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Debate in my daughter's English class

I am very proud of my 15 year old daughter.

One day last week in English (grade 10), the class had a debate about whether or not the students of the class would trade their freedoms for security.

The class was divided into 3 groups: (a) those who would not trade freedoms for security (b) those who would trade some freedoms for security (c) those who would trade all freedoms for security.

Not surprising, my daughter was the ONLY student that stood in group (a)...out of 28 students. The other 2 groups were about equally divided.

They debated gun rights, other Constitutional rights, and increased surveillance with drones and cameras. My daughter stood her ground...said things like if you take away the guns from law abiding citizens then only the criminals will have guns. Drones shouldn't be used to spy on Americans. She said how people fought for this country to be free and now we are willing to give up those freedoms today. There were many other details discussed.

At the end, she said not only did her teacher commend her, but many of her peers did as well. She said many were shocked at how much she knew (the gov't schools have done a good job of dumbing down our kids). Whether she changed some minds is yet to be seen.

What scares me about this incident is that if this is an indication of Americans response to the police state, along with last week in Boston, Americans will be fast to rollover and surrender. My friends, I think there will be little resistance to the coming tyranny, at least here in NY. They will take the guns with ease.

She attends a public school on Long Island.

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Republocrats are way wayyyyyy behind Demuglicans when it comes down to race-pimping and playing phony "groups" of humans off against one another. Democrats are the ultimate hypocrites :(

God bless her

Standing apart from the flock takes guts.
Educating the flock takes brains.
Sounds like your daughter has inherited a good dose of both.

would she like to be a superstar for liberty ?

PLEASE have her contact and interview with these guys:


I don't know...I will ask her


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Kudos to your daughter. And I feel you. This is really worrisome

Kudos to your daughter. And I feel you.

This is really worrisome in the initial figures for these "groups"... :(

"Groups"... Speaking of which... You and her may want to check this out and ponder about it:


Warmly, warmly recommended eye opener... Further.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

She planted many seeds

I went decades between hearing Ron Paul on the Morton Downy Jr. show and hearing anything outside the left-right paradigm again, but that little seed made a big difference in how receptive I was later.

"Remains to be seen" may be a long game, but the next time those kids hear something liberty-based, they'll feel more competent to discuss the subject and less likely to only feel safe parroting left or right rhetoric.

Defend Liberty!

Kudos to your daughter. And

Kudos to your daughter. And to you. If your daughter can buck social pressure in 10th grade, when it's so pointed, she'll be sitting well for the rest of her life.

And what a cherry on top to hear the teacher praise her consistency and logic, and to have other students express interest.

I totally get why this experience of hers is scary. But if you look at it off-angle, the roll-over-I-surrender public school peers of hers seem pretty open. Even the teacher. They may have said the programmed stuff, but when they heard your daughter speak truth, they responded. That counts for a lot. That's hope.

My 8th grade son had several similar experiences in his civics class. He says he's converted two of his classmates to Ron Paul liberty and his teacher has told my husband and I that our son was the most well informed kid he's had in class and that his argumentative style provoked the best class discussions he's ever had.

Tell your daughter a mom and her fourteen-year-old son in Montana give her a high five!

I've found the best way...

to stay thankful for those you love is to not sit by and accept passivity and submission as the ONLY way out...

there is another way,
and it can be shared if we are brave enough to share it,
it can be our educator to educate one another...

life is too short...say how you feel!

Because don't expect somebody else to say it for you.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

do not be afraid

Being afraid is what the elite want, learn to laugh in thier face and continue to live laugh and love, there are many more of us than you realize. most of us do not post but we read and we are out there Peace. Always remember we are strong they are weak and low vibrating life while we are fast vibrating spirits of light and goodness. We can teach others to realize who they are.never give up.Inspire others as your daughter did.

oh, I am not afraid

when I said it scares me....just a figure a speech....more like it is a shame as to how Americans will fold.



What a courageous daughter!

I know I didn't have that kind of courage as a kid. Heck, I didn't start having anything resembling courage until I was an adult, and I'm probably still chicken-hearted in some situations.

Anyway, your daughter has my admiration.You ought to be proud ^_^

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

"What scares me about this

"What scares me about this incident is that if this is an indication of Americans response to the police state, along with last week in Boston, Americans will be fast to rollover and surrender."


Kudos to your daughter for standing alone. That is powerful.

Well done

Kudos to you for raising your daughter in a responsible informed way. We need more parents like you!

I think that result is a regional thing.

I know someone who teaches history classes and they bring up these subjects frequently. The students know the score. A few will always be on the fence or not really well versed in how to defend liberty, but if a similar experiment were conducted here (in the South) I'd suspect group A would have many more members, and group C very few if any.

Makes me wonder..

If they are using the kids to identify the political ideology of the parents by having the kids "share" their knowledge on these matters..

Yep, go ahead and call me paranoid. No problem.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

wouldn't that be something

imagine that the gov't paranoia runs that deep?

Let's separate the fools in power from "the government" for a

bit, but yes, there are many people in government jobs, elected and hired, that are VERY paranoid as a way of life.

They fail to understand why they even have the job they have and they behave as if they are entitled to it.

Good for your daughter!

I am on Long Island for law school, and when NY passed the SAFE act, and the response here was dismal, I got nervous. I stand my ground in law school, and I have taken several classes on federalism, constitution, etc. Having someone in the class like your daughter can change the entire curriculum and thought process of the class. It is so important. Bravo!

"Government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force. And force, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." George Washington

You are so right. Just one

You are so right. Just one willing person can change the dynamic, leaving people willing to explore different ways at the very least. Sometimes, completely change the course of action underway.

I've seen this happen before my very eyes, and it has each time been jaw-dropping amazing.

I hope she changed some minds.

But we have a huge uphill battle...the media is very good at manipulating the fear factor.