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Jester is putting Alex Jones to shame!

I'm sorry but Alex Jones is dead wrong on this!

You want to know what is really going on with the Boston bombing case? You want to know what was going through these punk's heads??? Religion???? How about teen angst!!!


(Follow the daily updates--quite good and informative.)

These punk idiots should be in jail too. I'll gurantee they knew something.

Alex Jones thinks he getting to the bottom of this by having the crazy aunt on his radio show and it's ridiculous! This is her blood, she will never admit their wrong doing.

Attention: Anyone with a radio show... Get this little punk fake gangsta Troy Crossley on the show to prove what little turds all of him and his friends are!

Three people died, one was an 8 year old boy and this punk Troy could careless!!!!!!

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I described his comment.

With loaded terms as some

With loaded terms as some sort of rebuke. You didn't dispute anything.

Did I need to?

Let's see.

The only source he has is two crazy old 3rd world women spouting off anything to make their evil sons look good.

I'm sorry, but you don't understand non-Western cultures if you think these women are saying the truth... Nor do you understand women. They are reaching for anything!

In two sentences he bashed middle aged people, women, all other cultures, and everyone living in an underdeveloped nation. I guess that is about 3/4 of the World.

He basically claims he has some monopoly on the comprehension of women. And it appears that he thinks women are naturally 'crazy', dishonest, and willing to support murder if it is their offspring. It also appears that he believes that anyone that happened pop out of their mama's womb anywhere outside the so-called developed nations then they are basically heathens. You can read below that he actually does believe this about Muslims.

You and I could go around for days, Moneybags. We have been there before. I apologize to you if my comment offended you. And I apologize to OP too. Sorry OP!! My bad.

dude come on, you know he

dude come on, you know he presented more evidence than that. the pictures, mother, the video of the naked man, the 2nd bomber getting out of the boat then he cant walk or talk...and on and on. come one, be real.

"you're a funny dude, but who gives a fuck about that? I don't care about someone's wit, I care about the courage of their heart and the honesty of their mind."

1. Seen many pics and they

1. Seen many pics and they all point to the brothers' guilt.
2. The mother will say anything to make her sons and Muslims look not guilty. She's now saying her oldest is still alive. These people will say anything. They are in a terrible situation and telling the truth doesn't seem to fit their agenda. What about those people who died, what about their truth?
3. If you've ever seen someone seriously injured, you know they can do some amazing things. Animals too. Have you ever been hunting? Wounded animals and humans can still function amazingly well under stress. Him climbing out of that boat under the stress of that situation does not surprise me. He's only 19--just a confused, scared little punk.



My mother would come clean if I did something radical. Blood means nothing.

Of course, you're American,

Of course, you're American, my Mom would send me to prison in a heartbeat too if I did something. BUT NOT 3rd WORLD MOMS... NO WAY!!!!

Not even Italian, Greek or Spanish Moms would send their kids up the river... Americans are a rare breed.

more bs?

"Radicalized": What does that

"Radicalized": What does that even mean?


I worded it wrong. If I ever caused harm, my mother would never defend me in court.

Man you're such a troll!


Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Troll? I've been here longer

Troll? I've been here longer than you, which means I've been awake longer!

Read my past posts, I've always stuck up for AJ, but not this time, he's dead wrong on this!


Disdain for newbies too?

I've been here since the year 1992


Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

The DP

Dork? Why take it

Dork? Why take it personal?

Well fair game then... Look in the mirror, brother! You look like a child molester in your pic! Besides, you would never say that to my face, pal, trust me, because I would beat the piss out of you. You are the true troll here!!!!


Is wrong on lots of things. I give the guy credit for trying. Not many are.