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I Think A Missile Strike Appears To Have Destroyed West Texas Fertilizer Plant

Missile Strike Appears To Have Destroyed West Texas Fertilizer Plant

With everyone’s attention on the Boston Marathon bombings there have been a few events that occurred last week that have flown under the radar. On Wednesday April 17th 2013 there was an explosion at a fertilizer plant in West Texas that killed several people and injured hundreds. Raw video footage showing the plant on fire and the subsequent explosion shows what looks like a missile blowing up the complex. A very distinct sound can be heard right before the blast indicating that some sort of object traveling at a very high rate of speed was fired into the area. The corporate media has claimed that something inside the plant set off the larger explosion but if you carefully watch the footage it is obvious that this was not the case. The explosion was reported to have been felt up to 50 miles away and even registered 2.1 on the Richter scale creating an enormous mushroom cloud. This is similar to the Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building which resulted in a 3.0 reading on the Richter scale. The blast left a crater 30 yards across and 15 yards deep. Barry Murry a local resident who lives a mile away from the plant compared the blast to a bomb going off when speaking with CNN and this is just one of several eyewitness accounts comparing it as such. Common sense would dictate that this type of seismic activity and the crater size could have only occurred with the use of a powerful missile or bomb and the video evidence certainly supports it.


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Here's something to watch:

The New York Police Department is teaming up with a national laboratory to study how chemical weapons could be dispersed through the air into the subway system.

Researchers will track the movement of harmless tracer gases. They'll place air sampling devices in specific areas on the street and within the subway system. The gases mimic how a chemical or biological weapon may react if released.


Be Watching

for germ warfare in the not too distant future. (terrorist attacks of course)


Video Evidence of Missile Strike at Texas Fertilizer Plant

http://educate-yourself.org/cn/texasfertilizerplantmissileat... these videos in this article I linked to actually catch on camera a missile hitting the Texas Fertilizer Plant which makes it explode in flames. Now the motivation well the Texas Fertilizer Plant was producing black powder for guns. so gun control and it had a class action lawsuit against Monsanto.


I don't get it

Why would someone shoot a missile at BURNING FERTILIZER PLANT? Some of you people are just beyond help, believing only what you want to believe. There is no missile in the video

people... Use your brains.

people... to cause an explosion of that magnitude would need a low yield nuke. It was upwards of a kiloton tnt blast which is 22 time larger then the largest conventional bomb (the FOAB which has ~44ton tnt blast yield)



Tools of war are not always obvious. The worst weapon is an idea planted in the mind of man. Prejudices can kill, suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has an everlasting fallout all of its own.


People don't really understand how dangerous fertilizer plants are, or even paper mills for that matter.

Eric Hoffer

There is the sound

of an incoming missile and then the explosion. Think of the implications of this. We are under attack on American soil by our own military! No amount of denial, while comforting, will change those facts. Thumbs up for boldly exploring this issue despite the inevitable attack of the status quo zombie trolls. DP is all about posts like this.

And I want to repeat; it was a missile.

I'm not saying you're wrong but consider this:

Have you ever recorded a missile strike on a "low-grade" camera? When the sound reaches the mic, it makes a sound that sounds like a missile is inbound.

Again, I can't disprove you right now, but do you think it's possible it could have just been the soundwave coming from an explosion that originates from the Fertilizer plant exploding?

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Like you said, you cant disprove it.


You said: "When the sound [of a missile strike] reaches the mic, it makes a sound that sounds like a missile is inbound."

Uh huh. Exactly what we have here.

You have clear unmistakable videographic evidence of a doppler effect whoosh just before the BIG explosion.

Physics don't lie.

No, no outside Doppler Effect "whoosh" could originate from the fertilizer plant exploding. That would be backwards and against time itself.


Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

It was a low-yield nuclear weapon launched by Santa Claus...

from his secret moon base!

He was targeting the plant because it contained evil lizard men from the planet Coolranchdoritos 5!

The burden of proof is on you to prove me wrong!

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

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Now that's just crazy.

Now that's just crazy. Everyone knows Santa's base is on the North Pole.

Sounds like a V1.

Hitler's buzz bomb finally arrived after fighting a head wind for 69 years. Oh, those evil Nazis!

[F]orce can only settle questions of power, not of right. - Clyde N. Wilson



Please tell me it wasn't

Please tell me it wasn't carrying Hitler's cryogenically preserved body :-S

Alex Jones has been predicting WW3 happening in 2 weeks....for 2 years....this could be the start...be afraid...

#nazis #gubmint #omg

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you both are wrong

and a bit nuts
santa lives in inner earth,he is reptilian afterall
good god,little kids read these posts,why give them wrong info

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.

Although there does appear to be a double explosion

Missiles don't appear out of thin air. Where are the eyewitnesses who saw the supposed missile coming in? Were they storing anything on that side that could have ignited by the initial fire? The one thing that is damning is the sound that preceded the explosion which did sound like a missile. But yet again we just don't have any clear proof.

The Texas City explosion was very similar and there was ample components in this fire to create the explosion we saw so I would have to see more before I would accept the missile claim.


So for you people that believe it was a missile can you answer who and why someone would shoot a missile at the plant?


would anyone or any entity want to invade a country under false pretenses, knowing they are false and lying to the American people in order to persuade them the pretenses are legitimate and confirmed?

WMD...remember Iraq...example enough.

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As I watch the videos, then

As I watch the videos, then read some of the posts below, I shake my head and roll my eyes. I guess some people just can't compute. Your eyes are not deceiving you. You have 3 videos. Great evidence. 11 down votes as of now? I guess the daily Paul has a few of Obama's 3500 trolls working overtime here. And we sit and wonder why this nation finds it's self in the sorry state it is in.

Thank you for this. I had

Thank you for this. I had been wanting to see additional videos that caught the flames on the left better since I saw the first one.

I had considered the possibility of a missile since then. But the additional footage clearly shows that something is projected into it.

While I am about 95% confident it is a missile an alternative to look into from the argument against the missile is a sympathy detonation. If there was any large detonation near the plant, and assuming the fertilizer is sensitive enough, the shock wave could detonate the the plant causing the main explosion we see. This would explain a flame in the left hand corner an instant before the explosion.
The sound could possibly be explained by some type of gas leak being ignited. It a similar enough sound that a large gas leak explosion could be confused with the missile sound we hear.

If a sympathy detonation was not feasible then I see no other reason besides a missile to cause what we see in the videos. One way to do this is check if there are any large storage tanks of volatile material to the left of the plant, using the cameras frame of reference. I have not been able to determine this direction, but if anyone knows the wind direction that day we could use that. There was a video somewhere of the mayor (or some government official) that mentioned the wind direction.




Complex seventeen dimensioned

Complex seventeen dimensioned probability analysis using ancient Mayan math. Come on do I have to spell it out?


Fertilizer can explode just like a bomb or a missile. So just because there was an explosion doesn't mean it could only be a bomb or a missile.

But let us assume for a moment it was a powerful missile. Such ordnance would have been launched from somewhere by someone. Who? Nobody has claimed responsibility for launching a missile at the fertilizer fire. The government is not using the fertilizer explosion, missile or not, as a pretext to declare martial law. It is not being used as a pretext to declare war on some oil or opium rich country. The government is treating it like an accident.

I recall a bombing of a bar in Asia a few years back. The bar was frequented by Westerners. It put up a big mushroom cloud. A natural gas pipeline rupture added to the explosion. Some people claimed the bomb had been a "suitcase nuke." They said the glow of the cloud (which was a reflection of the fire on the ground) proved it. It wasn't a nuke. If it was a nuke everyone anywhere near would have been blinded. All of the electronics would have been fried, including the cameras that took the pictures of the glowing cloud.

The key is to look at how the government reacts. If it is using it as a pretext for something, then start looking for something wrong with the official story. Nobody in government is going to let a crisis go to waste, if they can help it.

Now, if West, Texas was going door to door searching houses for people hoarding Miracle Grow because of this fire, then I would give the missile theory more consideration. If Obama was accusing North Korea of attacking a Texas fertilizer plant fire, I would be suspicious. Otherwise, will only look at this as a reason not to live close to a fertilizer plant.

[F]orce can only settle questions of power, not of right. - Clyde N. Wilson

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The swarm of trolls downvoting this forum is epic.

Read the link. Its packed with information.

The back story in relation to the blown-up company's adverse relation to Monsanto, and the fact that it occurs to the day, 20 years after the Waco Massacre...should give one pause.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

The Branch Dividians in Waco died on April 19th

Not April 17th. It was not 20 years to the day.

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Stupid nit-picker

OK so I may have gotten my dates wrong by a day or two. But CLOSE ENOUGH and reasonably significant given that all of the other evil that goes on in the third week of April.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Not really close enough

The embassy in Benghazi wasn't attacked on September 7th and McVeigh didn't blow the face off the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 20th. When people want to send that message, the make sure to do it on the anniversary. It's part of obsession that drives them to commit the act in the first place.

When everything becomes a conspiracy

nothing is


An explosion moving from fuel

An explosion moving from fuel source to fuel source is proof of nothing. Enduring our friends camped out in Roswell is somtimes taxing...
"Oh uncle Fester, Yes you can park your van in my back yard for few days just turn down the amps on your ham radio so u don't turn my wifi into a HAARP project again." Yes, love you too man. Remember,,, no peeing on the rose bushes.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

Fema type trucks

filmed in Waco a day before the explosion:


Operation Black Rain

Black Rain is a nuclear disaster drill being staged April 18-19 involving a scenario of a ‘radiological catastrophe’ at Comanche Park Nuclear Power Plant in Glen Rose, Texas, about 60 miles north of West. The drill is being staged by the Texas Emergency Medical Task Force. The drill imagines:

The North Central Texas region is impacted by a radiological catastrophe at Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant. The blast and residual fallout results in many injuries and fatalities within the immediate hazard area and the densely populated DFW Metroplex area is affected by blackouts and rolling brownouts due to loss of power generation. Blast and fallout damage results in a critical taxing of the medical community and generates a potential need for medical evacuation and vast number of worried well within the metropolitan population.