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UPDATED 4TH VIDEO: Senator Tom Davis vs Boeing Tax Subsidy

Boeing has asked South Carolina for a $120 million taxpayer subsidy to expand their existing operations in the state. Tom Davis lets the SC Senate know they should be against this.

Part I

Part II



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Top down? or buttom up?

Tom can do more as a SC State senator introducing nullification bills. In the US Senate or even the US House, he would just be drowned out by the RINOS and the MSM. He is my state senator (I am in Hilton Head, SC) and as much as I loathe Lindsey Graham, I would rather have nullification bills for 2A, drones, Obamacare etc. that are in effect and binding rather than losing my gun rights 60-40 vs 61-39.

Nullification all the way... Just look at the idiots in Boston. They want tyranny... let them have it. I want freedom. Let me have it.


Both ways are good

Both ways are good approaches; which one is better is always up for debate. At this current time, I think setting an example at the federal level is the best option. I'm not sure if Amash has announced anything yet, but just imagine if Amash won and Davis beat Graham. The wins would make as much waves as the 2010 Tea Party elections did. That momentum could then be parlayed to the Presidential level the following year.

It's true there's no wrong way here. You could have just as much success at the state level, but I think the political atmosphere is just right for a Davis win against Graham.

Davis absolutely nails it in

Davis absolutely nails it in this fourth video. Makes the case for why SC needs a freer economy.

We have a new star

This guy gets it. Better than Rand or Amash IMO with this speech. What's amazing is that he apparently woke up while in office as he voted for special concessions for Boeing the first time. He gives me hope.

Yep, he was elected in 2006 I

Yep, he was elected in 2006 I believe. Like so many of us here, I'm sure Ron Paul got to him and now he's completely embraced the cause of liberty.

Part III

Part III references Bastiat and broken window fallacy

"You must be frank with the world; frankness is the child of honesty and courage...Never do anything wrong to make a friend or keep one...Above all do not appear to others what you are not" - Robert E. Lee, CSA

Tom Davis for U.S. Senate

Graham out.... Davis in! This deserves the full of the DP community in 2014.

Contact him and let him know

Contact him and let him know you want him to run.

This is not being anti-job.

This is not being anti-job. Davis wants to let South Carolinians keep more of their money, but keep Boeing buy making South Carolina a freer market to prosper in.

I don't just want Boeing to have an incentive to grow their company in SC, free up the market and let all businesses grow!