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US Mint Triples Gold Sales in One Month, 196,000 oz.

There are still six days left in April.
US Mint Gold Sales Surge To Highest Since 2009

First it was a tripling of gold sales at the UK Royal mint, and now with just 23 days in the month of April gone, it is the US Mint's turn to reports that more gold has been sold month to date than any month since December 2009 when a record 231,500 ounces were sold. In one day, the mint sold yet another 13,000 ounces of gold, bringing the total to 196,500, or more than triple the 62,000 ounces sold in the previous month.

Will the US Mint be able to sell another 35,000 ounces in the remaining week of April, and surpass the all time monthly record from December 2009? Or will it run out of gold beforehand, and just like it did with the one-tenth ounce A.E. gold coins, will sales of all bullion denominations be halted in the comings days?

Stay tuned for this exciting conclusion.

One thing that is clear is that so far the plan to crush all popular interest in gold (and redirect it into stocks, or simple purchases of Made in China trinkets) conceived by the central-planning academics, scheming in dimly lit rooms, has backfired massively.

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If i'm still good at 3rd

If i'm still good at 3rd grade math, 196,000 oz is about 6 tons of gold.

Southern Agrarian

SteveMT's picture

That's a lot of gold. Where is it coming from?

That is the question.

$286 million in sales...not bad.

im glad people are empowering themselves with gold and silver.