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Advice needed , Thinking about getting completely out of debt.

I want to pay off my house , What is the best way to protect myself? Do they give me a deed anything to prove the house is mine.

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I have Title Deed Insurance.

Some company insures that there is a Deed.

Free includes debt-free!

Your name should already be on the deed to your house.

A mortgage is a lien against the house/property, with the house and property as collateral. How could it be collateral, if you don't already own it?

Check out the terms of the mortgage and note you signed. Is there a prepayment penalty clause? If there isn't, then when you make your monthly payments, include how much ever extra money you can afford every month to reduce the principal balance. (It doesn't have to be the same amount every month.) Make sure you include a note specifically stating that "the excess funds are to be applied against principal only"... and use those exact words.

If you aren't sure about prepayment clauses, call your lender (or whoever the lender sold the mortgage and note to), ask for the mortgage loan servicing dept., and ask them about it. They have that info.

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If there are no liens and

you are current its simple .. you may want to hire a lawyer if you are uncertain ..

go to your assessor's office

get everything you can on your property.. mineral, gas, water rights.. who owns them (probabaly not you), you should be able to get what values are (taxes)..

You may want to talk to a broker or a real estate attorney for some advice..

Then I would go to the bank, or whoever hold the mortgage and make a deal.