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Boston Bombers' Last Stand: New pictures emerge of dramatic street shootout

Incredible new photographs have revealed the dramatic gun battle which broke out between police and the suspected Boston bombers in a residential street, leaving one brother dead.

The images, taken by a resident of the Watertown street in the early hours of Friday, show the Tsarnaevbrothers sheltering behind a vehicle and clearly taking aim at police officers.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, and his brother Tamerlan, 26, are seen running to a car for more supplies before hauling out a pressure cooker bomb they then detonated, filling the street with smoke.

The photographs, taken on the eyewitness' phone from a third-floor bedroom overlooking the harrowing scene, are the first images giving insight into the fraught battle that left one brother dead

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2313429/New-pictures...

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These are the same scum bag feds that told us to ignore all other evidence that wasn't coming from them, and in the same sentence tells us we (the peasants) are their eyes and ears. They contradict themselves and lie every chance they get, and this would be no different.

Is there any photographic

Is there any photographic evidence of the two brother suspects being down near the finish line where the first bomb went off?

People please, when you're

People please, when you're documenting current events, Please make the effort to lift up the screen in your window and turn your smartphone sideways when filming. Please.

And remember, your

And remember, your photographs and videos have a time/date stamp on them. Please have the right time zone on your recording devices and post the exact time and date you took the images.

I mean, this is DIY-CSI 101, really.

When you right click the image on your computer when your device is attached, scroll down and click Properties, you see the time and date the image was taken. All that information is right there. Alex Jones should have a DIY-CSI 101 class on this.

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This is all FAKE

More propaganda.

Adobe Photoshop is the FBI's best friend.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.


but i dont understand the sequence of what is supposed to have happened.

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Are you serious? What proof

Are you serious? What proof do we have that this is THE supposed shootout? And what proof do we have the two men in the shootout in THIS picture are actually the two brothers? Come on people. Demand proof! In the video, you can clearly see a man prone, in "give up" position. So, if that was the older brother, how did he end up dead?

Remember all those Osama proof pics ? . . . .

that turned out to be fakes.

O.K. people, we know you were conditioned from the time you were toddlers to believe everything you see on t.v. - but come on now.


Those pics proves that its all fake, that is not the older brother firing. The person firing as seen in the pics is the same man they had on the ground laying flat with his fingers in the air.



Hair doesn't match, man is fatter, and the man is still living.

are you looking at a hi-resolution photo or something?

i dont see how you can say any of that from the photos.

This video of the guy with

This video of the guy with the striped pants laying prone is located at the intersection of Mt. Auburn St. and Upland Rd. ... now would like to figure out where "naked man" was apprehended...



photos are confusing to me / dont match captions.

Is it just me, or does the house seem to move from where he is taking ariel photos?

first suspects are right outside of his window. then all the way down the street? i wonder what the time lapse was that allowed one of them to run down the street.

Very confusing.

this diagram should help ..

this diagram should help .. http://imgur.com/A5IOHrq

and these links are 2 slightly different edits of the actual shootout video (with audio):


kitzenberg photos/captions suggest differently than this diagram

kitzenberg says bomb blast by SUV. this diagram says blast way down the street.

Blast mark looks to be about

Blast mark looks to be about 50ft west of the SUV - http://imgur.com/a/OFFgm#0 (edited post to fix this link)

On Kitzenbergs annotated photo from when they are actively shooting, he circles an object/bag (blurry) at their feet and mentions he thinks it is the device. From the morning daylight pics it appears that same bag hasnt moved much and there is apparently a handgun laying by itself next to it on the street.

i still dont understand photos. there is no conguency

david hockney is rolling in his grave.

i see what looks like a blast mark next to a telephone poll. but mysteriously the telephone poll is nowhere to be found in other photos. where the heck did the red brick house come from?

i swear, this guy must live in a 3-story penthouse the radius of a block and then managed to take photos out of each of his 24 windows.

actually if you refer to the

Actually, if you refer to the aerial diagram, everything is marked correctly. And here is a direct link to google streetview from directly in front of Kirtzenbergs 3 story building facing west looking towards where the police were. http://goo.gl/maps/gfNxX

It may also help to keep in mind that Kirtzenbergs house faces SOUTH (that part was messing with my head earlier, which is why I spent all the time to compile this shit :))

thank you. so bomb blast is 55 laurel street

the photos of the 2 guys by SUV is at 59 laurel street.
the blast marks are at next-door neighbor (next house over), 55 laurel street.

im guessing the taller one walked/ran 4 houses toward the cops and was subsequently arrested (and run-over?) at 33 laurel street.

seems like both were headed the wrong direction.

Right, except I think he was

Right, except I think he was supposedly on the ground and possibly run over at about 49 Laurel st. as 33 would be all the way on the west side of the Dexter Ave intersection. I don't quite understand why they tried to stand their ground and even rush towards the cops to the west when they could have easily continued east apparently unobstructed.

These photos are about as CLEAR as MUD


Can you do a FOIA request for

Can you do a FOIA request for the dashcam footage?


the cops didn't cordon off all the exits. they could have easily closed in on the subjects but CHOSE not to.

and so far, the narrative is that they followed them in an SUV

and after they were tossing bombs out the windows during an alleged police chase.

Wouldn't there have been swarms of cops there?

furthermore, when did the green car come into play? after they left 711, after they carjacked a mercedes, or what?


Why did the police leave the abandoned sedan (with doors wide open) and the backpacks in the street until morning light? I would think there might be valuable evidence one wouldn't want left lying in the middle of the street.

doors and trunk appeared to

doors and trunk appeared to have been left closed when suspect fled and then re-opened later by police/robot

This is very encouraging. It

This is very encouraging. It shows people with guns being fired upon by the police state will fight back with their guns. I understand the two suspects were the bad guys, but when the police state come after good Americans, the good Americans will fight back with their guns too.

This is about as CLEAR AS MUD---

It's very difficult to see these images. Heck, they could be from any night on the streets of south central L.A.

Also, one thing that is very suspect. I work for the Sheriff's Dpt., and I can tell you there is NO WAY that the younger one would have escaped. That would have been extremely difficult. They would have corded off an area and found him. I found this unbelievable, or their police/FBI, etc. are the most inept ever, one or the other.

So, perhaps they let him go for other reasons. ONe thing is for sure. The local police are just following orders. You have to ask yourself one question.

How did Tamerlan, who was HANDCUFFED behind his back & in the nude, be seen entering a police car, then, the next minute he's shot dead in the street. The man was defenseless at that point. And, I have NO doubt that man was him in the photo we've seen. Look at the biceps of the arms & legs. They are the spitting image of Tamerlan.

If they found the suspect then they couldn't snoop on innocents.

Apparently thry had other plans than capture.

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