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Boston in 1773 vs. Boston 2013

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Boston In 1773 Had A Well Regulated "Armed" Militia !

In 1773 the FBI and the 2013 hired mercenaries did not exist.


Well - the tea party was

Well - the tea party was organized and carried out by freemasons as grand trickery for the crown of England, so in effect both of these pictures show how easy it is for the few to control the many.


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All I can think about when I see that picture is

how much money all of that equipment must cost us.

Tac gear out tha wazoo! And vests, helmets, knee pads, pistols, ARs, ammo, quick-acquisition scopes, tac lights, the holmes in front has a 12 with an extension tube mag (?) somebody's got a camera on her head... etc. (LOL! All the shit they don't want us to have!)

There are so many cops these days... I mean, someone here on the DP has got to have a friend / brother / sister involved in this stuff, right? What are these people thinking when they hit the streets like this? Is it fun? Scary as Hell?

Surreal. It's just surreal. They don't look comfortable.

"Cuz a slug in your chest is... uncomfortable
And when you're under arrest it's... uncomfortable
And this welfare mess is... uncomfortable
I think your bullet-proof vest is... uncomfortable"
--Showermast, 1993

What would the Founders do?

The guy with the shotgun.

He has the potential to become a meme.

Seriously, with that expression and all the tac-gear, he looks like one of the Colonial Marines from "Aliens." He is CLEARLY wanting to dish out some unholy amounts of Shotgun Rain.

If everyone around him didn't look so uncomfortable, he'd be awesome, but as it is he's just funny. He'd look pretty bad@$$ if you photoshopped him into a sci-fi scene, though. Someone should totally do that.