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FBI/FDA Raid on Natural Cancer Center Brings Medical Tyranny to Oklahoma

We've all heard the stories of overreaching government, police abuse and federal raids on peaceful, voluntary transactions. Up until yesterday I had not personally experienced it.

Sam and Yvonne have been dear friends of our family for several years now. Four years ago Yvonne was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma and given 6 months to live. Her doctor recommended a treatment of chemotherapy and didn't offer a good prognosis, neither in how she would feel during the course of the treatment, nor in the ultimate effectiveness of the treatment to cure the disease. Through prayer and careful consideration, Yvonne opted to decline this path of treatment and decided to pursue natural alternatives that would at least help her live out what seemed to be the last days of her life without the ill effects of chemotherapy. Homeschooling three children was already a tiring job, but complicating that with the side effects of toxic cancer treatment was not something Yvonne was willing to do. To the best of her ability she has educated herself on diet, essential oils, and other natural ways to help her body heal. The results have shocked her oncologist, and she has vibrantly outlasted her predicted 6 month death sentence. Although her progress has been steady, recently she has had some setbacks that are once again threatening her life.

Tumors began to once again develop that were noticeable under her arm. She began feeling weak and experienced several other problems. She began looking towards natural solutions such as the Gerson Therapy and other treatments with injected vitamins. After what she would describe as some divine coincidences, she chose to explore a natural cancer treatment center just a few hours away in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Camelot Cancer Care. Camelot offered an injection of a solution of DMSO, Laetrile, and Vitamin C. They advertised this clearly on their website and also explained it clearly in their treatment plan that they discussed with Yvonne. After much research and prayer Yvonne and Sam decided that this was the course of treatment they would like to take.

Having no health insurance and with Sam recently recovering from an on the job injury which required a knee replacement, money was tight. Through the charity of friends and family they were able to raise enough money to at least pay for the first round of treatment at Camelot. Camelot required a PET scan prior to treatment. The Doctor that read the PET scan remarked that Yvonne's cancer, although aggressive, seemed to be contained near the skin, and hadn't spread to the rest of her body. He said that if she would have had surgery on this kind of cancer, which was previously recommend to her by another doctor, that it would have "spread like wildfire" throughout her body. He also was shocked that her liver was almost as healthy as that of a person without cancer. He informed her that people with this stage of cancer generally have a hard time healing because of the damage that had already been done to their liver, both from the disease and from the toxic treatments. He was familiar with the protocol at Camelot and felt that this was a very good course of treatment for Yvonne to take. They were filled with hope!

The Camelot procedure is at a minimum a 20 day procedure that includes the injection of their formula every day via an IV solution. The entire process is overseen by a medical Doctor as well as a naturopath. Yvonne's PET scan Doctor, and the Doctor at Camelot felt that she would need more than one course of treatment in order to effectively batter her cancer. The first 8 days of the treatment are done at Camelot's facility in Tulsa, where the patient is monitored, blood tested, and trained on the procedure. For the remaining portion of the procedure the patient is able, if desired, to go home with their medicine and continue the protocol in the comfort of familiar surroundings.

Tuesday April 23rd 2013 was day 8 of Yvonne's treatment. She and Sam were eager to get back home to their children, continue her treatments there, and try to re-establish at least some modicum of normalcy. That morning, in the midst of her treatment at the center, agents from the FBI and FDA raided the facility. They forced all patients to stop their treatments. They told Sam that B17 was not approved for the treatment of cancer and this was the reason for the raid. My friend Sam reached down to grab the box of medicine that would be used to continue the treatments at home, only to have an agent slam his fist down on it and tell him he couldn't take it. Sam argued that it was HIS personal property that he had paid for! The agent did not relent, Sam said, "well you are going to have to read me rights then", and the agent threatened to arrest him for "obstructing justice". One agent turned to Yvonne and said "We are doing this to protect you", Yvonne replied "How are you protecting me? You are taking my medicine, I will not be able to continue my treatment." He actually responded "I am just doing my job ma'am".

The FBI and FDA agents held Sam and Yvonne for over 2 hours under constant armed guard. They tolerated this at first because they had been told there would be a chance they would be able to leave with their medicine, but after calls to "federal prosecutors" their hopes for this were dashed. The stress of this incident left Yvonne shaking for hours. Sam and Yvonne finally left without their medicine. They were not even allowed to take the cleaning solution or flushing solution that is needed to keep her PICC line from getting infected. With a serious blow to their hope by the "benevolence" of the state, they now had the added stress of recovering the money they had spent on this treatment. They are racing against the clock as Yvonne's condition worsens and the prospect of quickly retrieving the money seemed to be slim, this beside the fact that Camelot Cancer Care's protocol is the treatment that Yvonne WANTS to pay for!

The future of Yvonne's treatment is uncertain as I write this. The owners of Camelot Cancer Care have reached out to them and are working to find a solution. The FBI has said the clinic can reopen the next day if they quit using Laetrile (B17), but Sam and Yvonne specifically chose that clinic because it openly stated that they used this natural substance. The situation our government has created is one that will ultimately pit the patient against their provider of choice, while also denying the care to a person who has chosen to treat their cancer in this way.

When Sam and Yvonne found Camelot Cancer Care, we were all filled with hope. The outpouring of support from friends and family bolstered that hope all the more. So you can imagine, when armed agents of our oppressive state stormed in, how far the fall seemed to feel as our hopes were attacked. Please share and pray and do whatever you are led to help get the word out, and to lift up my friend, and all of us, from the oppression of this government.

A news story of this incident can be found here:

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Just an update here. Sam and

Just an update here. Sam and Yvonne have not heard anything about whether they will get their money back and they are confident that the government will be keeping their medicine. They are currently trying to find other alternatives. Yvonne's health seemed to be improving during the treatments, but she's weakening now. They are looking at many options, thank you all so much for your recommendations.

We did have the opportunity to share the Liberty ramifications of this immoral raid on a radio show called AxXiom for Liberty on the Logos Radio Network. Many eyes are being opened to the tyranny that protects the cartels plundering our wealth, which is good, but I hope that we can also find actual healing treatment for Yvonne through all of this.

I did not intend to post this article as plea for money, however since the $13,000 that they paid for the Camelot treatment is in limbo, they are desperate for funds to seek out another alternative. If you are so inclined you can help out here:


Oasis of Hope hospital

in Mexico uses the same treatments and may be willing to help provide you with the medicine.
I think they would probably require her to come to Mexico (just across the border in California) but I know they have an office in the states.

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"I am just doing my job..."

Tell me about yet another heartbreaking and infuriating story. :(

"I am just doing my job..."

Or, along similar lines:

"We were just obeying orders..."

Yes, indeed :

They were "just..."

And that's when human compassion starts agonizing and ending.

Or even :

R.I.P. humanity.

Really, I have no idea how long it would take me to forgive such words, if ever, spoken by people who KNEW there was another possible path and hoped for, towards relief for our loved ones.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Those words didn't save

Those words didn't save captured Nazis and it won't save these traitors.

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Those words disgust me.

And usually, they are NOT doing their JOB, they are collecting their paycheck.
Is their job to protect the public? That is NOT what they were doing.
Is there job to protect Pharma's monopoly on everyone's healthcare options? That is what they were doing.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I'm so sorry--

this is hard to read.

I've lost loved ones to cancer, and I know it's hard. I refuse to seek medical treatment if it ever happens to me (that includes spouse; we made the choice individually)--

but for now one of us has a highly rare medical (using that word out of habit) condition that nobody can do anything to help--

no medical doctors can help it; diet helps, but nothing else, really. It's so rare and so unknown, and it's genetic--

so, anyway--

I am beginning to be afraid of people finding out, so we keep it as quiet as we can--

I've discovered that there are those who are snoopy who don't like that we don't use medicine (the conventional stuff), etc.--

that we manage this with some alternative advice but mostly through diet and through experimenting with various supplements--

"Regular" people can be very threatened by anything that challenges their way of thinking about things, so we suffer in silence. We keep the illness in our family circle--

and ask the children who live with us not to tell anyone.

I'm so sorry for those who have hoped and then had their hope fall flat.

And, yes, the FBI seems to be the new, latest monster--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

So THIS is what the FBI busies themselves with...

...while terrorists are supposedly radicalizing under their nose?

...and when they're not raiding people over raw milk ...

...or when they're not questioning 16yr old students over their American Gov't class projects

...or when they're not raiding medical marijuans dispensaries

They have to go bust up alternative cancer treatment clinics and torment sick people?

Dr Blaylock and Dr Brownstein

Dr Blaylock and Dr Brownstein publish reports every month on how to stay alive amid the approved and prescribed food and drugs which are killing us. Cancer is both avoidable and curable. These reports are by subscription, which costs very little and which entitles you to consult the entire archive of studies. Go to the Newsmax website and find Dr Blaylock and Dr Brownstein. I have been subscribing for six or seven years and have not needed a doctor in all that time. I suppose the FBI will be after them soon....


natural cancer treatments

Please have them look at www.pubmed.gov and in the search box type fucoidan/cancer or any other ailment you might have like fucoidan/tumors etc. Fucoidan is a nutrient found in certain species of brown seaweed and is not found in any type of land based plant anywhere. If anyone knows where these people live and would contact them I would be willing to give them some to try. I am in SW Missouri so I might not be far from them. This is not a cure but it is a very powerful nutrient that people are having amazing results with. Medical researchers from around the world have done studies on cancer, tumors, immune system, heart disease, and many others. Please look at www.pubmed.gov

Look at www.drrausway.com. He

Look at www.drrausway.com. He performs seeming miracles with natural cures, many of them with Cancer patients. US citizens may have to start saving their lives in other countries--the way people used to save their lives by coming to America. Keep us informed.


Bitter Raw Apricot Seeds and Budwig Protocol

I, too, am recently suffering cancer so have been researching. Bitter raw apricot seeds - start slowly but get up to as many as possible as soon as possible.
Go to store or have Amazon overnight a book called "The Oil Protein Diet Cookbook" by Johanna Budwig. If she's very ill, start w/ the transition diet and get to the flax oil/cottage cheese concoction asap. Good luck.

Re: Apricot

Yeah, I remember reading about how people in...I want to say Morocco (correct me if I'm wrong), eat it and how several types of "common" cancers here are virtually non-existent there, thanks to their diet. I don't know how much truth there is to it, since it was already too late for anyone I knew to see for themselves.

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FBI Needs To Get Its Priorities Straight

The FBI should stop raiding natural cancer healing clinics and start keeping tabs on suspected domestic terrorists. http://www.dailypaul.com/283238/russia-alerted-us-repeatedly...

Ed Rombach

Yeah! Like shutting down the

Yeah! Like shutting down the FDA.

Phew... that was a close one.

Phew... that was a close one. We're lucky the government stepped in and shut down that whole cancer medical center. Do you people realize that they could actually be saving peoples lives!? Where's the outrage everyone?

Sarcasm aside.. It's sickening to see this happening, yet not surprising. Let people spend thousands on a herbal treatment that could possible cure their cancer. Both sides of party understand the agreement. I just don't get it. There are potentially thousands if not millions of undiscovered herbal remedies that the FDA hasn't deemed 'acceptable'.

"One man with courage is a majority." ~ Andrew Jackson

Bump for outrage! Put up a

Bump for outrage! Put up a donation link. Also look up the baking soda cure its simple easy and cost the price of the baking soda

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Get Prepared!


Show me the law

that gives FDA the right to intervene in contracts freely entered into by two parties. What law is this? They're vitamins aren't they?

Technically no

Laetrile is a chemical synthesized with extracts from apricot seeds. It is a poison, similar to how apple seeds have cyanide. When the FDA began to crack down, the original inventor renamed it Vitamin B-17. There is no vitamin B-17. There is also no proof that this works. It has not been tested in clinical studies. Could it work? Sure. But more likely than not, this clinic was using an unapproved drug for profit, in other words, they were scamming people.

And chemotherapy isn't a variety of poisons ?

Seems a tad hypocritical. G Edward Griffin wrote "A World Without Cancer" and it explains the history and uses of Laetrile in killing cancer cells. I believe it was first researched in Pakistan and they found that the people there were eating the pits of apricots, which are loaded with Laetrile. Another simple formula is 2 teaspoons of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of blackstrap molasses mixed with 8 ounces of hot water..drink this mixture 4 - 5 times a day. This helped a man with stage 4 prostate cancer completely heal in 5 months. Watch "Rick Simpson, Run From the Cure" Mr Simpson was cooking black salve which has a high THC content. He boiled down the buds of approximately 1/2 pound of marijuana buds he'd grow himself with alcohol till the mixture turns to a thick paste, then he'd put this salve into squeezable tubes and his friends would injest 2-3 pea sized drops evey day. This was effective on cancer, arthritis, MS, MD..etc..Cayenne pepper has been found to be effective at fighting cancer, I take 1/2 teaspoon in 8 ounces of hot water and drink it three times a day ( total 1 1/2 teaspoons of cayenne pepper and 24 ounces of water over the course of 1 day )..it is a tremendous energy drink for sure. There are several ways to slow and heal cancer, I'd prefer the baking soda, blackstrap molasses / cayenne pepper mixtures as it is very cost effective and makes you feel great.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Forgot to add food grade peroxide

I've been using that for about a year and a half. I firmly believe that malformed cells ( sick cells / cancer ) cannot survive in an oxygen rich atmosphere. When the peroxide enters the blood stream it creates a tremendous boost to the oxygen being carried throughout the body. You can actually reduce the typical peroxide you acquire at your local grocery store by freezing it and pouring off the peroxide after it has frozen. MAKE SURE THE PEROXIDE DOESN'T CONTAIN BINDERS, LOOK FOR PEROXIDE WITH THE INGREDIENTS OF JUST PEROXIDE AND
PURIFIED WATER..Binders aren't particularly good for the body. Although this is just peroxide and purified water I freeze it anyway in case there are binders present. Keep the peroxide in the same opaque bottle and store it in a dark part of your medicine cabinet or pantry, peroxide breaks down when exposed to ultraviolet radiation
even if it's in a dark bottle.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Make sure to mark the food grade peroxide bottle

FOOD GRADE PEROXIDE..otherwise you might get a nasty burn...
The mixture for peroxide is ( get a dropper ) 10 drops of peroxide
in 12 ounces of warm distilled water 4 times a day...Increase this by 5 to 10 drops every 2 weeks till you reach 30 drops then take a week off..Really if your racing a disease ( cancer) then best to let your body tell you what tell you what it can or can't handle..Go to your threshold immediately. If you get sick then reduce by 5 drops the next time..I have a very high threshold but the first time I used cayenne pepper I nearly puked but that feeling subsided quickly and I felt great.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Sure. That makes sense.

The clinic was using a substance not approved by the FDA to treat cancer, so therefore they must be "scamming people." Because the FDA is omniscient and altruistic, knowing all that is good and bad for us, and keeping us all from harm. We must rely on our saviors at the government agencies to guide us into all truth. Our glorious leaders only want what is best for us. Anyone who would dare to disagree is evil, only looking to separate you from your hard earned money. They will inject you with poison and then roll your body out into the snow-covered street after draining your bank accounts. Thank goodness we have the mighty warriors of the FBI and the FDA to put a stop to these scamming villains. All hail the FBI! All hail the FDA! Down with the unapproved drug pushers! Down with the scammers! Let us shower our glorious leaders with more money, so they may protect us better from these malevolent scam clinics!

I am so sorry to hear about this

It makes my blood boil when I hear stories like this. Thank god you can still self administer, they haven't gotten around to making that illegal ...yet. If your friend wants to continue treating her cancer with Laetrile she can still legally order the stuff online http://laetrileonline.com/shop/. I don't know from experience whether it actually works but I have heard good things, apparently ancient chinese herbalists used apricot seeds to treat tumors. Of course it does suck to not be able to have the guidance and help of a trained person to administer the treatments, if your friend wants that she will have to go to Mexico where it is still legal.

Bee Pollen

You may want to try bee pollen which is rich in B17. May not be a good idea if you are allergic to pollen though. Please research this. I has been used to treat cancer. I have taken it myself for other things.



there is no such thing as B-17!

B17 is otherwise known as:

B17 is otherwise known as: laetril (sp)

It's a cyanocilinide (sp), found in nuts (almonds (eastern), and Apricot pits), lots of other places.

I don't know how to spell any of these, but Google can help you. Some folks claim it works, lots of videos on this on YouTube.


medical tyranny IS eugenics

... this tyrannical regime is the new holocaust : the Federal Government has declared War on YOU


Can she get out of the country?

I think it is still available in Mexico, and if she can get there, she may find she saves enough money to cover the travel expense.
You just don't know how badly I feel about this. Personally, I devoted a career to healthcare, and I put my heart and soul into my job. Then I woke up. Now I am recommending people leave the country. That hurts a little.
Now my father was as much like Ron Paul as anyone I've ever known. Dad was a pharmacist, and I saw him get ANGRY one time in my life - fist slamming, rhyming cuss words :) the only snit-fit I ever saw him throw. He was a pharmacist, and he had been ordered to stop selling laetrile.
Laetrile is present in the inner kernel of apricots in fairly significant quantities (fir dietary doses.) They also contain cyanide, so you can only eat a couple a day, but I would have her do that in the meantime. I would also recommend trying the Gerson diet, but she will need the really expensive juicer. Put it "out there" and see if there is one she can get used, borrow, or get the funds raised.
Stillwater has a friggin' Wikipedia of alternative therapies as a thread - it is an incredible resource.
And do what you will this: If I ever get the disease, I will try to get the expensive juicer AND get out of the country - probably to Portugal. I want access to enough raw marijuana to juice it - you do not get high at all, and from what I understand, it cures cancer.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

No need to go to Portugal

for your cannabis needs, Fishy. Your neighbor (WA) has the best strands in the World right now. Hey, look at that! It's legal here, too.

And now, you know someone who has easy access for your medicine without being taxed to death. Yay for Fishy (and Jefferson)!

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.