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Exciting News!

I haven't had a chance to post on the DP lately because I started a new job and have had very little spare time (although I still stop in now and again to keep updated on what's going on), but this is something I had to share with you all. My stepdaughter just informed me that her English teacher had her class view several u-tube videos today that detailed all of the evidence which suggests that our own government was involved in the 911 attacks, the Newtown massacre as well as the Boston Marathon bombings and then invited the kids to discuss the topic openly. I could not believe my ears! She said that many of the kids already were aware of the many questions/connections concerning all of the events and most of them were very receptive to the information.

I give this teacher kudos for having the courage to bring this up in her classroom and it is so heartening to hear how many of the kids were already aware of some of the information (the kids are seniors in high school). This is such exciting and awesome news and is a good indicator to me that people really are starting to wake up! I hope that more teachers across the country can find the courage to do the same. Just wanted to share with you all. :)

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Denise B,

I used to think that all things told to me by older people were true, or at least unquestionable, and I had been told that this nasty stuff called asparagus was good for me.

Now, after my daughter started making oven baked asparagus, made just right, with some olive oil, sea salt, pepper, and a garlic and blue cheese cream sauce, where the foil in the pan is folded to raise the leafy end of the plant out of the boiling oil that drips onto the foil in the pan, cooked at about 420 degrees for about 13 minutes, and the leafy ends become crispy, well, now I see the good part of asparagus as very tasty food.

I added the garlic and blue cheese in the sauce and please try it, you and bear, I keep forgetting to tell bear about this combination I found to be a very good combination; blue cheese, garlic, and black pepper in a cream sauce. I tried the combination out in raw form while cooking, with a raw bit of garlic during the chopping up of the garlic, and a chuck of blue cheese, both being impressive tastes on their own, and I thought that the combination worked, but when cooked, I think, the combination works even better, and it is very good over those crispy ended asparagus plants.

I'm trying to imagine how a home grown asparagus plant might work out as good food.

As to The Constitution, so called, I think there is a need to educate fellow friends in Liberty on that usurpation, so as to avoid further misdirection away from Free Market Competitive Governments IN Liberty.

That could be another topic, but suffice to say that when a Democratic Federated Republic did exist, it proved to work as designed, to allow the Free Individual People to "vote with their feet," when all other options of doing due diligence failed, and that arrangement of that type of government ended with that thing now called The Constitution. Now we have a so called Consolidated Government Monopoly Power, which can be called anything you want, and anyone can call it what they want, while I will continue to know what is was created to accomplish, and by who, including some very famous (infamous) names.

Suffice to say further, that the Democratic Federated Free Market Government that worked as one, had State Constitutions, and in those States Constitutions there were Bills of Rights, and protections for Free People IN Liberty, so why get rid of those?

Leaving that subject with a question is meant to be rhetorical, or merely thought provoking.

The book bear and I are working on is almost ready for the printers, bear is publishing, and I get the author title, while the idea was hatched right here on this forum, to assemble Discussions in Liberty.

bear has done a wonderful job with the book, and eventually it will be offered to anyone (to the so called "Free Market") in both print and digital form.

The cover page is here:


My daughter is the artist for the portrait of her dad, and while I tried to construct the cover to match a photo of my daughters artwork, the concept of blending the smudges of black onto what looks like "construction paper" ended up with a book cover that looks worn, or used, or dirty, or smudged. I think the term is weathered.

I'm getting way off topic.

Reading your announcement of possible follow up reports on the very welcome accurate information being offered by teachers to students, is more good news. I trust that sane people will credit good teachers for their capacity to stick to the facts, and avoid becoming that which we aught to abhor.


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Hi Josf,

I've been meaning to respond back to you much sooner, but time seems to be at a premium these days and I seem to have less and less of it all of the time! Your aspargus with blue cheese sauce actually sounds quite delicious and I will try it. Thanks for sharing! I love blue cheese and if there is anything which could make asparagus enjoyable, it makes sense to me that it would be blue cheese. As is often the case, I believe you are correct that we would do well to return to our pre-federal Constitution days, when we existed as a Democratic Federated Republic under the Articles of Confederation (with each state having it's own Constitution); the big question being...how do we get back there? I suppose the best way to start would be by ending the Fed/IRS/debt based monetary system, and the violation of the existing Constitution is the legal grounds to begin to force that process...I think at the very least it is a topic worthy of much discussion. We've travelled a very long way, and it is going to be a very long journey back...but I suppose every journey has to start somewhere!

That is so exciting about your book project with bear and please keep me posted on it. I would love to get a copy when it's ready. Your daughter is a wonderful artist! Thanks for sharing it with me. :)


I think the concept of making crime legal has a fatal flaw and I don't think I am alone in this viewpoint.

If the concept of making crime legal is unfashionable language, then the word tyranny works in place of "making crime legal," and I may be able to convey the intended message, using agreeable language.

Trial by Jury worked to make crime unprofitable for criminals including criminals with crowns on their heads.

The Tyrant King John inspired the move by the subjects of that Tyrant to nullify that Tyrant's tyranny.

Here is a good Essay on how that worked:


It took power to defend against power, and once power was overpowered it took a long time for the tyrants to return to power.

It is spelled out in that Essay well enough.

Here we are now. Instead of Barons defending there will have to be State Governors defending, and each State Governor in defense of Liberty can nullify the abuses of the current Tyrants.

Many abuses are being nullified, many more abuses by many more State Governors can be nullified.

The People, individual people, you and I, anyone, also have the power of nullification, if we employ it.

The missing element in the power struggle is knowledge.

As soon as a person begins to understand how Tyranny works, how it monopolizes, how it destroys equitable, honest, productive, competition, how it consumes the power of the subjects of Tyranny, then the power shifts. The flow of power slows down, as the subjects are no longer fooled into investing into a false security, as if people are under a spell of stupefaction, creating an cancerous ailment under the false perception that the power they send to the Tyrants will protect them from the same Tyrants; self-inflicted misery.

As soon as it becomes clear that their investments in protection from Tyranny are actually transfers of power that produce Tyranny, as soon as the realization, like a light bulb, goes off in their heads, the formerly blind, deaf, and dumb, become aware of their accurate accountability, and at that point they are then willfully responsible, either paying the extortion fee reluctantly, or willfully investing in Tyranny, for their own measure of power over their own targeted victims.

If it is a decision to remedy the problem of Tyranny, it is a move toward honest, equitable, productive, competition, toward Liberty, toward crime prevention, toward the true meaning of defense, or law, power.

If it is a decision to willfully invest into the inevitable destruction of Liberty, which is life, which is honest, productive, and equitable power creation, then that is a move into Tyranny, or as I prefer to call it, it is a move toward making crime legal.

The Tyrants have no legs to stand on, other than the legs they can steal from their targeted victims. The Tyrants have no power, other than the power that is created by the honest, equitable, productive, defensive, lawful, good, moral, people.

That is the fatal flaw of Tyrants.

They destroy everything.

They produce nothing.

The only way they get any power is through deceit, threats of violence, and violence, and as soon as their subjects figure out the fatal flaw, they can then decide to cut the credit card.

State Governors, and jurors on juries, The People, have the power to nullify Tyranny, we ought to use it.


Guess what!

I have an asparagus patch!!! I planted it the 2nd year we were here. I get to pick fresh asparagus for about 6 weeks! It should be coming up any day now. I am looking to see where I left off talking to you, so I was perusing your comments and found this one and couldn't help saying so!

And the homemade chocolate cake the Amish brought me...Do you know it is hand mixed and baked in a wood stove? All from scratch. It is dark chocolate, not to sweet but heavy and rich. I cannot believe how good it is! I've had 2 pieces today. I am way far off my cereal diet.

I do not like Rand's comments on Fox regarding him not caring whether a someone coming out of a liquor store with a gun and $50 bucks is killed by a drone or the police. That bothers me big time. I am not so sure he is a Friend if he can say that he doesn't care if a single person is judge, jury, and executioner and he doesn't care. Have you listened to the interview? http://www.dailypaul.com/283246/rand-paul-is-a-fraud-and-ano...

OK now I am going to go figure out where I left of talking to you.


Chicken Butt


That is my conditioned response to "Guess what?"

I was trained by my friend Butch at work to respond to specific phrases like that, and another one is this:

"That is like..."

Whenever I was searching for the thing that is like something else Butch would fill in the blank with:

"Like flies on horse poop." He would not say poop, exactly.

He sounds like a rough old guy, with these comments, but he is actually a very good friend.

As to the Rand Paul Hit Job.

Please see past the falsehood, or let me see past it if my viewpoint is obscured.

I see Rand Paul knowing of the necessity to defend innocent people, or in other words, it is necessary to defend Liberty, without that POWER, there will only be crime made legal.

That is what I see.

The "news reporter," is typically spreading any lie that he is paid to have spill out his lying mouth, to me, posing as a person concerned about too much power in the hands of his criminal government.

Don't you see how the tables are so easily turned when there is simultaneously a criminal government working along side a non-criminal government POWER, and the victims are incapable of even knowing that there are 2, not 1, POWERS in this conflict?

Rand Paul is defending the concept of Trial by Jury and someone, somewhere, twists that around as if Rand Paul is claiming to want to bomb innocent people?


I see no such thing. How are you going to deal with a Dictator such as Obama, if you have no POWER to deal with a Dictator such as Obama, where Obama is not at any Liquor Store, robbing an innocent clerk, and who is going to deal with that criminal, and how is that person going to deal with that criminal, as that crime proceeds in that demonstrable way, as the criminal defines the meaning of crime?

If Rand Paul is claiming that the person in the boat was positively identified as the willful destroyer of innocent lives, then he could have said so, but he was not the man hired to defend against criminals using bombs to destroy innocent people, so his opinion in that case is not the same thing as if he was a Juror in a Trial by Jury.

Do you see the point being made here, as you may be moving closer and closer to situations whereby you may have to defend your own children against harm?

The point made by Rand Paul, which was very difficult to get across to anyone, because of the fact that the "interview" is a carefully constructed LIE in PROGRESS, and yet Rand Paul is able to make the point, if I am not mistaken, is that POWER is necessary in Defense of Liberty, so why would anyone reject an effective tool?

A Drone is an effective tool.

It is not the tool.

It is not "the government" that did it.

It is not the gun that did it.

It is not the drone that did it.

The "interviewer" was aiming to discredit Rand Paul by fooling Rand Paul into speaking against government as if there is only ONE type of government.

What did Rand Paul say?

Trial by Jury works.

How does it work when Criminals are running Amok and are currently perpetrating very serious crimes against very many innocent people?

Send those criminals an invitation to attend a Trial by Jury?

Most people are not criminals and they refuse to do their duty.

If Rand Paul had the POWER, would he accuse Obama, Bernanke, Biden, etc., of Terrorism, and then hold a Trial by Jury?


Rand Paul works within the limits of The Constitution.

Is that good or bad?

Obama, Bernanke, Biden, etc., do not work within the limits of any Law whatsoever, other than the Law they invent at the moment they invent it.

Is that good or bad?

Soldiers who work within the limits of The Constitution do so.

Is that good or bad?

Soldiers who work outside any limits of any kind, other than the laws they enforce on the spot do so.

Is that good or bad?

Police men and women who work within the limits of The Constitution do so.

Is that good or bad?

Police men and women who work without any limit, other than their own POWER to enforce their own laws on the spot do so.

Is that good or bad?

If the bad ones are busy targeting your children and you can push a button to stop the bad guys in their tracks for 1 hour, and have all that recorded for later review, would you use that tool?

Is that a competitive viewpoint worth considering in this case?



Did you go to to the same public skool as me(I)? I don't think, "Guess what? chicken butt" was all that popular of a phrase throughout the country, but it was a big one at my skool. Maybe that's one reason why I knew skool was BS at 6 years old?

I still remember the speech my kindergarden teacher gave about the UN and the marvolus NWO back in 62. Yep. They were preping us even then.....

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

My introduction

In High School, back in 1974 or so, I was told that I had to do a book report, and so I was told to go to the library to get the book.

I found a book titled The Lusitania.

I was introduced in that HIGH school to supposed "Conspiracy Theory" and the concept of False Flags, at that time, but I knew how bullies do business well before that time.

Many teachers, certainly not all, and perhaps not the majority of them, step outside the box, and I had a few exceptional teachers helping me along, too.

There is hope in each of us, it seems to me.


...the REAL exciting news is....

...you've got a job!...(just-over-broke)

Denise B's picture

Thank you!

Yes, that is very exciting too, but I have to admit that I do miss hanging out here my usual three to four hours a day! :)

sad thing is..

I expect the teacher to get canned :/
Please update, if anything happens! (parents complain, apology from school, etc.)

Denise B's picture

I was thinking the

same thing, which is why I felt it took a lot of courage for her to do this. It will be interesting to see what happens as a result of it, if anything. It is not easy to get a teacher fired these days and the controversy/exposure which could ensue might be worse than if they just ignored it all together. I will definitely post any updates I get. Just imagine what a difference it could make if this sort of thing started to happen all over the country! I think more and more people are really starting to realize how perilous this whole situation has gotten for all of us and it is going to take bold actions like this to start to turn this whole mess around.

Controversy as Radical HS Teacher Shares Conspiracy Theories

With Unsuspecting Students.

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