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Los Angeles settles with women fired on in manhunt

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The city of Los Angeles reached a $4.2 million settlement with a mother and daughter who were injured when police mistakenly opened fire on them while they were delivering newspapers during the manhunt for disgruntled ex-cop Christopher Dorner, officials said Tuesday.

The money will be split evenly, with $2.1 million going to each woman, said Frank Mateljan, a spokesman for the city attorney's office.

The agreement must still be approved by the Los Angeles City Council.


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The money should have...

The money should have come evenly from all the shooters and not the taxpayers if they want to stop this from ever happening again.


The settlement

IS the investigation!

Ron Paul Was Right

Nice to see the taxpayers

Nice to see the taxpayers held accountable for the useless criminals that fired on those two ladies. I feel so safe in this country where cops can just shoot up any car and not have to worry about being held accountable. I wonder what those same POS cops would have to say if some gangbanger shot up their wives, mothers, or daughters car. What if those same gangbangers were untouchable by the law and are on the streets the next day shooting up someone else.


Don't go overboard on your assumptions. For all you know, the cops love their own wives, mothers, and daughters, and are horrified to have made the mistake involving any innocent person. Many cops are ex-military, and many have PTSD. Mistakes happen.

The sad thing is that the local government attorney will never let them apologize or admit their guilt--hopefully they will get to do that once the deal is signed.

We are all individuals.

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Cops maybe 'feeling horrible'

Cops maybe 'feeling horrible' for their mistakes doesn't do shit for me. What the heck does that even mean? So you're saying if someone shoots you up in your car for no reason but they feel bad about it and apologize then all is good? Cops need to be held to a far higher standard! All 10 of the cops that shot these ladies should have been arrested and charged, the same as I would have if I shot those innocent ladies. But cops see the outcome of this and know that they're untouchable no matter who they hurt. The tax payers will just pick up the bill...

Yes we are all individuals and these individuals with badges made the decision to shoot at this truck(which didn't even match the description of the suspects truck). Those individuals should be held accountable for their acts.

Good. The only way the

Good. The only way the scumbag police state will learn their lesson is if these municipalities acting improperly in the course of their duties are sued to death.

Cops should be up on criminal charges

same as any other thugs who shoot up innocent people in the streets.

A little jail time with some folks they may have previously arrested seems fitting to me.