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"Terrorist" axe, knife and arson attack kills 21 in China's Xinjiang - Islamic Terrorists Blamed

Islamic Terrorists Blamed

"Hou did not name any group, but China has blamed previous attacks in energy-rich Xinjiang - strategically located on the borders of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Central Asia - on Islamic separatists who want to establish an independent East Turkestan."

Note all the recent media attention to "terror" in Boston, Canada, China... setting the stage for more gun control, more police state to protect us, more armed guards patting us all down, and continued use of tax dollars to fund the empire building wars in the guise of protecting us from "Terrorism". We see the world as the MEDIA portrays it and right now it is all about terrorism.

"US-Canadian claims that Iran is somehow involved in harboring Al Qaeda (terrorists) within its borders, when it has been the West for years propping them up specifically to overthrow the Iranian government.

In reality, while the West uses Al Qaeda’s presence both within Iran and along it peripheries to undermine and ultimately overthrow the Iranian government, it in turn uses these very terror organizations to induce paralyzing fear across Western populations in order to consolidate and expand power at home."

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