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Please Help! Has Anyone Dealt with this Situation: County/City GOV teaming up to steal cars

We all know that all GOV entities from the FEDS on down have an insatiable appetite for cash and that right now they are extra hungry and getting very creative to stuff their coffers.

The city of Clinton NC has joined forces with the Sampson County GOV folks and passed a "beautification" ordinance that amounts to the local police being authorized to drive onto private property looking for vehicles with expired or no registration plates. When found the owner has 7 days to get the vehicle registered and property taxes paid or the vehicle will be towed to be scrapped and if you do not pay the towing company then the vehicle becomes property of the towing company. Additionally, this new ordinance also requires that the vehicle must also run and pass inspection. In other words, someone that owns an old classic that they intend to restore at some point in the future must immediately restore it to current standards of road-worthiness or lose possession of their project car?

While most jurisdictions require valid registration whether a vehicle is currently being operated on the roadways or not-this sudden aggressive enforcement has everything to do with revenue generation and nothing to do with beautification. There has been no citizen outcry about derelict vehicles nor is it a common sight/widespread nuisance.

One other factor of note/perhaps related: There has been a rash of thefts in the city/county in the past 5-6 years where they steal anything and everything metal (my father lost a car, a small Toyota P/U, an Antique Bottom Plow{no jokes please} and several hundred pounds of other metal items in these thefts) and taking the stolen metal to the local scrap yard for quick cash. The largest scrap yard in the county advertises heavily and has been doing a booming business. The police have said there is little to nothing they can do to stop these thefts or recover the items stolen(likely doubly so now that they are very busy driving on to everyone's private property without a warrant looking for unregistered vehicles).

If anyone has seen something similar or if you have any suggestions on how to deal with this I would appreciate hearing from you.


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As California goes, so goes

As California goes, so goes the nation! Seen this lots. As far as the metal thefts, legalize meth, (haha good luck) and maybe sue/set up the junk yard for scrapping stolen property, and all of that good metal will stop going to China!!!

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Had this problem

in the town I lived in, I went to the City Counsel meeting and informed them of the State law. That states both registration and inspection must be out or a Junk vehicle, and the state gives a clear definition of what "junk" vehicle means. Once they realized we knew the law and they were breaking it, and threat of class action lawsuit they quickly stopped. If your state doesn't have a law in regards to this, you could handle this one of two ways. Get a petition started in your city to stop this and present it to the city council or call your state representative and see how to go about getting state law.

Good Luck

It is your local

It is your local governments... You need to figure out if you have a majority in your area whom are against this. With enough of you showing up to a town meeting you can change this.

Mind you many may be all for it. If someone lives next door to someone with a half a dozen scraped out cars setting around the front yard they more than likely welcome this.

In my town you can't have an unregistered vehicle on residential property unless garaged out of sight. It's not right but, I also see the flip side. One property could certainly bring down the whole blocks value. This rule was in effect when I purchased the home so I can't complain I knew what I was getting into which is not your case.

I wonder if a person could do a few artistic mods to the car and call it modern art?

This essentially amounts to

This essentially amounts to theft. It would be like saying you have an old computer laying around for parts and they will come take it if it doesnt work.

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Yeah - been through that.

They did this in a little town I lived in a couple years ago. Gave notices to a couple people around town, they were not happy. When the cop showed up at my house.... Well, I'll make a long story short and you can just imagine what an odd scene it was to end with...
Me at the county clerk's office, demanding she pull "The Franklin Scandal" up and watch it. I made her start watching it before I would leave. I don't know if she watched it all, and of course she assured me I was wrong about Officer Creepy, but.... they never DID come back to hassle me about my expired plate, and the harassing of the town quietly stopped, too.

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Welcome to UN Agenda 21,

where (nearly) EVERY aspect of your life will be policed.
May I suggest that you make yourself familiar with this website
http://www.freedomadvocates.org/ and join the growing legion of people who are sick to death of being pushed around by officious, odious rules.
Please learn about this and fight it.

Thanks Jill

I have been all over Agenda 21 and all of its' spawn/octopus arms for some time. I have done what ever I have been able to do to stay informed on the topic and inform/warn as many others as I can. You are correct that this is partly A21 but it is also plain old fashioned greed/control-which is the root cause of A21 in the first place.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

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