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Daily Paul citizen journalists please REPORT!

As some of you may know...I am concerned that soon that the term "radicalized" Muslims will be on equal par with "radicalized" Christian, "radicalized" revolutionary, "radicalized" liberty activists, or "radicalized" patriot!

Today, there comes this story, from a seemingly obscure source; and I would like some help in VERIFYING the truth of it. It is absolutely sickening to me to think that there is a so called "fundamentalist Christian church" in America, that is so doctrinally flawed and theologically bankrupt insomuch as two children died as a result of the deception being taught there.

Here's the story:

What I would like those on the DP who are newshounds(truth-hounds) to do is investigate this story down to the street addresses of the church, the parents, and the social security numbers of the children who reportedly died.

The story ONLY says "fundamentalist Christian church"; I hate to be an alarmist, in denial that this could happen here...but...if there is one untruth in this, OR, if the national media picks up on this 4x times than they did the Gosnell abortion trial...then we can KNOW that what is being said in this Paul Washer YouTube clip is where we are headed....and SOON....

Gang....the PTB, New World Order, benevolent dictatorship flowing out of Washington D.C.(whatever you want to call it) KNEW that learned Christians are where the seeds of dissent against tyranny grow best....that's why they concocted the whole 501c3 ruse in the first place, and they will NOT tolerate 'unregistered churches'

We're entering dark days; they cannot keep a lid on all their evil with us passing so much information in words, photos, and videos via the internet!

I think I'm onto something; I could only hope their are no dead children and that this is a planted attack against fundamentalist Christianity; but...I'm not ignorant that Satan can appear as an angel of light, knows his Bible, even quoted it to Jesus in the wilderness and he just wants to steal, kill, and destroy!

If I'm wrong, and this story is true...then by all means, I want the purveyors of such deception and theological bankruptcy exposed far and wide; just like I want to expose the ecclesiastical establishments all over this country that serve to support tyrannical government; who are NOT of the Christian religion at all, but rather, are ABUSES and CORRUPTIONS of it!

The wheels really have come off the bus, if children are dying as a result of deceptive Christian teaching; and WOE be to America that quickly begs the government to stick its nose into the business of the church, using one horrible tragedy like this....while turning a blind eye and refusing comment on that abortion mill in West Philadelphia!

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