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Kerry calls for a ‘special relationship' with China

[Translation: The US is willing to sell out Japan, Taiwan and South Korea to keep China from wrecking our economy by calling in our debt and freezing our overseas accounts. Also, probably that China is using North Korea as a surrogate, just as i have been saying for two months.]

Posted By Josh Rogin Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - 12:49 PM

For decades, the United States has reserved the term "special relationship" for two countries, Britain and Israel, but Secretary of State John Kerry called for a new "special relationship" with China during his recent trip to Asia.

The U.S.-UK "special relationship" has been a hallmark of bilateral relations for decades. Kerry acknowledged it explicitly during his first trip abroad, which began in London, standing alongside British Foreign Secretary William Hague.

"When you think of everything that binds the United States and Great Britain -- our common values, our long shared history, our ties of family, in my case, personal and friendship -- there is a reason why we call this a special relationship, or as President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron wrote, really, a partnership of the heart. It is that," Kerry said on Feb. 25.

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New Zealand has a "special" relationship with China.

What it means is that you smile as your country is being raped.

need link, please

need link, please

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