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"The Best Way To Protect America From Future Terrorist Attacks Is Constant Video Surveillance."

And by terrorists I mean the criminal government and crooked cops.

By surveillance of course I mean we all need to have a camera on us at all times, and know how to use it!

Can anyone else think of a better way to protect our country from the terrorist government threat?

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Put a camera everywhere there is a government worker. Make it streaming live so we can all watch any worker at anytime. They will surely be on their best behavior then. No more government workers only meetings. Make every meeting stream live as well. This is truly the only way. Everyone of the scoundrels need to be watched.

reality responds:

film wherever you like:

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For this glass of common sense you just poured in today's ocean of absurdity we're already very close to drown into.

I wholeheartedly agree with this (very minimal) precaution these days !

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There should be a law against not owning a camera.

I recommend this one...


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Do you have a link to a website?

"If you want to change government, you have to become government" Ron Paul

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gosh there's so many, and they seem to come and go...

Searching 'mini spy camera' on amazon brings up lots of choices, like this:


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it would be cool to set up a cop by filming them and when they

come up to investigate for no reason, then have like 20 cameramen come up and start filming... they will either run away or cause a scene that will go viral

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mini cameras are so cheap...

good times...

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Yes...Fantastic Idea

We should have a camera at the NSA, The CIA, The FBI, the DHS, the oral Office, the Congress-critter's offices and the Mosssad in Tele Viv.

And, American's should be able to live stream at anytime at our leisure.

This should allow us to stop most of the terrorism in it's planning stages.

The Oral Office. I like the sound of that.

That sounds like a good plan. The Oral Office...

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

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excellent Chris!

Thanks yo...


Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

I'm OK with future terrorist

I'm OK with future terrorist attacks. Statistically they don't kill many people or cause much damage.

Been carrying my camera for years now.

Russians started putting dash-cams on their cars to have their own evidence to take to court against their corrupt police force, and it worked (from what I have read. If anyone lives in Russia, please comment!)
I also think cameras at the scene of the most heinous crimes being committed would be good - make the Congress and Senate and President do a "Truman Show." Every conversation, yes, even when they pee, should be broadcast live. "National Security" is MOST threatened when these devils work behind closed doors.

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Yes I Can Think of One Way

Get rid of government entirely. Stop sanctioning them. Don't vote, and don't pay attention to them, whenever and where ever possible. In little ways, which will lead to big ways. Ignore them, laugh at them, do not take them seriously, and question the premise of their authority over you at every possible juncture, whenever it does not jeopardize your life or property. They are all but Barney Fifes - self-important gas bags.

Abolish the tyranny of democracy.

Pay them no mind, and go about your business with but one central credo - the principle of non-aggression, that is, never initiate the use of force or fraud. To do otherwise makes you an immoral man, and entitles you to all the government terrorism you deserve to get.

Make them feel as important in your life as they ought to be - not at all.

Exactly. And people need to

Exactly. And people need to use tools like this to protect their images from confiscation;

"Share videos privately with family and friends, automatically post to social networks, or broadcast to blogs and video sites.

Videos can be viewed live (right as they are being recorded) or anytime later."


Time to revisit this topic?

7-12 is a trolling for liberty day.....

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

I wrote this late last night.

Now I am reading it early this morning...

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.