Joneses," to the gradual stripping away of our natural rights, our savings, our health, and our culture.

This is why the "watchmen on the wall" are especially vital, because without our own health, awareness, and action, we are USELESS in the war that is being waged against us. And make no mistake, we are under attack.

So in summary, I look back to the first of the "four boxes in defense of liberty." We still have a "soapbox" (for now) This is why things like SOPA and CISPA, etc. are being put in place to try and control this uncontrollable flow of information. They don't like you being able to analyze events that are happening in real time and make adjustments accordingly. They want you to keep subscribing to THEIR version of reality, and not ever question it.

Liberty makes strange bedfellows, and I've seen some really strange stuff come across my screen in the 5+ years I've been here. I've also come across some VERY inspiring and empowering information as well.
That old saying that "you can open your mind up so much that your brain falls out" rings true, but so does the saying "the wise see the danger and take refuge, the foolish keep going and suffer for it."

Let's work to find common ground, empower each other, drop the "labels," and appreciate the "watchmen on the wall." After all, this website was inspired by one of the original modern day watchmen, Ron Paul. People thought he was crazy too, but he's ended up being right on a lot of things. The same can be said for Alex Jones. I don't agree with him 100%. I don't care for some of the things he's done in private, but he's been right on a lot as well. Both of these men have lived through years of ridicule, only to be proven right in the end. I came to know Ron Paul through Aaron Russo's film (another watchman) "America freedom to Fascism."

Are we all going to join hands and immediately start singing "kum bah yah?" Of course not. But if I were strolling along with someone and I reached down to pick up a poisonous mushroom to eat, and my companion warned me not to, then I would be appreciative of their input. Even if it caused me to take pause and research whether they were healthy for me or not.

The Daily Paul ebbs and flows with current news and information that may or may not be impacting our lives. The more experience I have with it, the more I try to go with the flow. I hope other newcomers will realize this and do the same. Stop looking for leaders and look in the mirror, because you may have the ability to be a leader when the time comes. Stop worrying about "our reputation" and be concerned with your own. That is ultimately all we have control of is ourselves. How we act and react in certain situations determines a great deal.

The person who wrote the "Daily Paul is not infowars" asked a good question in a previous thread. "How do we defeat our opponents?" Sometimes I have to remember that I can be my own greatest opponent.

Thanks for reading.

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What a masterful piece of writing,

and well reasoned commentary. Standing ovation for you, Mr. Jefferson!
Your namesake would be proud!

In the past, we used to have more posts of this caliber on the DP than we seem to get these days. I commend you for your intellect and clarity, and thank you for taking the time to compose this fine piece of work.
It was a joy to read, and spot on.

Read it alland now i have

Read it all

and now i have found a kindred

my liberty soul of its own accord, is singing out to you my brother my sister, one of the best things ive read on DP, almost didnt go past the first few paragraphs, but then you explained your reason, and i thankyou, for it

you made my lady liberty smile, my brother, my sister

Silly edit

thankyou for invigorating her soul

for some reason i cant stand TED.

i feel they don't like ideas from outsiders.

bump for the excellent thread

but ditto on TED. Some of the talks are good, but I just can't really get excited about them after reading this:

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.