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"Missiles" post taken down?

Last night I posted "Missiles" which contained a link to a live, eyewitness stream of the fertilizer plant in Waco, Texas being struck by a missile (audio is clear)...where did this post go??

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I guess all these reports are "DISINFORMATION" as well...


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Ok so maybe I can see an exact duplicate taken down...

but my post was simply a video - not a duplicate post and it in no way gave disinformation as there was no text with the post...

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Already posted here


Let's try not to flood the site with disinformation. One post is enough.




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It was simply a live video...I gave no disinformation at all!

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what i find strange is more people died at...

The Texas fertilizer plant than the suicides bombing yet the terrorist get all the headlines? we are a sick nation i tell you.

Here is the link to my original post...


Since when does a duplicate post get taken down?

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for several years now.


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