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My Disconnect with Rand Paul

One does suppose that in the end, most things in life are one's personal interpretation; however, there seems to be a widening disconnect between my understanding of what is and what is not constitutional when juxtaposed against the Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul's "Liberty-Lite" view.

The most recent case in point, Senator Paul's statement following his interview regarding the use of domestic drones:

Sen. Paul (R-KY) said:
"Fighting terrorism and capturing terrorists must be done while preserving our constitutional protections. This was demonstrated last week in Boston. As we all seek to prevent future tragedies, we must continue to bear this in mind."

source:U.S. Senator Rand Paul's Website

Really, Senator Paul, "constitutional protections" were appropriately preserved during the search for the Boston Marathon Bomber?

  • No vehicle Traffic allowed in or out
  • Persons sequestered in homes
  • Door to Door warrantless searches
  • Columns of Heavily Armed soldier-like police
  • tank-like vehicles rolling down the streets of America

To me all the above add up to what is in effect, Martial Law. Sure officials can call it a "Public Safety Lock Down,” but as they say a rose by any other name...

It remains my hope that perhaps with age, Senator Paul will see the obvious hypocrisy in his political philosophy and move towards the clear unyielding dedication as displayed by Dr. Ron Paul, although it does grow more and more difficult as we witness his "go-along-to-get-along" attitude.

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If he sells out there will be

If he sells out there will be no change and that would be the real tragedy. Some here feel there is a real danger of this. I am not willing to ignore it or those folks I have fought beside.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.


...Rand Paul was among the commom attitude and concern of the whole of Congress, instead of an EXTREME minority; we wouldn't want to prove him out to be a liar, a hypocrite, and and and an embarrassment to OUR cause....totally unworthy to
be associated with the word "Liberty" or the principles of less government...

Let's see....keep bashing Rand, put every idle word he speaks under a microscope to paint him as a Lindsey Graham or John McCain at heart who is a deceitful tyrant who is nothing like his father...or...get our butts in gear, stop armchair quarterbacking this government, and GET SOME NEW STATESMEN ELECTED to positions of representative political power, hmmmm?

Let me know when you get elected to national office!

Hard to believe

This was downvoted, +1 from me

it got downvoted because I'm PatriotsUnderGod, the bible-thumper

...keeping our founders understanding, knowledge, and humility towards the Word of God, deity of Christ, hatred of sin, and yearnings that MORALITY be taught to deter crime and corruption (right along side instruction of our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and the abuses that led to our revolution...


I'm the KENT HOVIND over ALEX JONES guy, every day, all day....and quite frankly, the trolls and the godless can't stand the FACT that self-education steered this way has a much better chance of achieving liberty, than does all the foul-mouthed ridicule and hatred for government!

The Daily Paul is embroiled in its most fiercest battle yet for cultural relevance, as it relates to whether or not it should be considered a credible source for SOLUTIONS to what politically ails us!!!

Only a truly patriotic people, with God's help, can throw off this tyranny...void of reason, because they're hostile to the Christian worldview of our great framers; we FAIL, quickly and painfully...the God-haters within are being attacked God-haters from without, and God allows rebellious nations who blaspheme His name, and give other nations cause to blaspheme His name to be HUMBLED.

Rand Paul ate dinner with his father Ron Paul and his mother his whole life; he has been morally equipped, and astutely politically instructed by the inspiration of this movement. He is contemporary, he is relevant, he has feet of clay...and the absolutists who wanna 2nd guess him at every turn, instead of busting their butts to duplicate his efforts, or increase our liberty-minded presence in the Congress exponentially in 2014 should GO JUMP IN A LAKE!!!

If we lose Rand to the

If we lose Rand to the neocons i will make no difference if we elect him or not. Nothing will change. King George was not going to "elect" George Washington. Did that make Washington sacrifice his principles for a position of power. Personally I am glad he took the high road.

TPTB are not going to let Rand pander to get elected without owning him if he is not careful. He will have to make a choice here and soon.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

His comment could be read a different way...

His mention of Boston could be in support that rights need to be protected because there werent in Boston.

I don't know the full context but from what you post, either perspective is possible.

An alternative to the MSM Machine http://freedombroadcastingnetwork.com/
Ron Paul friendly news: http://www.newsetal.com/

Can See Your Point...

After reading your comment, can see where you are coming from, perhaps then he needs to learn to communicate more clearly.

Thank you for leaving your reply, be well. :)

I Love Dr Rand Paul. He just

I Love Dr Rand Paul. He just agreed with President Obama's decision to try the Boston Bomber in Federal Court and not Military Court.

I agree with you and the post-er...

Conflict? No. I agree with you 'michaelwiseguy' generally speaking. I agree with the post-er specifically. We all know politicians speak in generalities and the rest of us deal in specifics. What's a man to do? Emulate the old man in a voice comprehensive to the little sheepie's (like I once was) whose mind we need to influence if we stand a chance. Drunken rambling...sorry(but not really)...

How dare you question Rand...

Don't yah know? He's playing 3d chess!

It's obvious you don't have the critical thinking skills to see past Rand's cover for his super, awesome, amazing, genius plan.


Very important to question Rand

I think the questions are more important than the answers, because questions can lead an answer. In this case the questions are set up up with an agenda.. they are not to learn, but to defeat Rand (because he's a Republican).

"(because he's a Republican)"

What does that matter?

It matters tremendously

I refused to join the GOP in 07 to help Ron Paul win. I LOVED Ron Paul, worked very hard delivering signs, meet-up, making banners, waving signs.. but I would NO WAY join the GOP. I really hoped RP would see the light and go Indy or LP. So I understand why people want NOTHING to do with the GOP. I felt exactly the same way.

When RP made his second GOP presidential bid, I joined the GOP KNOWING, there was NO WAY RP was going to go Indy or LP. It actually made me sick to sign the registration and check the Republican box. And I can admit I was afraid, with visions of Bush and Karl Rove, agbout going to my girst GOP meeting.. where I found, I was wrong.. the whole GOP MSM thing was a huge LIE.

So, I understand how surreal it is to be a republican and fighting for liberty within the party and from those who were like me, and want nothing to do with the GOP.

Ron Paul took a learning curve. I didn't agree with Ron Paul 100% when I came into the Ron Paul rEVOLution. Rand Paul also takes a learning curve, and calling it 3D chess is neglecting the matrix for what it is. Many on DP are not republicans and won't be.

That's why it matters tremendously


and add on this:

"if someone comes out of a liquor store with a weapon and $50 in cash I don't care if a drone kills him or a policeman kills him." - Rand

Militarizing the police to shoot $50 robbers...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

I know. He uses a such an

I know. He uses such an absurd conjecture, it's funny.

He's not playing checkers.

And he sucks at chess!

And he sucks at chess!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown