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Police state sting operations gone wild: Police arrest black woman for LOOKING at wad of cash

(NaturalNews) The United States incarcerates more of its citizens per capita than any other nation on the planet, a real point of contention among many policy analysts of all political stripes. So why, then, do we as a nation tolerate intentional efforts by police departments around the country to artificially grow the prison population?

New York City resident Deirdre Myers is just the latest person to ask that question, and for good reason: She was the recent target of an NYPD "sting" operation that is, pure and simple, designed for one thing only - the manufacture of criminals.

It works like this: Cops in the Big Apple place small amounts of cash, a credit card or even a pack of cigarettes unattended somewhere - a subway platform, park bench or in a car - then wait to see if someone picks them up. If so, cops swoop in and bust them.

'I've never been stopped for anything in my life'

Naturally the NYPD has defended this obscene manufacture of crime as a "valuable" crime-fighting tool - a way to catch career criminals and deter theft in public places. But courts, fortunately, are beginning to take as dismal a view of this practice as are an increasing number of Americans.

In a recent ruling, Judge Linda Poust Lopez threw out larceny charges against Myers because there was no proof that she was trying to steal anything, adding that she was framed by a sting operation that, frankly, has taken the tactic too far. Myers, in turn, has filed suit against the NYPD for false arrest.


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Check out this t-shirt

Apparently some cops think it's funny to beat protesters.

True story - some years ago there was a fairly nice bicycle...

leaning against a fence behind a restaurant.

Taped to it was a handwritten note that read:

"Warning: this bicycle is under 24-hour surveillance. Anyone who moves it will be caught and shipped to Canada to be tortured by mounties!"

It sat there for weeks.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore and moved it about 15 feet.

Still waiting for that free trip...

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Asclepius's picture

when observation becomes a crime...

I tend to agree with one of the comments posted under the article on that news site. That is, if you consider the other similiarly ridiculous news stories in recent years, it seems as though they are trying to "brainwash the people to mind their own business. You see something happening, look away, do not get involved or the police might blame you."

This lady should be commended by the rest of us for following through on her conviction to challenge the charge. If good people do not stand up to this sort of thing, eventually "Even the simple act of observing will be seen as involvement by the police and thus punishable (not punishable by a court, but in a direct way, by causing trouble for that person."

Consider this timely article:

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds. - Bob Marley

How free are you...

... if you have the most criminal country in the world?

SOMEONE benefits from such a large prison population. Either the country is more riddled with criminals than any other or there is a concentration of them in official positions through the whole spectrum of government.

How brave are you if you don't do anything about it? How brave are you if you take the biggest body of force that has ever existed and wield it against the poorest countries that exist for the sake of "protection"?(while knowing it is false). How brave are you if you do nothing about THAT?
"Nothing" here could be expanded to a relative "nothing" of "so little that it does not really count".

How smart are you if you are part of a movement that sees these things and you are so self-centred that you will not form a group under chosen leaders because you value your "individualism" so much that you are prepared to hang on to a shoddy, diluted semblance of it while, by default, embracing the status quo of criminality and cowardice that is foisted on you daily, weekly, monthly and year after predictable year?

I recently told my attorney

that he was part of a system to manufacture criminals. I told him that he works with the same prosecutors and judges every day and has developed a camaraderie with them that betrays the canons the Bar Association claims their members adhere to. I further explained to him that it was readily apparent that the Courts were utilizing the police as well as officers of the court to cast the nets wider, particularly in search of individuals who are middle class and who can pay off their extortion scheme. The County I live in is over burdened with a population of individuals from major cities such as New York and Philadelphia relocating here who when arrested and convicted simply don't have the funds to pay the scheme off.
This was over a case I've had in front of the court for two years over my refusal to surrender my Fifth Amendment rights regarding forced self incrimination in a DUI frame up. After over two years , and almost $9000.00 in fees and about ten minutes before trial was to begin the DA offered a deal of 6 months probation for an unrated misdemeanor. When I refused my attorney blew up at me while we were alone in the court room. He then left to speak with the DA and the arresting cop. I'm certain he brought up the fact that they could still administratively suspend my license for two years if they remembered to. Unfortunately I caved in and am now facing another $2000.00 in fees, I'm a widower who lives alone and if I had lost my license I would lose my job. I'll bet at least $1500.00 of the fees I've paid end up in the Judges and DA's reelection campaigns.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.