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Like lambs being led to slaughter

I visited my local military base this morning; and, in the 50+ years I have been visiting military bases, I have never seen security so relaxed. My base vehicle sticker had expired, so I went to apply for a new one and was told ALL base vehicle stickers now have an "indefinite" expiration date(!!!) HELLO! We just had bombings in Boston, HSA is buying up ammunition and armored vehicles as if they were going out of style, TSA VIPR teams have checkpoints on our nation's highway, but any Tom, Dick or Harry can buy a vehicle from a recent vet too lazy to scrape his sticker and amble on a military installation with airlift or combat troops? I'm no demolitions expert, but I guarantee you I could devise a bomb that they would not detect, even at higher security levels.

This has "Pearl Harbor" written all over it.