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High Resolution Sequence Photos of Boston Bombing "Person-of-Interest" Running Away from Scene at Boston Marathon

This isn't a thread on trying to prove anything. I'm just posting this for educational purposes, not to keep any theories going. I know bad people do bad things, and I don't subscribe to the prevailing theories. Rather, I was just fascinated at the high-resolution photos.

Does anyone know if this guy was questioned and cleared? I'm trying to source that with good info. I know one POI turned himself in to clear his name, but I haven't been able to determine if that was this guy or if it was one of the other two POI's, particularly, the guy in the blue windbreaker, with the duffel bag, and the running shoes. Thanks in advance.

Tip on photos came from RPtriber.

Source of images is Ben Thorndike, but it appears they're no longer available for viewing. :/

Good thing I snagged all 27 high resolution photos late last night before the password was changed!

Here's the relevant part of a suspect running away from what appears to be the center of the blast:

This post is for other people doing DIY-CSI (dysy), but please don't spread dis-information and unfounded theories.

UPDATE: Asking question is necessary. Being skeptical is necessary. When you have a serious question you want answered, do develop a hypothesis, do make predictions on logical consequences of that hypothesis, do investigate and see if your predictions occured, and do analyze and determine an answer to your question based off the data.

Founded Theories > Unfounded Theories

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No matter who he is...

he's probably running purely because he had his clothes blown the eff apart.

I would still be running

I'll stop when I find a nice tall tree.

Just open the box and see

Where is all that bright red blood seen in the MSM photos?

I realize people were really hurt and some were killed, but the blood shown in the media is not jiving with these authentic photos.

It's there...

..between the guy with the red jacket and the lady in grey and black.


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Yes, there is blood, but totally different color than what

the corporate news showed. This blood is the color of blood, not the color of my candy apple red limited edition 'Hot Wheels' Camaro!

Color in photogrpahs is effected by lighting...

underexposure or overexposure by just the tiniest amount can make a big difference in the color.

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OP updated...

I linked to all the original, unedited, and high resolution photos:


I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


That Person is Not Tamerlan

Thanks for posting these high resolution photos. I have refrained from commenting on these posts because none of the photos have been clear enough for me to say one way or another until now.

The guy running away in these high resolution pictures doesn't have long side burns like in the photos in these threads:



Internet detectives are on the case!

Internet detectives are on the case!

So what if this guy was

So what if this guy was picking up the 'dropped' off backpack thinking someone had left it and he was going to take it? These are frames of a guy near and holding the back pack when it went off, are there any of someone dropping the back pack off in its original location?

Southern Agrarian

In the first two pics

it appears that he has the remains of a shredded backpack around the shoulder and back area.

interesting possibility

also, the piece swinging around his left knee-
could that be a hard-formed plastic part of a backpack?



I don't think he's running.

I don't think he's running. It looks like hes jumping around in confusion. In the last few frames he's focused on the baby in the stroller burning. Are there any more photos Rob?

If I am not mistaken

when that guy found his picture plastered all over the MSM he went to the police station to clear his name. I will try to look for some sources.

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that was not the guy running away

That was the track and field kid from Revere and his coach...coincidence they are all living in Revere.

That first photo

Looks like genuine surprise to me. Maybe we should ask him.... Oh, yeah. Nope, he's guilty, case closed. Move along, now!

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Running away from the blast zone after an explosion...

does not mean that someone planted the bomb.

Wouldn't the most likely explanation be that he is running because a bomb just went off?

There is also a second man running away from the blast zone, to his left.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

Agreed 100%!

Perhaps Person of Interest is a better word to use.

I just know these photos were circulated by the MSM at one point, and I was just wondering if he was questioned.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Why are his clothes all torn

Why are his clothes all torn up? The bomb supposedly had shrapnel in it. If the bomb did that to his clothes, then why does he have no cuts? I guess nails and bearings going a few hundred miles per hour would shred clothing but find skin difficult to shred.

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Bouncing Bettie's

Claymores, all use ball bearings.
They will shred flesh, which is why they were used. Why is his flesh unscathed and his clothing not? Can anyone say " crisis actor "?
This and many other questions remain.
But running away does not constitute guilt, for fight or flight is natural to us all; his natural inclination was to flight.

God Bless

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Can that guy be found in the crowd prior

to the explosion?

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