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Fox newsman Ben Swann asks if Boston was FBI entrapment gone wrong

Little by little, bit by bit, repeat: "the government is not your friend." All the way back to the big one, 9/11. Remember Lawrence Harvey in the all-time classic The Manchurian Candidate? Deprogramming the sheeple is a delicate business. Go too fast, and you blow a fuse. This one is an important step, from entrapment to complicity, easy does it.

Fox newsman Ben Swann asks if Boston was FBI entrapment gone awry

The host of the popular news program Reality Check has asked if the Second Boston Massacre, as it is coming to be known, was a case of FBI entrapment which followed a tragic path similar to the known entrapment case of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

In the 1993 bombing, an Egyptian informant captured FBI agents on hundreds of hours of tape discussing the luring of suspects into a plot which would eventually kill six people and injure thousands. The FBI's plan was to substitute a harmless black powder for gunpowder, but somehow the FBI, in the informant's words, "messed up." The taped evidence was never allowed into the trial of the conspirators....Read more:

Ben Swann Reality Check

CBS News Report on FBI involvement in 1993 World Trade Center bombing

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I wonder if Ben has to hire a couple of boys

to help him walk around with those huge.... cameras.
I LOVE this guy!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Thanks Ben again

The truth does make one wonder what it is that is behind FBI actions. Repetition is a valid learning method. So repeating actions to evoke a specific result is a factual way of teaching populations lessons. Yet being discovered as the perpetrator and the enforcer over and over again teaches a lesson that the FBI did not and can not intend. Otherwise they would stop these set ups.

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Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Ben Swann Is a conspiracy theorist

I was just wondering where are the trolls that attack Alex Jones, this is info I learned from Alex seven yrs ago and he was called a nut


Asking Questions...

Is not the same as constructing theories.


Yes tell us what we're not supposed to do. God forbid we should "construct a theory" - perhaps you've never heard of the scientific method?

The problem with AJ is he mixes things that are true

with lots of sloppy thinking, jumping to conclusions, and his "inside sources." Once he gets hold of an important story it is automatically discounted as "Alex Jones."

Swann is a real journalist, and very careful at laying his foundation. Note he didn't go with the WTC 1993 entrapment story until he could quote the New York Times.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Ben Swann also does not pin the blame

onto any specific individual, group or even their intentions and practices. He merely lays out the facts, and leaves those questions open to the audience.

For example, he asks the question about the FBI entrapment policy: "Is it making us safer?" He does not say if the entrapment is a malicious practice, and nor does he say that it's a benevolent practice, because "good and evil" are very subjective ideas that make it difficult to see the facts.

He does it not to turn people to 'good', or to 'evil', but to turn people to the truth, so that we may learn, gain liberty and move forward as people.

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

great point, this is Ben's genius

He refuses to do all your thinking for you. If drawing a picture doesn't lead you to say "that picture is a horse," he leaves you alone and just says "try again."

Release the Sandy Hook video.