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Exciting News!

I haven't had a chance to post on the DP lately because I started a new job and have had very little spare time (although I still stop in now and again to keep updated on what's going on), but this is something I had to share with you all. My stepdaughter just informed me that her English teacher had her class view several u-tube videos today that detailed all of the evidence which suggests that our own government was involved in the 911 attacks, the Newtown massacre as well as the Boston Marathon bombings and then invited the kids to discuss the topic openly. I could not believe my ears! She said that many of the kids already were aware of the many questions/connections concerning all of the events and most of them were very receptive to the information.

I give this teacher kudos for having the courage to bring this up in her classroom and it is so heartening to hear how many of the kids were already aware of some of the information (the kids are seniors in high school). This is such exciting and awesome news and is a good indicator to me that people really are starting to wake up! I hope that more teachers across the country can find the courage to do the same. Just wanted to share with you all. :)

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Have any parents

had concerns? I mean, good job getting this curriculum in motion but I would think some of the parents would be questioning those studies.

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It is still very recent,

however, no one has complained yet that I am aware of...What was really surprising to me was the fact that so many of the kids seemed to be aware of questions and unexplained "coincidences" surrounding these events (i.e. simultaneous drills, FBI/CIA connections, etc. etc.). I am starting to think that a lot more of this country is becoming aware of what is going on then what they would have you believe. They want you to feel like you are a powerless minority, but more and more I am beginning to believe that our numbers are much larger than some of us might think...now if we could only find a way to work together effectively!

I will post an update if anything noteworthy happen. :)


an uplifting thread! Thanks for sharing, Denise... Do keep us updated, please.

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I applaud this teacher and hope that others will take her example and run with it.

That being said, I hope her job is safe. We need more like her, not less.

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This teacher seems like a good candidate

to allow "Meet Ron Paul" in her class. Someone should get her a copy. ;)

Get your Ron Paul biography for kids here... http://lionsofliberty.com/meetronpaul/

most important battle for liberty

... is the thirty-year war for the hearts and minds of the next generation. Public Education must DIE. Teachers who aren't communists must lead this transformation : your child's teacher is a canary in a coal-mine of communist traitors. He or she needs to go 110% public so the millions of like-minded souls can support their courage

this teacher is a hero

PLEASE have this teacher contact and interview with these guys: http://schoolsucksproject.com/

believe it or not

when I was in 9th grade in 1992, the teacher had us read 14 sources that all pointed to the Gulf of Tonkin incident being a false flag. One of them was by Vice Admiral James Stockdale who was Ross Perot's running mate in the news at the time.

The assignment was to write an opinion piece on what actually happened. Most of the kids said they believed it was a false flag just as the sources said. Stockdale for all of his challenges, being in the news certainly brought a lot of credibility to his account.

i am an 8th grade civics

i am an 8th grade civics teacher and i do exactly the same..

What's your point?

Does your class say the pledge of allegiance?

"Meet Ron Paul"

the Ron Paul biography for youth may be a good fit in your class too.

Get your Ron Paul biography for kids here... http://lionsofliberty.com/meetronpaul/

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That's great to

hear Liberty! Thank you for having the courage to do the same. Someone in your position has the ability to help undo in a single year, all of the brainwashing the kids have been subject to for the previous 7 and not just for the kids in your classroom but also extending to their family and friends. This is the reason so much time and effort was spent in overtaking and controlling public education, but all of that can be undone if enough people in your position care enough and are brave enough to do so. These kids can not unhear the truth once they've heard it. Thanks so much for sharing and spreading the truth! :)


there is a God!

Teacher better be careful.

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(But I am!)

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I expect the teacher to be called into principal's office

...and some parents will complain.

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BRAVO! Let the cognitive dissonance subside

and liberty rise, as these young souls come into their own.

wake them up early and they will almost certainly give themselves purpose.

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What are they waking up to?

American government is bad so prepare for a NWO?

I gave you an upvote

but, alas, the flames were too great. ;)

Cynicism isn't appreciated for the art form it truly is. :)

Just open the box and see

Granger, I have to admit, I was thinking along those same lines

as I read the report, and I see you have been down voted into oblivion. Good thing I had a chance to read your comment before it went silent.

I kept thinking...yah, I understand the government is way out of bounds and I don't understand everything about all of the major catastrophes we have had in the last several years. Sometimes I wonder if it is all on purpose so that we do turn against the government so that someone can have their way. I wonder if the class was just a fluke or if this kind of stuff is happening in classes all over America. To me that would be the answer to the question of motives...perhaps? I don't know. I just felt something inside that didn't feel right as I read the post. Could be nothing at all though.


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Hi bear,

I did not downvote Granger's comment myself, because I do not think it is unreasonable to question everything these days. In this particular instance; however, this teacher was not guiding the children's conclusions, but merely providing information and allowing them to exercise their own critical thinking and discuss their thoughts on it. It does not make sense to me that the media and PTB would spend so much time and effort to guide the publics opinion on these events, just to undermine it in other areas and in this particular case, there apparently were three particular kids in the classroom that presented the idea to the teacher and she agreed to do it. Hope all is well with you bear, I've read some of your recent posts and my thoughts and prayers are with you. :)

Hi Denise

It is so good to hear from you! I have wondered about you. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Sometimes I wonder if the government itself is not trying to remove the foundation of trust the people have in it…Part of shaking up the populace and causing disillusionment so that we do not know what or who to believe or to trust…So that we are an easily conquered people. I don’t know. That all sounds crazy, but it is a thought I have been having of late and I do not have it formulated well into words. What happens when young adults are disillusioned? Ron Paul did not spend his time doing that. He spent his time education young adults so that they could recognize the difference between Liberty and Tyranny. Of course, it is just a thought a though I have been having lately. You are there first hand and understand the situation and the teacher more than I ever could. My best wishes to you and yours!

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Thanks for your wishes

bear! I think I understand what you are getting at, but I also believe that our younger generation would be very wise to have a very heavy dose of scepticism and mistrust toward our government, toward any government for that matter. It was too much blind faith and trust in government that got us into the mess of a situation we now find ourselves in. I don't know that it has to lead to a total state of disillusionment...just a realization that all power eventually corrupts so the less we give away of it, the better. Our founding fathers had very little faith or trust in government or consolidated power, which is why they went to the great lengths that they did to limit that power. Our children have been brainwashed for so long to believe that big government is good and can always be trusted, and we know from experience that that simply is not true. There are plenty of things our young adults can have faith in and look up to, not the least of which is God, but government should not be high on that list, in fact I don't think it belongs on the list at all. It is, no doubt, a painful lesson for some to learn, but a necessary one I think. I think that, just as you referenced, Ron Paul sets a great example in teaching young adults how to "recognize the difference between Liberty and tyranny", as you put it so well, but hasn't Tyranny reached it's greatest pinnacle when it involves destroying the lives of our own people to achieve a political or financial end? Isn't it really important that our young adults recognize that we have actually reached that dangerous and perilous point in our own country so that they can fully realize what is at stake and become prepared to stand against it? That is just my feeling on it, and the Lord knows I am not always right, but I fully believe that the truth of what our government has become needs to be shared and shouted from the rooftops if necessary. I truly do applaud anyone who has the courage to do just that. As always bear, I enjoy hearing your insights and my best wishes to you and yours as well! Thanks for thinking about me :)

It's controlled demolition

too many locusts, not enough bees or ants.

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Hi Granger,

I like to think that it is more like...the American Government is bad and if you don't get off your butts soon and do something about it we'll all be neck deep in a NWO prison with no way out...that's what I like to think anyway....:)

Do what?

I got off my bitt, joined the GOP, got on a committee and am working to change the CA GOP into a Liberty GOP.. what else can one do?

(((((((((Denise B)))))))))))) Welcome home!

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Thank you ((((Granger))))!!

I know how hard you work and do your share! Wouldn't it be nice to have a whole army of young adults ready to join you! Join a committee, run for office, educate and wake other people up...there's a number of things one can do to effect change, but it all starts with learning the truth first!

Thank you

Thing about learning the truth is it never stops.. so it's more like you get to the point where you join a committee (or if an Indy or something else, got on one of those committees.. or at least show up to whatever the committee you support is doing.. and still there's so much more truth to learn.. I'm sure even when I pass from the Earht, there will be truths I failed to learn.. whatever motivates one, I think it starts by showing up.. and what is the truth? the government is no good, time for a new government.

Great News

Thanks, more of the same is on the road IN Liberty.


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Hi Josf!

Nice to hear from you...hope all is well with you (as well as it can be...all things considered) :)

Great and you?

Which song is it where the words say something along the lines of "I've seen the toughest soul around?"

I can look it up.

I have that power.

You do too.

We do not have to obey without question, we can live In Liberty.

Despite the odds against.

bear and I almost have the book ready for the first printing.

I made hamburger patties and asparagus for dinner.

I hope, and trust, that you are similarly living In Liberty, as well.



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I am doing well

Josf, thanks for asking! Yes, you are so correct "we do not have to obey without question, we can live in Liberty"! I try to live my life by the words of our US Supreme Court, when they were still doing their job to some extent "any law which violates our Constituion is null and void and has the same effect as not being written at all" (in quotes, but slightly paraphrased...:). I love hamburgers!...but was never too keen on asparagus (maybe because I was forced to eat them when I was younger and vowed that as soon as I had the choice, I would never eat them again..) What is this about you and bear writing a book together...please do share if you are so inclined! Hope you are having a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. :)