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Interview with Mother Of Bombing Suspects: My Older Son Is Still Alive : States corpse in picture is not her son

April 23. 2013
"The mother of the suspected Boston bombers has given an exclusive interview to Britain's Channel 4 in which she reiterates assertions that her sons were set up, and also claims that her oldest son Tamerlan is still alive. http://www.businessinsider.com/boston-bombing-suspects-mothe...

Mother states corpse in picture is not her son. CAUTION: LINK goes straight to a gruesome image http://www.google.ca/imgres?q=picture+of+corpse+of+26+year+o...

April 22, 3013
START at 6:00

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Found this site and wanted to share,something is definitely not adding up.

Proof Boston marathon bombing was a false flag operation

Anyone with an active brain cell on duty can see that the version of events given by the dying mainstream media surrounding the Boston marathon bombing does not add up one bit. For those that want more information and facts on the events that took place look at the pictures below and the articles linked at the bottom of this one.


PLEASE put a disclaimer or warning on that second link from


That goes straight to a gruesome image. I thought it was an article. (I don't have time for videos right now)

Thanks .


He Was Supposedly A Golden Glove Boxer

Does that photo show the physique of a fit, high level boxer?

Better check the tenant roster at Gitmo

to see if it just moved up by one.

This Should Be Easily Verified

When the wife or mother claim the body for burial they should be able to confirm if it is or isn't Tamerlan.

From Ryan Dawson


This guy does lots of research, and is about the most reasonable conspiracy theorist around. I'm suprised he's taking the body switch approach to the older brother.

Boston is around 1/3 the way into his "rant".


Just a note

Please remember this is from Ryan Dawson, not me. I just happen to read his website with my morning coffee, and thought I'd share this since it's relevant to the issues we are having here with disinformation, and this post.


Ryan Dawson needs to recheck his facts regarding Flight 93

I am not trying to veer away from the main topic of this thread. Not at all. However, based on THIS interview, Dick Cheney concedes to the fact that he DID in fact give orders to SHOOT DOWN Fight 93. Plus, there are numerous accounts of eywitness testimony that can be viewed on Youtube. Here is Cheney's admission.


Robby Lane

Agree with Ryan.

Mom suspects Photoshopped picture of corpse. He is right; this story is full of holes. And I have also thought that these boys might end up in a FBI witness protection program, hidden from the public with new identities.
Thanks for a great video.

There is another photo somewhere

I can't find it but it is a man lying face down with lots of clothes on and work boots. He has no visible injuries and his body type does not look like Tamerlan. I think that is what she refers to. The dead naked body looks like Tamerlan. The naked body in the car IS Tamerlan.

The live man lieing on the ground is not

Tamerlan. I know the one you mean in a video.

Mom says the corpse is not Tamerlan. She hints photo has been put together with part of it being her son. Photoshopped picture. http://www.google.ca/imgres?q=picture+of+corpse+of+26+year+o...

I agree with you and aunt that naked man arrested and interviewed by FBI IS Tamerlan.

So where is Tamerlan?

The dead body is him.

So is the naked arrested guy.

We will get to the bottom of it before long.

Here is a video of the naked man interviewed by FBI

Start at 1:50 where they talk about the FBI taking him from the police car and placing him against the wall while shining a bright light on him and taking his picture. Then he was returned to the police car. Maybe this is where they got the picture to Photoshop for the corpse picture?


Maybe like Aurora and Sandy Hook, the truth may just get lost/buried and we will never know. The media always presents a new distraction and we all forget the last one.

Your heading

Is misleading, probably just worded wrong but still. I thought you had a video of the naked man being interviewed by the title of your heading. That is the same interview with a witness that has been going around for a few days.

Right . Should have said

"naked man who was interviewed by FBI".

Actually it is CNN that witnessed the man taken from the police car, stood against the wall, photographed, and interviewed, and then put back in the police car.

"Naked man" needs to come forward and identify himself

or I will continue to believe he was murdered in police custody.
I have not been paying a lot of attention, did anyone explain those wounds? I thought he was supposed to have died from being run over and shot, how did he wind up with long lacerations?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I first read on Saturday morning...

It was because he had an explosive device on his person. And then I heard it was shrapnel from the pressure cooker bomb he threw at the police....really, they said that.

Sounds like a possibility. I heard about the pressure cooker.

The mother says the dead guy is not her son. And the aunt says the naked guy arrested is her 26 year old nephew.

So who is the dead guy the doctor examined with all the wounds?

The mother says corpse is not her son.

The aunt says naked guy they arrested IS her 26 year old nephew.

So maybe both these boys are still alive and the FBI is hiding them? If they both appear to die, end of investigation; no trial, no more questions, but the political fear agenda is achieved and the public is more open to going along with the police state and willing to continue paying for the empire building wars in the guise of fighting terror. Just some ideas.

And why did they broadcast "this is just a drill" just before the explosion? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xq6PHZRiVaM

As for the wounds on the corpse (whoever he is; not her son mom says) the doctor in emergency says that man died of multiple gun shot wounds, thermal wounds, and SHRAPNEL wounds.
listen around 1:24

It is a tangled web, to be sure.

I am really to the point where I don't care about the details, I feel like we have the "critical mass" that sees these for what they are in real time now, and it is time to start PREVENTING them.
They plan the drills. We have to start preparing for drills as if they will "go live."
Have you seen the thing about the April 28 nuke in LA? Someone set up a Facebook memorial page yesterday. It is down now, and the guy who got the screenshot is not the most reliable source. I don't know him, but I've watched him and I think he has a few screws loose. Someone says he loaded the page himself, I do not know how to verify that but... even if this guy is a total idiot, the concept is correct: If we see something, youtube something. :)

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Just looked at the nuke page.

The psychopaths trying to rule the world are capable of anything, and they do want to have an excuse to make war on Iran, who they claim is threatening nuclear attack. So Iran would be blamed and yes they do want a nuclear war to get control of the world and depopulate. Guess the elite feel they will be safe in their underground cities.

I would not put anything past this psychopathic group.

Like you I have become a calm observer. But these UN-evolved morons trying to run the world are in so much fear themselves.

Did you see this? Lots of rich elite in LA have been selling their mansions cheap and leaving town. http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/04/source-elite-fl...

I think they guy who claims there was a drill

is so full of shit its not even funny. Honestly, he is the only person. the ONLY person to be making those claims. If it were true, more people would be saying the same thing.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

It was all over the media. Lots of witnesses. Google it.

"University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach Ali Stevenson told Local 15 News, ““They kept making announcements on the loud speaker that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about. “It seemed like there was some sort of threat, but they kept telling us it was just a drill.”

What does not fit the MEDIA spin gets buried and forgotten.

Seen the Boston Globe tweet?

The Boston Globe tweeted that there would be a "controlled explosion as part of the drill" less than 5 minutes before the "bomb." If you really have not seen it, I'll find the link for you. If you have seen it, you must have forgotten?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

When the bombing

first happened this was all over the media, it was broadcast that it was a drill. Then because it did not FIT the story line the media was putting together, it disappeared.

Samurai's were deployed

Samurais were deployed

Southern Agrarian