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Ron Paul 2016? Video evidence to consider

Okay, so I'm quite possible delusional. Having said that ...

After Ron Paul left the race for president in 2012, I just felt that it wasn't the end and I was holding out for him to run independent. When that didn't happen, I still refused to believe that he was done with the presidential races. Though I really didn't think--on an intellectual level--that he would run in 2016, when he told that joke on Jay Leno that he wouldn't run independent because he had to rest up for 2016 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Uig9-nHudI), I was kinda half thinking that maybe he wasn't wholly joking.

Now, my friends make fun of me for this "optimism" and so might you, but these two recent videos are once again signaling my gut that Ron Paul may run for president in 2016. This may well be my delusion, however, my female intuition has an excellent track record. Only time will tell if my intense obsession with the greatest man alive is clouding these senses!

In the below videos, were these just references to past runs? Do journalists refer to past candidates in the present tense as "presidential hopefuls"? Would a good friend and colleague of Dr. Paul say that there aren't many good people left on the Hill with "Kucinich leaving and Ron running for president"? Does he know something we don't know? Did he let something slip? Or was he just referring to past presidential runs? Maybe I'm just stretching here.

View video at 5:19


View video at 8:55


I have to imagine that Ron Paul would see the intense potential power of a run in 2016 in particular. With a stage that held Rand, Ron and possibly another liberty-minded candidate such as Gary Johnson, the debate of ideas would no longer be statists versus statists and that one old extremist freak on the end of the stage who never gets any questions. It would be statists versus libertarians. And libertarian ideas could gain incredible legitimacy at a time when Ron Paul's ideas are already starting to penetrate the mainstream.

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What about his Jay Leno appearance?

He said he had to go get ready for 2016.

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I'd support him. I love the dream of it, but I don't expect it t

don't expect it to happen.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

If Ron ran against Rand we could control the opposition

that is what our opposition does!

it would be quality t.v.

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Had to downvote. In both

Had to downvote.

In both videos, it's very clear they're talking about his past presidential run.

It's not clear to me or I wouldn't have made the post.

What makes it so clear to you? Both are speaking in the present tense.

Context plays a big role.

Context plays a big role. What Mr. Jones was saying could easily be construed as being in the past tense, unless you think Dennis Kucinich is still in the process of leaving congress. By your logic he's retiring again. If RP was running in 2016, it would contradict his statement about there being no conscience in Washington.

The second clip is from a news anchor, the fact that you'd put any weight behind that is extremely questionable.

I'd love to have Ron Paul as President as much as anyone here, but there's a line between being realistic and being delusional. Furthermore, Dr. Paul himself doesn't want everyone to depend on him for the future of the country, it goes against his entire message of individualism and personal responsibility.

Be the change you want to see, stop relying on Ron Paul, the man's 77 years old, FFS, give him a break to focus on his other projects.

Also, Rand is most likely going to run in 2016. Ron has already stated he would not run against his son (specifically, when he was on The View). I tend to take the guy at his word.

PS - Whoever down-voted me is a prick that's divorced from reality, lol.

Let's hope so!

I hope you're right. You have awesome insight! I'm not sure about how the news anchor would know, but it certainly seems like Rep Jones might be aware of something that we aren't.

And you're spot on with having more libertarians in the debate to change the topic from statism to freedom.

Ron Paul 2016!

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