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If you could control law enforcement during the Boston Manhunt

What would you have done differently? There's always a ton of criticizing against the government, but I don't think there are enough solutions. Like, nobody says we should have done X, Y, and Z, instead of locking down Boston. Manhunts are particularly hard to execute.

I'm very torn between rigorously holding onto liberty, and on the other hand giving up liberty in exceptional circumstances. The difference between this case and an average murder suspect is that the Tsarnaev brothers could have possibly laid more pressure cooker bombs in random places in Boston. This is why I assume that they suspended his Miranda rights, to interrogate him about more possible bombs.

Let's give the government the benefit of the doubt and assume that their entire story was correct about the Tsarnaev brothers. Are you okay with the following:

1. Massive police presence in Boston?
2. Blocking transportation in/out of Boston?
3. Tanks and armored vehicles
4. Shutting down many public and private stores
5. Banning taxi service
6. Imposing a curfew

Are you okay with any of these? Even if you agree/disagree with them, are they constitutional? If not, what would you have done if you were the police chief during the Boston manhunt?

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Thanks for Trying to Have An Actual Discussion

rather than the one sided, cop bashing, from your computer chair that is so common here.

FIRST, I'd be telling the TRUTH

Everything else would fall into place. There would be no warrant UNLESS we had solid evidence. If not, the investigation and gathering of information would ensue.