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"A Better Way to Educate"

by Chris Rossini

“A better way”??….hmm…

Fortunately for Obama, a better way exists! It’s called the marketplace!

Entrepreneurs competing with one another to satisfy their customers…what a novel idea. No one is forced to attend. No one is forced to pay for anyone else’s children to attend. If you don’t have children, the expense doesn’t even enter your mind.

Those that satisfy the most urgent desires of their customers (parents) reap the rewards of high profits. Those who don’t satisfy customers close up shop and find something else to do. The best teachers earn the most money. Those that are merely clocking in/out get paid accordingly. The entrepreneur and teacher make their own contract, based on their own interests.

The subjects that are taught are dictated by customers, like everything else in the marketplace. Profits and Losses will guide the way. Some schools will be expensive and others will cater to low-income families; again, just like everything else.

Hard to imagine in the “Land of The Free” isn’t it?

Unfortunately, not being forced to go through the government propaganda mill isn’t a freedom that we enjoy (yet).

The good news is, the Internet is working on it.

The market will win in the end.

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The market will win and is winning. I receive my reeducation everyday via the wonders of the internet.