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My Disconnect with Rand Paul

One does suppose that in the end, most things in life are one's personal interpretation; however, there seems to be a widening disconnect between my understanding of what is and what is not constitutional when juxtaposed against the Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul's "Liberty-Lite" view.

The most recent case in point, Senator Paul's statement following his interview regarding the use of domestic drones:

Sen. Paul (R-KY) said:
"Fighting terrorism and capturing terrorists must be done while preserving our constitutional protections. This was demonstrated last week in Boston. As we all seek to prevent future tragedies, we must continue to bear this in mind."

source:U.S. Senator Rand Paul's Website

Really, Senator Paul, "constitutional protections" were appropriately preserved during the search for the Boston Marathon Bomber?

  • No vehicle Traffic allowed in or out
  • Persons sequestered in homes
  • Door to Door warrantless searches
  • Columns of Heavily Armed soldier-like police
  • tank-like vehicles rolling down the streets of America

To me all the above add up to what is in effect, Martial Law. Sure officials can call it a "Public Safety Lock Down,” but as they say a rose by any other name...

It remains my hope that perhaps with age, Senator Paul will see the obvious hypocrisy in his political philosophy and move towards the clear unyielding dedication as displayed by Dr. Ron Paul, although it does grow more and more difficult as we witness his "go-along-to-get-along" attitude.

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I agree with Rand

And being that Boston was bombed, I think Boston did a good job of securing an area that had been terrorised. We didn't need drones.

Open mouth, insert foot!

Open mouth, insert foot!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

How exactly is it possible

How exactly is it possible that you seem to always agree with Rand? Isn't there something you don't agree with him on? I ask because even with Ron Paul I have disagreements, but wi Rand I have many many more.

Just curious.

Because I was a Ron Paul delegate

I didn't agree with Ron Paul 100%, but as I learned, I came to see, why he was pro-life, for example. When Rand endorsed Romney. I didn't get it, and then it dawned on me that I was not Ron paul, and I could not vote any way I pleased, I had signed a loyalty oath.. so Rand woke me up, and since then, I question Rand's loyalty, which it to the constitution, I am sure.

Are you a republican?

My bet is most who don't stand with Rand are simply NOT GOP and have NO intention to be GOP, so they slam Rand because they don't get it, and don't want to.. GOP is all they need to pro-test.

Oh sweet you disagree with the Pauls!

That is so relevant and helps the cause of Liberty!

That's what happens when you

That's what happens when you pin your hopes on one man to change things in an oligarchic democracy he has to play politics to get anything done and any hope of real change for the better gets watered down or nullified all together by the other oligarchs using the mob rules principle.

Rand Paul is not going to save us I am glad he is up there running what ever interference he can in the oligarch as long as that is the prevailing power but the idea that he is our political savior is a pipe dream and a distraction to real change. Replacing one set of oligarchs with another set will not change anything. It might buy us a little time at best however the whole system has got to go and that is not going to happen till the people feel enough pain.

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Rand is a neocon, fascist, warmongering statist

Quit making excuses for the asshat.

"Show me the government that does not infringe upon anyone's rights, and I will no longer call myself an anarchist." ~Jacob Halbrooks

No One is Making Excuses

No one is making excuses, but slinging ad hominems, is certainly an unproductive use of your time.

the more Rand Paul talks the more i like him.

and about the liquor store he was high pathetically speaking. watch the video again.

He was high pathetically speaking....

I agree....pathetic and/or possibly high. That is just my hypothesis of course.


Thanks for the best laugh of the morning.
I once saw a "help wanted" ad for a "psycho therapist." It still cracks me up.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

the guy better correct his statement before it gets

out of hand unless some don't care about Rand no matter what he says.

i like Rand despite for being an idiot sometimes. unless some here runs for office?... hes pretty much the only high position insider we got.

I cant do this crap anymore

Rand Paul is the son of the Good Doctor. He is the best chance we have for a libertarian as the president and his most solid, ardent, passionate followers are his most consistent detractors.

I cant do the infighting.

You guys looks like fools. the same group of people who dislike Rand are the same ones that treat Alex Jones like a prophet.

You're the fool. I think alex

You're the fool. I think alex jones is a money hawk, and i also know that Rand Paul is NOT our best chance in a candidate. If you can't see it, hes been bought off a LONG time ago. He is just like every other politician and im SURE if he got elected, NOTHING would change.

Keep beating your rand drum without actually listening to the words he says.

Inform us

Who is our best "chance in a candidate". No one will be able to really effect much change. But a step in the right direction would be nice. Again I think you're utopianist who thinks as soon as a libertarian is elected everything will be set right in a matter of hours. It could be said that you're the one that's not listening. Reading into everything Rand says, just what you want to hear.

No, i know that when a TRUE

No, i know that when TRUE libertarian policies take place that in the beginning it will be so nasty and rough people will try to kill the libertarians. If you dont think that then go try to take away welfare in eastern kentucky or in the projects. Electing one person will not do the trick, but im in favor of a nationwide push for people to get libertarians in charge of local offices and districts. This is a numbers game. A single elected official cant do very much if the whole nation is against him. Im sure you understand that but still, dont get satisfied when your (rand) politicians turn to sell outs and say he's libertarian but his record says otherwise. Dont let the establishment put a libertarian in your face and just accept it.

You didn't

You didn't answer my question. Who then, if not Rand?

Well i don't know every

Well i don't know every single individual, but if i was pressed to find someone who will not back down to the machine its either Ventura or Ron Paul.


If Ron ran, of course he'd have my vote, but he won't, he's going to be too old at that point and he'd get the exact same treatment so we know he'd never win. Ventura?!?!?! Are you serious!? If these are what you've got, just admit that there is no hope. Rand is the only contender on the table that will care one iota about individual liberty and responsibility and if he runs, we'd all be fools not to back him.

rand is a flip flopper

just like mittens, who he endorsed and still respects. AJ is a nut case (although an interesting one) strictly my opinion. don't be hating.

These are real issues Allison

These are real issues Allison is concise, and moreover she is correct.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

Its Jefferson and Madison

Throughout American history, there have been factions, heck they formed right after the Revolution, to wit Jefferson wrote vociferously regarding the undoing of its spirit, via the new Constitution.

Whether it was Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Adams, or Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Madison, or Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Hamilton, all had very public feuds over the proper definition of Liberty under the new American system.

I would encourage you to persuade those based on your opinion, and perhaps stay away from needless logical fallacies such as ad hominems, and guilt by association, i.e. Anti-Rand = Pro-Jones.

Nevertheless, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.


We'd like it if you'd run for president and stop attacking those that have a chance to. Get down off your philosophical high horse and take a walk in the real world where we need to change our country and Rand is the best chance to do that.

It is a High Standard.

Dr. Paul set up quite a standard to live up to when it comes to being a true advocate for liberty.

Further, politics is a bloodsport on a round-track, and if questioning the philosophical consistency of Rand Paul on the DailyPaul forums "hurts" his chance, then what do you think the national media will do to him during the actual election?

Thank you for sharing your opinion.


It's the endless questioning. Every day, every word he says, every move. Scrutinized as if he's Obama. Let's focus on the enemy until Rand is the enemy. If he really was, there would be no question. But he's not and people are treating him like he is. What it does, more than hurt Rand is make you and us look like idiots.


Nevermind, I see the truth here. You like to hear yourself talk and it's fun to post online and get attention. Gotcha. That's the real issue. Because we know you're not changing anyone's mind, the sides are set, the pro Rand people and the anti Rand people and all they do is harden the opposition and get lots of attention when they post. I get it. It's fun to look like a leader on a thread and such. Right right right. I see.

Truest thing ive read today

I forgot that these people just want the attention. I couldnt understand why everyone disliked Rand when I want to win so bad. For them its not about being libertarian or pure or anything good like winning, really, its about themselves. Its about being the loudest in the room and gaining some spotlight to make themselves seem like they are better than Rand.

Thats why I put them in the low-light of Alex Jones people.


See how popular the truth makes you Joe? You've got voted down like 5 times, me 3 times. That's when you know you're striking a nerve. The truth hurts.

Ive been baptized by the Baptist

and stoned by the phillistines. yet i see the light

I am Unwilling to Settle.

I understand your passion, and it is great you believe he is our best chance, but I am unwilling to compromise my value of the simple notion that no one should ever worry about militarized drones over America and settle for a candidate.

Quite simply, America is not a battlefield.