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I Like Drones! There...I Said It

Okay, let me be clear I don't like Hellfire missiles coming down on me but I was having a conversation with a DP user on another thread here about drones. And it made me think we need a thread to discuss the application of drones. Not what the government wants to do, not all the evil things that can be done with drones...

but a real, civil conversation on the topic. This is my opinion and I'll appreciate the follow ups on this:

Drones are a technology that is now consumer ready. Like their applications of use or not, they're here. And like all technology, you got to live with it. Anybody could now have a drone if they wanted to. Now we're not just talking about THIS DRONE or THAT DRONE . Drones are now available for civilian use as well.

Now you don't have to convince me about what inhumane crimes can be done with drones. You could do anything from taking military grade drones and mounting missiles or spy level cameras on them. You could even take the smaller RC drones and mount smaller firearms on them or cameras to infringe on the people's right to privacy.

But the thing about drones, their evil use is all everybody wants to fear and talk about. And I understand why. The United States has used the militarized Predator and Reaper drones in questionable acts in the Middle East. Some of the government believes they have the authority to kill American citizens overseas without due process, and there's a fear that could trickle into this country. There's Senators like Lindsey Graham who are quite outspoken about the use of military drones in this country. And I get that. That's something we don't need, but I'm glad Rand Paul brought that issue to light with his 13 hour filibuster -- and I actually think we'll put the right laws in place before that happens.

So you don't need to convince me that we need to have federal laws in place that make it clear you can not have Predator or Reaper drones flying anywhere over this country. We need to have clear guidelines for law enforcement that reinforce our constitutional rights. This is common sense stuff our legislative body needs to address. It's not legal for helicopters to hover over your property, it's not legal for police to enter your property without just cause or a warrant. The same needs to be said when police start flying these RC drones.

But not only will it be cheaper and safer for an officer to open his trunk and track a fleeing suspect with his RC drone, instead of calling in a helicopter. There's also other applications popping up already.

You've got the hobbyists who just like to fly them around for enjoyment.

Hunters use them to scout hunting grounds or land owners use to them to monitor their land.

And people are using them as capital to start successful businesses in the film industry.

Like with any technology, there's good and bad uses. The same arguments made against drones, are the same ones anti-gunners make against firearms. We need to hold drones to the same constitutional standards of right to privacy and due process just like everything else. But to say there's no use for drones, nobody can have them and force drones out of the picture is a little to authoritarian for my taste.

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Roomba is a land based drone

Attach some hellfire missiles to that baby and you have a vehicle set to deliver death... from below... and then clean up the mess afterward.

Good thing they can be taken

Good thing they can be taken down with human hair. When they get out of hand just get a hair cut and they are history.

You'll have to be more specific...

Which drones do you like?

Do you mean these?

Or these?

Or these?

End sarcasm.

deacon's picture

i love drones too

everyone should have 2 in their pots,and 1 in the garage

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.

FAA currently bans all commercial use of drones

FAA currently bans all commercial use of drones pending regulatory rules scheduled to be published sometime in 2015.


Law Enforcement

Does not deserve a drone. They are proven to be wreck less.

I want my own personal fleet of drones

armed with paintball guns and cameras.

LOL hovering over DUI checkpoints and such j/k

Although the State having all these militarized drones does remind me a lot of those Hunger Games hovercraft thingys'.

To me, for search and rescue type operations, unarmed drones are okay.

For general overall day to day surveillance, not so much. Armed drones over U.S. skies? Opposed!

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Me too.

More fun than shooting skeet.


I think that our knowledge

I think that our knowledge that one day it will most probably be used to kill an American citizen without due process makes them hard for must of us to accept.

Drones will follow the traditional model, being that we first become desensitized to something and later we simply accept it. This redunant model is exactly why I feel that we need to demand no drones in America. (from our military)

I understand that it's a very, very cool technology but if we accept them, they will eventually be used in man-hunts.

To me though, unarmed drones are okay but once again, it will pervert into armed drones over time.

I wholeheartedly agree that

I wholeheartedly agree that the military and any executive branch should be completely banned from using drones over American airspace. I think it's okay for police to use drones to track a fleeing suspect. I don't think it's okay to let police use drones to go up and down public roads and property for the sake of safety.

I second that..

I believe that technology will "byte" the planners in the ass as well..


I try to change people every day. Do You?

HA! I'm building my drone

HA! I'm building my drone right now too. Using the Ardupilot board to do it.

I was just working on it at lunch actually. Plan to fly as soon as the weather is a bit nicer.

Get some video

for us, Adam! Make a little "Daily Paul" streamer following behind it, while you're at it ;)

Then fly it over a crowd and advertise.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

The drone project will be

The drone project will be much cooler than flying a streamer. But, I did do that a few years back with my Ron Paul Freedom Flyer (Youtube ripped out the audio which had originally been Van Halen - Dreams)


You should post back here

You should post back here with pics or videos when you're done! I plan on building a drone myself someday.

Here is my first video of the

Here is my first video of the prototype showing everything working. I've just had to upgrade the GPS with a beefer model, but all should be good now.


As long as the constitution

As long as the constitution is respected, there's nothing wrong with drones or any technology.

The government could use

The government could use planes to bomb me...we should ban all planes!