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Rand Paul: My Position On Drones Hasn't Changed - Hannity Radio 4/24/2013

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was listening today

first i can't stand hannity,,, he's trash

what bothers me worst than rand's screwup and walk back----is his OVERT FRIENDLINESS with hannity

the way he calls him sean and like theyy've been friends forever

it makes me sick,,, that he's so "intimate" or friendly, chummy with that goofball hannity

i almost fell over the other day,,,,, hannity was talking about torture---- and hannity said---- "it works like the movie showed"

so zero dark thirty can now be used as a factual source--- or it can ,,if it will help make your point,,, how pathetic
he's such a partisan hack

and his sudden love for rand makes me a bit sick and weary as well