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cSpan now: drone hearing

This is interesting but Lindsay Graham is a nauseating individual. He doesn't see a need for further scrutiny of deciding a drone target, other than if we call them an enemy, fire away. He also applauded BO for his aggressive and effective use of drones. He is a vile POS.

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i want to watch this whole hearing,,, i just posted the clip of the young yemeni's testimony,,,, and they did a shot of graham listening,,,, and his face said it all,,,,disgust ,,,that the kid said drone strikes cause blowback

graham, mccain and mcconnel must go---- many are also lower on that list

but i detest these 3 people calling themselves conservatives,,,HAHA!!!

Rosa Brooks also mentioned blowback.

I just missed the endc...a guy was hauled out and being arrested. What did he say/do?