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Was Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Back-Pack photo-shopped out?

Okay so we've seen this video before...

Now I'm not saying that it's all correct but here's some more compelling evidence that there's photoshop involved on the photo of this suspect. Look at this video and you can see the lines that makes it look like a cut and paste!


I know this might not convince some of the sceptics out there, but lets all passionately fight for our liberties and stand up for what we all believe and agree on which is LIBERTY. This stuff probably won't get politicians or FBI in to trouble and that's not the point of this, it's to keep our minds free and to bring about the truth of the matter which seems to be so easily suppressed and covered up by the mainstream media. So thanks for reading this and hope you have a nice day. Keep your heads up and your ears listening for ways to keep our minds and lives free from darkness.

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Watch when he comes around

Watch when he comes around the corner, his pack is so small it disappears behind his thin frame at 0:27 and 0:28. Also note that it does not appear that there is much weight in the pack. It is slung over one shoulder. I just cannot see a p-cooker filled with ball-bearings and nails being the item in that pack. His brother's pack is a bit more suspicious. But the Kraft dude's pack is the most suspicious.


you mean because he wears his

you mean because he wears his backpack on his right shoulder that it is hidden from the camera behind his body as he rounds the corner? yeah I agree plus that video of him running away his body seems to be in that same position. Hard to say whether he has his pack still or not but one thing for sure, that grey backpack with black strips does not match the one in the FBI pick showing the pack placed at the gate. Nor does the placement of said backpack fit where the bomb explosion appears to have gone off. There's something goofy about that "Backpack placing photo".

I don't know.


The pack remnants definitely looked like the Seal/Craft/National Guard guy's packs. The guy (seal?) that is implicated with the same pack is shown somewhere after the blast with his pack on. But they all have the same equipment so I, at this point, still wonder if they were not involved somehow.

My last post

The DP has become inundated with trolls and tweezerheads. I don't need the aggravation and have enough to deal with just living.

5 words for Boston.

No debris on the ground.

For legitimate lovers of Liberty, I wish you love, success and victory.

For everyone else, I hope you get what you deserve.

Tweezerheads? LOL!

Why is it so upsetting for people that some of us at the DP community feel obligated to investigate situations that we all know the authorities and media will not? We know 26 out of the last 29 'terror' threats in this country were planned, recruited, and mostly thwarted by the FBI or CIA. We are acting like sleuths. The suspects deserve this and so do all humans. Justice needs to be served. We have a huge motive to do this. We are going to lose more rights over this thing.

So neener neener poo poo Cirocco. Please don't go. You got some great stuff.

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The "ghosted hand" the guy thinks is there is the lady's frizzed hair in front of him. Or some pocket or stitching on his jacket. Regardless, whatever it is, it doesn't match up to any clone of the source hand above. And the image doesn't appear to have any differential compression artifacts that might accumulate over repeat saves in that kind of doctoring situation.


Furthermore, looking at the metadata, it is by the original photographer David Green who appears to have first uploaded it to facebook.

Or even more simply, his posture doesn't suggest he has any kind of weight on his back, as a backpack would.

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I still have questions regarding your fotoforensics website

Here's some examples of what I've done regarding doctoring a photo with just microsoft paint:
This is my doctor:
This is my proof:
This is my original:

I don't know much about the website you shared but I can't understand it unless someone like yourself wishes to explain what differential compression artifacts means etc. I did look at this website regarding the photo you shared and found lines in the wall where his bag could have been. Also his jacket leans to the right on his right shoulder where his bag was when he was carrying it. Here's a video of the bag on his shoulder:

Now look at the colour of his bag and compare it with the first video I put up. The bag with the bomb in it and the bag that this guy is wearing don't look anything like one another. The guys bag was white. The bag of the bomb was black.

I'm always open to hearing the truth so if you can present something more compelling that would be great. But even if this photo was not doctored it still could be hiding the bag on his shoulder which it definitely does since his jacket is not sitting on his right shoulder properly giving the idea that he's carrying his bag on that shoulder.

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"unless someone like yourself wishes to explain"

be glad you live in this century, then! The site creator was kind enough to anticipate this:

http://fotoforensics.com/faq.php?faq#What is FotoForensics

If the OP video's claim is the hand is moved and there's some leftover ghost hand, the ghost hand simply doesn't match. If the claim is instead that a wholly different source image hand is added in, then the ELA analysis would have clearly revealed it very differently than it currently is.

If your claim is that the backpack seen here:

Is not the backpack seen here:

That's possible, but there were 2 backpack bombs, so it doesn't necessarily mean anything.

Understand the further implication of the claim is that the original photographer, (David Green, who first uploaded it to Facebook before the FBI got it, and then was contacted by various news groups and agencies) was in cahoots the whole time to fake the information before even uploading it to Facebook, before he even knew what to photoshop. That is impossible.

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Here's another thought

How do you know that the FBI didn't have the capabilities of knowing this photo forensics thing would come up and that they didn't plan for this?

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because the event was too heavily documented

any fake would have been revealed as fake when all the other angles everyone else had (who might not have handed in their evidence) showed something different.

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