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My Review of "Meet Ron Paul" - the Ron Paul biography for youth.

Last week I conducted an interview with Mathew Blankenship, the author of Meet Ron Paul, the Ron Paul biography for youth. His enthusiasm for the project inspired me to “run out” to Amazon.com and grab a copy for myself. The idea of youths all across the country being exposed to the ideas of liberty a decade or so earlier than I cracked open my first Harry Browne book is an exciting one, and I had to see for myself what this book was all about. After all, if I’m going to start brainwashing my nephew with the ideas of liberty soon (just kidding sis!…sorta), I’m going to need some good youth-friendly material to do it with.

The story begins by setting the stage at a large rally, with thousands of youth screaming and chanting for to see their hero. But it’s not some Hollywood hero or rock star they are waiting for…it’s a seventy-seven year old doctor for Texas. Right off the bat, the youth reader will be drawn in by this intriguing dichotomy. Why would all of these kids be going so crazy for some old dude from Texas? What is/was so special about this guy?

From there the story of Dr. Paul’s life is told more or less in chronological order, in a very plain and straightforward style. In the case of this book, this is a good thing. This is not supposed to be Human Action; as a book targeted towards youth it is essential not to overstate or overcomplicate things. The idea is to keep kids interested, and keep them wanting to learn about this unique politician who had a life and career unlike any other. “Meet Ron Paul” does this well.

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Bought it

and loved it. Great book. When my son is finished reading it, we are donating it to his school library.

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-Thomas Paine

Thank you.

Thats Awesome!

Get your Ron Paul biography for kids here... http://lionsofliberty.com/meetronpaul/

I'll post this on the FB page tonight!

Thanks so much.

Get your Ron Paul biography for kids here... http://lionsofliberty.com/meetronpaul/

Nice review

I'll have to pick up a copy, then pass it on to my niece and newphew when they are old enough.

Yeah I have to wait...

Not only for my nephew to grow up a little, but to sneak it behind my Obama-loving progressive sister's back!

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