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Next Letter-to-the-Editor?

I am considering submitting this letter-to-the-editor...what do you all think?

What we witnessed in the immediate aftermath of the Boston bombing incident has left me with several questions and concerns. Can anyone explain what made this incident different than Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora and Sandy Hook? The city of Boston floundered under Martial Law without any substantial uprising from the citizenry regarding their civil liberties being violated and ultimately stripped. It is hard to support such a demonstration of police and military force when the lockdown curtailed the Constitutional rights we expect them to uphold and protect. There were reports of searches conducted without warrants, people reprimanded by orders similar to house arrest, mismanagement of hysteria and a spectacle not too far removed from a Hollywood script and reel.

Even more discomforting was the fact that we as Americans were told to disregard, and adamantly so, all other captured photos and live stream feeds of the immediate scene at Ground Zero by citizens, as well as their eyewitness accounts. The photos released by the FBI failed to display any actions linking the suspects to an actual crime. Instead they managed to identify actions not much different from every other citizen present at the event; walking and observing. Why were these suspects of all before them allowed to incite and manufacture such fear through the mainstream media that a total concern and appreciation for our civil liberties were stamped out and suppressed?

I cannot recall in my lifetime an event similar to this causing the lockdown of an entire city. Are we willing to accept that a 19 year old boy was such a threat that the only solution lie in the order of Martial Law? And even more disturbingly so, in America? Why the stressing emphasis by the FBI in discrediting all other information and possible evidence from eyewitnesses? Does it bother anyone else that numerous citizens just like you were discredited, excused, left without response and considered conspiratorial simply by their attempts to assist the forces that not so uncommonly call upon them to do so, as they are by duty of survival privileged and expected to do so?

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