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Prediction: Daily Paul - Growing or Shrinking?

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Poll: In one month (May 23rd) what do you predict these numbers will be?

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Ebbs and flows like the tide

Ebbs and flows with elections and big events I would imagine. For my self personally, I check in once or twice a day for the interesting news and opinion pieces. I mostly don't have much to say but do enjoy the read (except when I do have something to say and then look out!lol).

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One Month Later, Same Time

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154 users currently online vs 256 last month
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Daily Paul Visitor Collapse

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What on earth happened?

I'm Sure...

...there are some folks on here who have definite opinions about why.

Here's an interesting snapshot from Alexa on the traffic stats. Red arrows down for three time periods.


Go to Internet Archive Wayback Machine

They web crawl and do a snapshot of the site on that day. Look at the month of May 2013. They visited twice in May and both times the articles had been deleted.


And top voted pages were deleted

They were probably there when forwarded, but they are gone now. Seems logical, considering the amount of posts that have been deleted in the past month they would get a few.

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why do you say the top voted pages were deleted?

can you not access them?


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you mean the home page forwarded to the top voted page?

not deleted...

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

It depends on you and anyone else reading this

It's as popular or faddish as you make it.

Yes, current events fuel the rocket but its the quality of the fuel in the discussions that determine how far the broadcast will span.

The news is everywhere CNN, FOX, MSNBC, AP, Reuters, BLAZE, Daily Mail, Drudge, etc , comments are open for discussion forums on just about all sites. Is that what drives people to read those ?

If we stick to the philosophy of liberty and have respectful conversations we are adding the right fuel.

Furthermore, the part that's up to you is how involved you chose to be in the cause. Are you one to sit back and park on this site all day to debate with the other earthlings on the ship? Or are you a pioneer and an explorer that invites new soul searchers on board for the ride?

Sure, there's other details that might help shape and refine the performance of the craft, but it still runs on the same fuel....

Get involved and refine us some fuel! We will need it and Isee a bright future for this site .


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The DP is highly news driven

So it depends on what is going on.

Sadly, if there is another big disaster - a war, an earthquake, another shooting - the traffic should be right up there again.

If it is a quiet, sunny month of May, expect people to be outside enjoying their physical environments.

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hey man !!!

doesn't the DP always go like the tide?
in and out,grows right before election time,drops shortly afterwards?


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OH... have fun day :)

I would suspect that the front page being up again should help

I was disappointed when it was all jacked up.

When I managed a clinic

we would have to double book the entire month of December - people BEGGING to get in before the end of the year, before they have to start over on their deductible. Every January, the schedule would die back to nothing and the doctors would panic about "Where are the patients?" and every year, I would explain it again... "At home, trying to NOT start on their deductible again, we saw them all last month."

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Over or at..

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The last time I saw it that

The last time I saw it that high was during the elections when Dr Paul was running.

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