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Rand Paul on Hannity radio explains position on drones has not changed

Rand Paul on The Sean Hannity Show 4/24/13


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Rand was also on Michael Medved's show

discussing drones, sequestration, and immigration.

was listening

first i can't stand hannity,,, he's trash

what bothers me worst than rand's screwup and walk back----is his OVERT FRIENDLINESS with hannity

the way he calls him sean and like theyy've been friends forever

it makes me sick,,, that he's so "intimate" or friendly, chummy with that goofball hannity

i almost fell over the other day,,,,, hannity was talking about torture---- and hannity said---- "it works like the movie showed"

so zero dark thirty can now be used as a factual source--- or it can ,,if it will help make your point,,, how pathetic
he's such a partisan hack

and his sudden love for rand makes me a bit sick and weary as well

I don't think Rand is much of a Hannity fan

but he is willing to remain on friendly terms with him mostly for the benefit of getting his message out to the millions of people that listen to Hannity's show... if he was not very friendly to Hannity however then he probably wouldn't get to go on the show much and Hannity's listeners would not think very well of Rand... I think Rand is really smart to maintain good relationships with some of these people. It also helps at other times like when Rand is getting attacked in the media and some of these radio talk show personalities come to his defense, it is a good idea to make friends with as many people as possible in politics, Rand is smart and his strategy is paying dividends.

I agree

Rand has not flip-flopped.