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Daily Paul/Rand bashing Front Page on the Drudge in RED Members quoted

Here is the interview and Rands spoken words in full.


Below is link to the story Drudge linked:


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I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees...

This really changes very

This really changes very little....

Those who run around chanting "I stand with Rand" Will still do so.

Those who have been bashing him will continue to bash him.

The 90% of the country that could careless still could care less.

I'm some of all three of the above. I took what Rand said to mean a robber in an active shoot out could be killed with a drone. Why should someones kid have to step into the line of fire when a drone could do it? In fact a human would have to error on the side of caution to be sure to get the first shot off... A drone could wait... A drone in the right hands could potentially save lives.

Oh... It does show what side of the Fence the "Drudge" appears to be setting on. I would Guess That Matt does not Stand With Rand.

People are watching what we say...


This is further evidence that we need to represent the movement well. That means it's time to return this forum to its roots: discussing consensus liberty issues and not fringe conspiracy theories.

To its roots?

How long have you been here?At its roots and conception there have always been people who haven't believed the official story of lies put out daily by the MSM and they come here and post and its discussed or flamed on whatever the case may be.
Hell I'd be much happier if the people who were here when "the roots" started would come back and take all you whiners spots.
AJ is a part of the movement,i dont agree with all he says or does but his show has some of the best guests and info out there.Deal with it or move along because you're not going to stop people from disagreeing about Rand or posting what you call conspiracy.
Lmao and you certainly aren't gonna change the DP.

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees...

I'm with you 100%. The Alex

I'm with you 100%. The Alex Jones crowd has highjacked our dialogue.

Muckraker, Inc

Your dialogue?

Wow you guys are pretty full of yourselves aren't you?

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees...

The downvoters have proven their treachery

Look at what the Jones plants do: they vote down a post saying we need to represent this liberty movement better.

They'd rather use the liberty movement to spread their conspiracy theories than have the liberty movement succeed!!!

"How dare you censor me!" screams the Jonestown brigade, demonstrating both ignorance of the true meaning of "censorship" and their own nature as imposters in this movement.

If your first priority is liberty, you don't shit where you eat. You don't mortgage the liberty movement in order to sell light beer, meet local singles, or promote conspiracy theories. You're still free to sell light beer, meet local singles, or promote conspiracy theories. Just stop HIJACKING the liberty movement to do it, as it's now obvious that the MSM will take what's said at DailyPaul as evidence of what Paul supporters think.

Like any true Paul supporter

EVER gave a sh@t what the MSM thinks.
You guys are full of yourselves,maybe you should start your own website and pull each others wanks over there.

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees...

umm, don't join the brigade of...

...establishment hacks who call FACTS "theories" PLEASE!!

Oh wait, sorry, maybe that is your JOB??

"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when
everything the US public knows is false."
CIA Director William Casey, 1981

Hmmmm Hmmmm Hmmmm (or, how to smear without "facts")

Since you know you'll look like a paranoid freak, a fabricator, and an ad hominem junky, I love how you avoided actually calling me some sort of government hack and instead just posed it as a "question."

That's pretty slick, especially coming from someone who's drank so much Kool Aid that they can't tell the difference between facts and theories.

Just to make it clear, and ensure that these words penetrate your tin foil hat and sink into your little brain: I, and many others, who represent a majority of the liberty movement and the country at large, dispute your falsely labelled "facts" and do not consider your THEORIES to be accepted dogma within this movement. Accordingly, the THEORIES you present here about 9/11, chemtrails, the NWO, the reptilians, and other assorted topics, are not consensus liberty movement issues and should not be promoted as such.

Do you agree with our goals of smaller government, less war, responsible foreign policy, monetary reform, personal freedom, and the like? If so, do you agree that those issues take priority over spreading your THEORIES? If you do, it's time to stop using this movement as your playpen for conspiracy THEORIES. If not, it's time for you to be exposed as a hijacker pretending to be part of the liberty movement.

Make your choice.

Hate him, don't hate him for it

I ain't hatin' any of you for either.

Defend Liberty!

LOL now that is LIBERTY!

LOL now that is LIBERTY!


Seems these people above need to learn about it.

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees...

Why is this a problem?

I have been told repeatedly that Rand does not need the grassroots, he needs the neocons. This will endear him to those whose support he seeks, and alienate that pesky "fringe" he seeks to distance himself from.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

with friends like us...who needs enemies?

Why are people so quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater? Rand is the only one in Washington fighting for us right now. And the minute he appears to step one toe out of line we jump on him like a pack of jaded jackals. Never mind if what he meant to say came out wrong, no time to find out by asking him and heaven sakes don't give him the benefit of the doubt. Better hurry up and jump on him and give him what for because we just know in our hearts that Ron Paul's son is pure evil. Don't we?

He's certainly not allowed to be human. If we misspeak in a blog post or a response to a post, we get a few down votes but still get a chance to rebut. However if Rand misspeaks then we should get first crack at his firing squad, the liberals and the neocons will just have to wait with their rifles in hand for their turn.

Who loses in this scenario? We all do.

The "clarification" does not make me feel any better

I do not think we should allow cops to be executioners, no matter how scary the "terrorist event of the day" might be.
If I had money to blow, I would buy Rand a ski pass. He needs to learn what slippery slopes look like, and that they always lead downhill.
The "baby" I am throwing out is politicians. If Rand stops playing politics, he won't be in the mix. I DO NOT CONSENT to being governed by other people. Period. I was created to self govern, and that is what I do. It is what we ALL do - no one has a personal government goon making them drive the speed limit or preventing them from murdering their neighbors.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

It is the grassroots within the GOP supporting Rand

The Neocons are the establishment.. they are the guys with the private jets and making deals to keep their power. The tea party and the rEVOLution/Liberty movement within the GOP is what is backing Rand.. I don't know any with a private jet making offers. I do know many trying to get funds, seats, chairs, offices to take the GOP from the Neocons.. as ling as the neocons have power, than that is who is going to have to bring around to liberty, more than Indy grassroots, who could vanish with a GJ campaign, or nap, or Ron Paul.. so those of us in the GOP, with our loyalty oaths,, we need the neo support, or to replace them (even better), more than indy support. Ot wpuld be one thing if Indy's were going to join the GOP, but those who have been there done that, have no intention of returning, I've been told.

Oddly enough, your strange

Oddly enough, your strange talk about Loyalty Oath's reminds me of this....


"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

egapele's picture

No coincidence - a picture of Bush on his page at the same time

He was head cheerleader for Mitt and my guess is he'll get behind Jeb.

Here is what he said...Put it in your post...

And his rebuttal...
My comments last night left the mistaken impression that my position on drones had changed.

Let me be clear: it has not. Armed drones should not be used in normal crime situations. They only may only be considered in extraordinary, lethal situations where there is an ongoing, imminent threat. I described that scenario previously during my Senate filibuster.

Additionally, surveillance drones should only be used with warrants and specific targets.

Fighting terrorism and capturing terrorists must be done while preserving our constitutional protections. This was demonstrated last week in Boston. As we all seek to prevent future tragedies, we must continue to bear this in mind.

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!

Thanks you! It is pretty

Thanks you! It is pretty obvious that Rand was speaking of a criminal who would have been in a shoot out with police and lost. Dead is dead.

The power of Daily Paul to

The power of Daily Paul to provoke this is amazing.

I Love Dr Rand Paul.

I barely stand with Rand

The one issue that splinters me the most from being his unabashed supporter is his immigration policy, however I am now having to worry about his flip flopping over drones as well. He makes it easier and easier to want to support someone else in 2016 each day.


This moment is gonna shape the future.

I love Ron. I haven't spent this much of my life to hang it up.

We can win.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Amen, brother

We CAN win. We just need to get in the right mindset and focus on winning.

That said, we still have every right to hold Rand, Ron, or anyone who wants our support to the fire.

We just have to be smart about it. Having people make ill-informed attacks is just going to be eaten up by the MSM as "evidence" we're divided.

For this same reason, we need to focus on what unites us on this forum. The distractions need to end. It's one thing to have a loose discussion of issues to see where we stand. It's another when people hijack this forum or this movement to promote ideas they KNOW are opposed by most Paul supporters.

You people...

SERIOUSLY don't see what's wrong with militarizing the police or what is wrong with shooting people as they flee?

Slaves. Prepare to lick boots with a smile....

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

"shooting people as they flee"

Who suggested that? Not Rand.

That's a nice strawman though.

As for boot licking, if that's your objective, I suggest the following course of action:

1. Don't vote for or support Rand

2. Attack Rand at every opportunity on the flimsiest of grounds

3. Vote third party and...wait for freedom to, uh, just kinda happen

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Rand said....

"if someone comes out of a liquor store with a weapon and $50 in cash I don't care if a drone kills him or a policeman kills him."

A guy robs a liquor store for $50 and then exits the building. And Rand doesn't care if a drone kills him. Where's the straw man? ;)

Law enforcement DOES NOT NEED MILITARY CLASS WEAPONRY to deal with store robberies. Rand is suggesting ARMED DRONES loaded with ARMAMENTS flying over your town. Not just a camera. Get a grip...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

deacon's picture

yes weebles

he did more than imply they were armed
he stated it !!
i have said when they first talked about drones flying over the US
that they wold be armed,Rand just confirmed this fact for me
you certainly can't shoot anyone with a camera (well you can,but it won't hurt)
remember dead is dead,whether by drone or a cops bullet

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

Police drones are different

Police drones are different than military drones. Youre thinking of Predator drones when police drones are actually RC drones

While I'm not looking forward to the drone era, it's a technology you have to deal with. Because I want one to fly around my property. Theyre just like guns or helicopters, as long as its uses are constitutionally applied by law enforcement -- which FL became the first state to pass legislation for -- there's nothing wrong with it.