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Jester is putting Alex Jones to shame!

I'm sorry but Alex Jones is dead wrong on this!

You want to know what is really going on with the Boston bombing case? You want to know what was going through these punk's heads??? Religion???? How about teen angst!!!


(Follow the daily updates--quite good and informative.)

These punk idiots should be in jail too. I'll gurantee they knew something.

Alex Jones thinks he getting to the bottom of this by having the crazy aunt on his radio show and it's ridiculous! This is her blood, she will never admit their wrong doing.

Attention: Anyone with a radio show... Get this little punk fake gangsta Troy Crossley on the show to prove what little turds all of him and his friends are!

Three people died, one was an 8 year old boy and this punk Troy could careless!!!!!!

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I wouldn't trust anything

I wouldn't trust anything "jester" says. I don't believe that "he" is a person either. It's more likely that he is a team of hackers employed by government. They have a well known record (something they actually boast about on their blog) of undermining freedom (specially freedom of information).



"Jester" is an appropriate moniker for this dumbass.

Alex's minions are taking

Alex's minions are taking over this site; look at the down votes.

Jones puts out just enough truth, that people swallow the fabrications he mixes in. Jones cares first and foremost about making money, and he needs attention to do it, hence the fabrications.

Jones jumped on the 4chan theories early, and now he is having to keep going, against the evidence, because for reasons known only to him, he refuses to say "I was wrong".

I implore the Jonesites here on this site, to go post on Alex's sites all their thoughts relating to the conspiracies perceived by Jones, and to cease posting those thoughts here.

And then do what?

Go listen to Glenn BeckerHead?


If that is what pleases you,

If that is what pleases you, do so. You probably shouldn't, there are much better ways to spend your time.

Interesting new information


Court Jester

Buffoon for the state, some things never change…

Eventually it reaches a point of essential alienation, where it can no longer pretend to represent the governed. The American government is now the most powerful human organization that has ever existed. It has made a stupid habit of exercising power arbitrarily, uninhibited by moral or constitutional principle. It is not a conspiracy masterminded by some cunning genius at the center; it is a system of power which large numbers of greedy and ambitious people have learned to use. It has ceased to be a problem for Americans only; it has become a problem for a large part of the human race. Joseph Sobran


knew about these guys since 2011. Senator Chambliss stated that he is now aware of evidence that the intelligence agency KNEW in ADVANCE that there might be a bombing but did not share the information in an timely fashion. This is a sting gone wrong... The FBI should be questioned on this and resignations and firings should commence at once...

It IS ridiculous!

I mean, they are punks, so it is good that at least one is dead, right? And never mind that the second one was photographed getting out of the boat basically unharmed and now he is in hospital near death, making it pretty obvious that once in custody, the cops nearly killed him. He was a PUNK. Who cares how they died, or that they did not get a trial where all evidence could be reviewed by a jury of the peers, that shit is for PUSSIES! If you see a punk, KILL HIM.
You know who else needs to die? Old people. They are wasting my precious oxygen, and they are all crippled up and living on Social Security. OLD PUNKS, that is what they are. If you see one, drone one.
While I am thinking about it, I realize your plan is pure genius. We can get our rights back overnight if we just start killing anyone who disagrees with us. Once we get rid of all the punks, THEN we can have a free and just society...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

The younger brother is not

The younger brother is not dead and will get a trial, and the older brother died trying to kill the police.
I edited this because I think my original comment was a little overboard. I just think you need to consider all the evidence there is, remember that we don't even know all the evidence yet, and consider the context of the situations.

Hey, I'm Old People!

Yeah, that's right cutie-pie, I'm old. I don't take up too much oxygen either because I wheeze alot. And another thing, that social security keeps me able to afford the parts to my broken scooter that I bought from the ads on television and paid for by medicare (you know, your tax money).

Old Punk am I? Well here is an Elvis Presley shout-out, thank you very much.

You just keep it up, young lady. Hah, I'm on to you, you, freedom-person, you :)

People please, when you're

People please, when you're documenting current events, Please make the effort to lift up the screen in your window and turn your smartphone sideways when filming. Please.

And remember, your photographs and videos have a time/date stamp on them. Please have the right time zone on your recording devices and post the exact time and date you took the images when uploading to websites.

I mean, this is DIY-CSI 101, really. Do It Yourself Crime scene Investigation.

When you right click the image on your computer when your device is attached, scroll down and click Properties, you see the time and date the image was taken. All that information is right there. Alex Jones should do a DIY-CSI 101 class on this.

You have my permission to use "DIY-CSI 101" Alex Jones. I am the inventor of that terminology. And it's time/date stamp documented on the Internet and Daily Paul forever, if you have a doubt.

Tell me about the Craft style

Tell me about the Craft style agents and bomb sniffing dogs.

They weren't Craft. This

They weren't Craft. This point has be exposed numerous times. They were National Guard (CST). And after the explosion they still had their backpacks on.

Now, if anyone wants to say that this event could have been prevented or stopped by the FBI because they had prior knowledge, well I would agree with that. What I won't agree with, unless real facts are revealed, is that these little punks are innocent.

My major issue is with this punk kid friend trying to tie all this together with 911 Truth... This doesn't help that situation!

So it is facts

required to prove innocence?

I thought it was facts require to prove guilt, silly me.


Liberty = Responsibility

Michael Savage covered these points

Last Friday.

What points?

What points?

Alex Jones currently being

Alex Jones currently being mentioned a lot on FOX Red Eye. Nice.

Which is less believable?

An FBI that uses an FB lead to accuse and track down an innocent man for the ricen thing, can't find that "teen angst" FB lead, and rampages through Boston, playing hero, leaving shards of constitution in it's wake, hunting a couple bad guys.


A malignant entity that has grown in places of power and perpetrates these acts to slake its own lust for control?

They seem about as able as keystone cops, if a whole lot more terrifying.

And malignant entity is so ethereal.

Just open the box and see

Clever way to put it

The answer is both at the same time. This is one box that cannot be opened and therefore the wave function holds all possibilities at the same time, eternally.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...


I suspect the rash of "conspiracy theorists" is due to the transparent nature of what is being done these days.

The evil facing us is so overarching, the "conspiracy theorists" dream is to be able to take them down with one shot, nothing else seems like it will do the trick. I share their frustration (like I'm not one).

Though I prefer DIY-CSI as proposed by michealwiseguy.

We are really in trouble when they no longer bother to lie and cover up these shenanigans. The "official" story about the Boston Marathon is so flimsy that it doesn't stand to ANY scrutiny.

There will be those who begin to echo hillary: "whats the difference?"

I sometimes think the chinks showing in the armor are no more than bait, used the way the angler fish uses its antenna.

Just open the box and see

I Love Alex Jones!

I Love Alex Jones!

I don't care how many bloody dead bodies you wave in front of my face.

And the FBI is our Congressman's relative, too!

The FEDERAL RESERVE POWERMONGERS are all "related" in an incestual way! And the MEDIA ,too, are in bed with them all. You can't do anything about it, but I'd place my bet on the Aunt telling the truth....any day over the other EVILmongers!!

Not Directed at You.

The Mainstream Media is Enemy #1 of the American people! Get that through your thick skulls!

A complete revocation of their FCC licenses is in order!

Licensing is exactly the problem

Licensing is how they keep honest media out. Don't revoke anyone's license, revoke the FCC, and let any media in that wants to lay cable, sell dishes, or buy a transmitter.

Not that convincing

I looked at the whole thing, it's all speculation about twitter conversations in which the writer tries to determine what they "really" are saying before and after the bombings. No real evidence. He Quoted some conversations which might give him credibility but those quotes weren't shown with an image like the rest or have any links to them. It's not like I believe everything AJ says is accurate either but at least he has a better theory.

"you're a funny dude, but who gives a fuck about that? I don't care about someone's wit, I care about the courage of their heart and the honesty of their mind."

EVERYTHING AJ is saying is

EVERYTHING AJ is saying is speculation.

The only source he has is two crazy old 3rd world women spouting off anything to make their evil sons look good.

I'm sorry, but you don't understand non-Western cultures if you think these women are saying the truth... Nor do you understand women. They are reaching for anything!

I thought your thread was revealing. Thanks.

But, J-F-C, that was the most bigoted, misogynistic, jingoistic, xenophobic, gerontophobic (hatred or fear of the elderly) bullshit comment I have heard on DP. There is no word for someone that has disdain for '3rd world' inhabitants or I would have included that too.

All you've done, dducks, is

All you've done, dducks, is call him a bunch of names.