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T-Mobile Starts Censoring Anti-NWO Web Traffic

About an hour ago, I tried to follow a link to a story here -


and received this message -

"Content Restricted

The Web Guard feature has been enabled on your line. Web Guard has restricted your access to this content.

The person on your Wireless account who is designated as the Primary Account Holder can disable this restriction through the account management website."

Then I tried this anti-NWO site - http://kennysideshow.blogspot.com/

Same thing.

I looked up the Web Guard "feature" in the setting of my account, and it is supposedly turned off.

This is getting ridiculous. Anyone else having this problem? I'm going to call them in a bit, but geez louise, what a waste of time.

EDIT: Just found this...I wonder who the third party vendor is that determines what gets censored?

"Can I request that a particular site be blocked or unblocked?

Yes. Please e-mail any requests to change the Web Guard filters to contentcontrol2@t-mobile.com. Please include the Web site page address (URL) and your request to block or unblock the content. T-Mobile uses a third party vendor to assist in reviewing and blocking content for the Web Guard feature. T-Mobile’s third party vendor maintains the list of blocked URL’s and, although T-Mobile does not comment on specific content, we do provide a tool to capture and provide feedback to the vendor. Your feedback will be reviewed and evaluated by our vendor but, at this time, there is no procedure to provide specific feedback on your concerns. If you have questions regarding whether your request resulted in a change, please refer back to that URL."

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After 40 minutes on the phone with a rep, nothing was resolved. He told me that he couldn't tell me the name of the third party vendor that monitors the censored sites, but that he'd email his supervisor and try to get to the root of the problem.

After about an hour, I noticed that the block was lifted. Still no word from the rep about why it happened.

Something interesting he said was that he checked "your account" (meaning my account) and that everything was turned off involving "Web Guard", but that he was going to check THEIR settings for my account and make sure that everything was ok there as well.

Anyways, figured I'd post for posterity since the trend seems to be towards monitoring and controlling the internet.

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