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LAPD Shoots, LA Citizens Cough it Up

It is being reported that the LAPD has reached a settlement with the two asian women who were somehow “mistaken” for cop-killer-on-the-run Chris Dorner – despite the fact that he was a large black man driving a completely different type of truck – and subsequently shot by LAPD officers while delivering newspapers. Of course, it is difficult not to “root” for these two ladies, as they certainly deserve damages for their injuries and the trauma that they incurred. However, as is usually the case in these matters, it is not the perpetrators of this attack who must pay for their crimes, but rather the citizens of Los Angeles themselves. That is how “justice” operates in a system where government is granted a monopoly on police services.

The unaccountable attitude of the city of Los Angeles is represented well by the remarks of Los Angeles city attorney Carmen Trutanich:

I am pleased that a fair settlement was swiftly reached in order to resolve any outstanding claims. In reaching this settlement, we hope Margie and Emma will be able to move on with their lives, the city will be spared millions of dollars in litigation expense and time, and this unfortunate chapter of the Dorner saga will be put to rest.

A “fair settlement” of course would be one where the officers who shot the women were held personally accountable for their crimes just like any other citizen would. If I saw these two women delivering a newspaper to my house and somehow decided that they were really Chris Dorner and that I should take them out for the good of my fellow citizens, who would foot the bill for me when the women subsequently sued me? That’s right…me! Not every other citizen who happens to live in my “jurisdiction”.

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for private police.

Unfortunately out here

The people worship the State...to most this was just an innocent act that occurred "in the line of duty"

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