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Cross the Divide (Original Song By DP poster)

Something more lighthearted and optimistic. I think it fits the bill though. Thanks for listening, and feedback is always appreciated!

They tried to tell you
"You could never be anything.
There's too much distance on the road to reaching the king.
But you'll be happy living in the space they've allowed.
Embrace existence as an empty face in the crowd.
And you'll be all right."

They tried to tell you that
"You'll never be but a pawn.
You know the rules and it's a game designed for the strong.
Where could you get? You only move one space at a time.
Stay in position and don't try to cross the divide.
And you'll be all right."

Just cross the divide, one space at a time. I'll meet you on the other side.


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Another good song

You have a way with lyrics, really like what you're doing lyrically. Like I said before keep at it man you have talent.

Thanks man

Really encouraging to hear :)

Yours in Liberty,

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Good Song

Do you mind if I post this over in the jam session thread for all the jam session regulars to hear?

Of course not


Yours in Liberty,

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Cool, thanks

I'm going to go post it over there now (I'll give you credit of course), but stop on by sometime and drop off more if you want to. I love originals over there and there is just a lot of good music going on in general over there.



I encouraged Regular John to post on your thread which takes a while to open, and one reason I don't enjoy going there. If it loaded faster I would check it more often, and enjoy it when it does open. I just wanted you to know that for me, it's the only thread on DP that takes at least half a minute to open. Great thread!

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I saw that and I appreciated it a lot dear. I know it takes a minute to load, but I don't mind waiting for it at all. If you are patient enough one of these days please do stop back by. Ps long time no talk hope all is well with you.

Thank you (((((jrd))))))

Wish I was with Michael and Sam... been allowing myself to think outside the box since my baby brother died, April 14.. lots of thoughts interfer with my thinking,, part of the greif process.. so "i'm breathing deep. just going through the motions on the light side.. hopefully soon to the brighter side aft mourning.

Thank you for asking.. jam away!

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Pssst...When you get a minute Granger

I am sorry to hear about your brother. My stomach sank when I read that. Here, so you do not have to wait for the thread to load, this is for you and your brother.
Oh yeah... Don't forget to breathe Granger, I'm still nursing a deep wound from October... just keep breathing.

very mellow

thanks for posting.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Thanks fishy

And thanks for the past advice :)

Yours in Liberty,

This is great.

I kept thinking of this though:


Senator Peter Schiff 2016


Hard to compete with that :)

Yours in Liberty,

"Disturbing verbiage."

Writing that one down :)

Yours in Liberty,